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Executive Susan McGalla

Being a businesswoman in American often means working in many areas. Any given business person will need to be able to deal with many varied issues such as how to manage people directly as well as how to help create demand for any product they are going to market. A businesswoman must also be aware of the need to work with markets both in the United States and in many areas around the world where they may seek out suppliers and people to hire for their business. The person who is able to demonstrate such skills is one who will be able to enjoy a great deal of fiscal and financial success.

Someone who fully understands the need to manage all areas of business and do so in a way that allows her to enjoy an impressive career is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a highly skilled entrepreneur with an extensive background in the field of retail marketing. Her work in this field has helped open doors for other women who want to follow in her footsteps and enter the field of business as well. She has helped demonstrate how someone can do well in this field and manage other aspects of life as well such as caring for family members.

McGalla is a native of Ohio where she grew up in a middle class family. Her childhood here was spent having fun with others and enjoying the chance to spend time with her family while mastering the basics of academic life. She realized at that age that she liked the field of retail and wanted to be involved in helping market products of all kinds to others. In order to pursue this dream, she decided to attend Mount Union College in a nearby part of Ohio. Here she majored in business and started to get the kind of firm foundation she would need to be able to make a success of this particular career path.

After graduation, McGalla chose to turn her talents to the field of retail marketing. Retail marketing is a field where people help others find the kind of products they want and need in order to enjoy a better life. Her work here focused on helping companies meet the needs of consumers from around the United States. She was able to demonstrate the kind of leadership skills that are needed to be able to hire employees and explore the needs of those customers who enter stores. McGalla was hired by American Eagle Outfitters, a respected American apparel marketer known for providing their customers with access to products that are trendy, well fitting and in tune with the needs of today’s customers of all backgrounds. Here, she helped provide the company with leadership that enabled them to expand their market share and better meet the needs of their expanding business. Since her time there, she has focused closely on creating a private consultancy business that helps other retailers figure out how to best reach their own consumers.