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Shaygan Kheradpir: Man of Hard Work

Shaygan Kheradpir currently works as the technology executive and a knowledgeable business person. He is highly learned and has managed to attend Cornel University where he graduated with a doctorate in electrical engineering. He has worked at Verizon, where he ensured efficient deployment of Fios. While at the Barclays bank, he ensured the bank successfully implemented its programs, which included the transform program and the Pingit mobile. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, and he managed to attend his early education in Iran where he grew up. He attended high school in a college that is in Switzerland. His father was a very hard working person, and he ensured his family was adequately provided for by working as a doctor.

At GTE Corporation, he started his fulfilling career. At the company’s laboratory, he was in charge of several sections that included the management, network routing, and the controls. He worked hard to ensure that the systems work in a proper manner. At the network management center, he facilitated the working in the harmony of various sections such as the infrastructure, switching, and transmission sections. This single innovation was vital for the success of the company since the firm was able to bring together various businesses. The consolidation of activities enabled the company to manage its operations effectively. Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter moved to the company’s headquarters, and he played a pivotal role in facilitating the development of wireline, information units, and the wireless units.

Before long, the company merged with the Bell Atlantic firm to form the Verizon. Shaygan Kheradpir worked in Verizon as an information officer in charge of the whole company. He stayed with the business for eleven years. During this period, he managed to control over 7000 staff in the development of various products named Verizon one and lobi. He ensured that the firm was only spending on necessary items. Therefore, this led to the drastic reduction of the company’s spending. He employed various other methods to deal with operational costs that were skyrocketing such as outsourcing and bargaining with vendors. With the proper supervision of the company staff, he ensured that the business’s assets were properly utilized.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays bank in 2011 at their center of operations. His position by then was chief operating officer, and he was supposed to be in control of the retail bank globally. By hard work, he was eventually promoted to be the chief officer in charge of wealth, business, cards, retail, and investment banking. At the global bank, he has supervised most of the changes that have tremendously affected the operations of the bank. He exited from the Barclays bank and joined Juniper Networks in 2013. At Juniper Networks, he was employed to work as an executive officer. He did not maintain this position for long until the following year, in November 2014, he resigned to join the management team at Coriant. After a short duration while working for Coriant, he was promoted to become the company’s chief executive officer. At Coriant, he implemented many constructive projects that led to the business’s expansion.