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Politifact Says George Soros is Not Financing Kasich Campaign

The popular fact-checking service Politifact, owned by the Tampa Bay Times, says that claims that George Soros is funding the Kasich campaign are bogus. Recently, an ad from a pro-Ted Cruz PAC has claimed that the Kasich campaign is receiving thousands from Mr. Soros. The ad ominously displays edits of the two men positioned side-by-side to suggest a political partnership.

George Soros on marketwatch has long been associated with donating to liberal causes and Democrat candidates. The pro-Cruz PAC’s advertisement is an attempt to associate Republican John Kasich with the high-profile Democrat fundraiser to sully his reputation among Republican voters. However, according to Politifact the evidence just isn’t there to substantiate this claim. In fact, George Soros’ name does not appear among the list of donors for Kasich’s PAC New Day For America. And the names of all individuals and groups donating have been made public.

Where the bone of contention lies is in donations given to Kasich’s PAC by two individuals who once worked for George Soros. These individuals are Scott Bessent, a former Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management and Stanley Druckenmiller who was once an asset manager for Mr. Soros. Both men have given amounts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s New Day For America PAC.

However, as Politifact notes on, these men haven’t worked for George Soros in years. These donations do not reflect on the views of George Soros, nor is there any evidence Soros had these men donate to Kasich on his behalf. It appears these men donated on their on volition without any stamp of approval from Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros has indeed donated to political campaigns recently, but that doesn’t appear to include Mr. Kasich’s., which tracks political donations, claims that George Soros on latino.foxnews has contributed $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a PAC that is supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton. This, of course, is more in line with the type of political donations Mr. Soros is known for give his long history giving to Democratic candidates and causes. George Soros’ relationship with the Clintons is well documented so this comes as no surprise.

Kasich’s PAC has not taken this attack ad lightly. According to Politifact, they’ve contacted stations airing it asking them to remove it as they contend it is based on lies. Politifact has officially ruled claims by the ad as “False” through their rating system. It finds the ad’s claim that George Soros directly gave to Kasich’s PAC particularly egregious. With scant evidence and George Soros’ clear support of Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it just doesn’t add up.

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