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Helane Morrison: Career Journey and Achievements

I hold the view that Helane Morrison time in the corporate world has been a success story due to her tenacity and straightforward character. She has thrived at various positions that she has been appointed in and her appointment to the SEC was a reflection of her impeccable abilities. 

She started her career life in journalism before going back to school and studying law. She later secured a job in the government where she was actively involved in combating corruption by exposing corrupt brokers and businessmen and protecting the vulnerable.

The financial stability of any individual and country is of paramount importance. The effects of the global financial crisis shook the trust and loyalty that individuals had towards banks. People shifted to other ways of storing their money. There is need for mechanisms to be put in place to ensure that investors, business persons and the government are regularly checked to avoid another financial crisis. I believe, Helane Morrison has proved to be among the few individuals who would safeguard the country’s financial stability. 

Through its website, Hall Capital gives an insight into the career life of Helane Morrison and her numerous achievements over the span of 30 years. Morrison has worked at the SEC in various capacities, at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. I would add that Helane has been very privileged as she had the opportunity to work for respected members of the bench. This included Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmum and Richard Posner of U.S Court of Appeals. She served as their law clerks.

Her appointment to the US Securities Exchange office in San Francisco was made possible by her achievements in the private sector. While at the SEC, Helane was known for one who vehemently defended the vulnerable. She initiated investigations and class action suits that saw a couple of enforcement actions against various corrupt traders.

I attribute Helane Morrison’s success and achievements in the SEC to the powers granted to her upon appointment. This enabled her to demand fair dealings when people were investing. She knew no bounds and on several occasions she headed enforcement actions against high level executives from companies such as Google and Hewllet Packard. Her accomplishments and steps to revamp the financial world during her time at the SEC led to her appointment as the first woman Head Of Commission and Regional Director.

I strongly believe her efforts to try and stabilize the financial world after the global financial crisis has led to her being appointed as a board member of various hedge fund companies. An example of this is Helane’s position on hedge fund of American Bar Association. Her approach and dedication would most certainly lead to influencing a better financial world.