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Stephen Murray’s Legacy in CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital details the company’s thirty one year development. Beginning in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners, then evolving into Chase Capital, renaming itself as JP Morgan Partners, and finally forming CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Partners spin-out, CCMP Capital is a world-wide leader in a private equity firm that deals specifically with buyouts and growth investments. The CCMP team, headed by CEO and President Greg Brenneman, develop and drive company growth and operating efficiency. With offices around the world, in New York, Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong, CCMP Capital is ranked among the highest in the world when dealing with private equity funds companies.

Stephen Murray was president and CEO of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital graduated from Boston College with an Economics Degree. He also earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia Business School in the area of Business Administration. Steven Murray helped co-found CCMP Capital and was later named CEO in August of 2007. Mr. Murray was an investor and also a philanthropist. He supported causes such as Community Food Banks and Make a Wish Foundation. He was a big believer of family and community. He believed in giving back and helping others. Stephen Murray stepped down in February of 2015 due to health reasons. He died on March 12, 2015 due to those health issues as reported by NY Post.

Stephen Murray  CCMP Capital become a global powerhouse in the private equity firms. He made big deals and was a big deal. He was genuine and that characteristic came through in his work ethic and translated to clients who sought he and his company out. CCMP Capital is invested in helping companies become what they aspire to be. They have the means and the experience to help companies get to the professional level they wish to attain.