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Handy Work at an Ease

The emergence of service apps is mostly due to their multi-faceted nature. Handy, formerly known as Handybook, is a mobile and web app that offers on demand household services. These services can be in the form of plumbing, cleaning or an integration of the two. The business started in Harvard Business School (2012) and was founded by Oisin Hanrohan and Umang Dua; they created a vision of the service as the “Uber of Home Maintenance.”

Currently operating in 13 cities, Handy is scaling it’s workforce throughout the nation. Offices in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles are being developed. While approximately $1 billion dollars in bookings have occurred, following the first two years of the company’s launch, sales have increased dramatically. Exponential growth in sales (60% during the first three months of January).

Up to several thousand applicants apply annually, despite rejections rates being high. Customers are highly appeased by the extended list of applicants to choose from when they’re “scrolling” through several options.

Multiple Functions

While certain functions of Handy are intended, many latent functions take place. Freelancers, for instance, are allowed to create a flexible schedule where they can balance several hours of work and have time to complete additional activities. This convenience allows better job security, wheres ordinary handyman or plumbing jobs aren’t as consistent since the demand occurs in unpredictable patterns.

Many customers believe that ordinary freelancers can start performing work when in fact, Handy qualifies above-average professionals to work for their company. Approximately 3% of the applicants who applied for the job are qualified, while the vast majority gets screened out from not meeting eligibility requirements.Therefore, customers are guaranteed some of the best workers throughout the globe.

Walk Through Process

Handy provides its customers with a user-friendly interface that allows them to request services, provided that they will give the correct information to allow a successful visit. The process is plain and simple:

1. Access Handy (via mobile application of website).
2. Enter the zip code of the house that’s requires cleaning.
3. Identify the particular rooms (living, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) that needs to be cleaned.
4. Display a starting date (for the service to take place).

Once a price quote is generated, users have the ability to choose a payment method or make modifications to the information entered previously.


There’s many cases where handyman services weren’t provide as expected; or accidental damages have occurred. It is in the best interests of Handy to provide proficient customer care to clients when these problems occur. They investigate these situations and as a response, provide a money-back guarantee for poor quality services; or cover replacement costs for damaged materials. The replacements requires a small, 20% cut from the original profit.