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The Great Injury Attorney, Dan Newlin

In the justice field, different attorneys have taken different paths and Dan Newlin is one of the most successful in the injury field. He has successfully established his own law firm which focuses on injury and other crimes. However, he is known for his wins in injury lawsuits where he has specialized. He is a graduate of law from Stafford University where he was admitted after his successful career as a sheriff detective. His career as an attorney began as an unintended journey when he joined the law enforcement agency at the age of 20. With his dedicated vigor and passion to help, he was able to beat all the odds in the force and eventually he was admitted to pursue law.

Newlin’s admission to pursue law was not an easy come opportunity. The rare opportunity came along after long years of service in the force at least 10 years later when she was working ask a detective. He has been working in so many other departments although within the police force. His work and skills elevated him so fast that he was promoted to the position of Sheriff Detective. This position eventually set him up for his later to come law career. Newlin’s passion has always been to serve people and help them. His passion can be traced form his early age when he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician.

He was only 18 when he began his journey in the public service and his bets recollection includes one time when he was forced to a woman in labor pains. Soon after he joined the police force and he served in different positions in different divisions of the police. Through his time as a police officer, Newlin received lots of honors and awards for his service towards the community. His passion for helping injured people was the basic motivation to become an attorney and after his graduation certified attorney, Newlin decided to specialize in injury lawsuits.

In this field, Newlin had helped many people reclaim their compensations from insurance companies whose drivers have carelessly caused their injuries. In many cases, careless drivers walk free after causing an accident out of carelessness just because their insurance companies had the resources to access the best lawyers in town. This is the major reason that led Newlin to join the justice department and purse a career in injury law to help clients to get justice and compensation. He is known for his humility and simple lifestyle. One of the most notable noble characteristic associated with the great attorney is that he listens and works with clients from all walks of life. he does not discriminate against race, social status or any other parameters whatsoever.