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Adam Sender- How to Build a Solid Art Investment Thesis

Adam Sender has proven himself time and time again to be a genius art curator. He understands the mechanics of why some art sells and some art doesn’t. A lot of his investment thesis is directly based on the sensuality of a certain piece. If a piece of art possesses something that appeals very strongly to you personally, then you ultimately fall in love with the piece. As a good art collector, you begin to think that you would want this piece hanging from your living room, even if it never sold. This is the kind of art that moves people the most. Art that and has moved people for hundreds of years. It is almost like every piece of art is a new operating system and depending on what you want from your life, there are certain operating systems that cater to your needs better than others.

Now, as an artist, it is extremely important to have a desire for your craft as well as sound reasoning for what you are painting and why they are painted. A sound thesis, always gives an artist a direction to go into that allows him to manifest his vision for what art should be. The next thing that is extremely important is the artist’s ability to communicate his vision as clearly as possible. This is one of the reasons that things like blogs and videos are extremely useful in getting a message across about who you are to the person that purchases it.

Really, great art is all about context. What context are you painting for? What context is an art collector vying for? This is a question that Adam Sender asks himself as part of his sound thesis for the art he invests in.

His investment thesis consists of purchasing art based on how beautiful it is along with the type of effect that it has on the viewer. These are pretty much Adam Sender’s only criteria, no more and no less. What are the pieces of art that bring the best out of his customers? What are the pieces of art that bring the best out of his employees? What are the traits that he wants to echo into the minds of the people that work for him as well as the people that purchase his services? What are his personal goals and what are the moods that he wants to create for himself as an artist? These are all the questions that Adam Sender has to ask himself when he purchases artwork.
The typical rule of creating a sound investment thesis is, the deeper and more accurate your investment thesis is, the greater your influence is in the art community as well as the more conviction that you have in the artist, the more likely you are to inspire collectors. As he is the collector, his job is to think one thousand steps ahead of everyone else. So when people are met with his thesis, he has an answer for every, single one of their questions. His investments in art are not random, they are very well thought out and they have proven to be very successful over the years.