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How Incorporating Fun In The Fight Against Autism Is Advancing The Agenda

Starting April 2, Dubai celebrated the Autism Awareness Month, which opened invitations for individuals to help in the fight against the condition. The festival was welcomed by Autism Rocks and interested individuals were encouraged to contribute only Dh50, which went to supporting the cause championed by the organization. During the eve of the opening of the festival, several artistes were invited to entertain guests. Among singers who showed up includes Flo Rida and Tyga, whose live performances were inspired by the need to advance the fight against autism.

Autism Rocks inspiring change
Autism Rocks, which is responsible for the preparation of the festival in Dubai has been in the forefront in the fight against autism. The organization was born from a joint idea executed by Sanjay Shah and wife Usha. Autism Rocks is committed to changing the way those who suffer from autism are viewed by the society.

As Usha narrates her experience, she remembers how their son was forced to go through traumatizing experiences due to autism. This condition inspires her to challenge the norms and to help the society understand better what autism is all about and why they should take care of those who suffer from the condition.

The Autism Rocks live concert is directed at raising money for charity and since the organization was launched in 2014, more than £600,000 has been raised. Most concerts have been organized well to include high profile singers, something that has inspired more people to embrace the charity. Several renowned DJs like BFG and Fever have also been part of the concerts and are members of the organization. Besides music, Autism Rocks is also organizing fun events like horse rides and rodeo bull, all which help to raise awareness for the fight against autism.

Understanding Autism
Autism is a disorder that affects the communication capabilities of an individual with other people. It is a developmental condition that triggers the response of an individual to the environment and its causes are not known. Lack of support among people who suffer from autism may have far-reaching effects, which could affect families and individuals.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah Denmark is the founder and CEO of Autism Rocks and his goal for establishing the organization was to raise awareness and funds for research about autism. Shah has shown his interest for applying effort in favor of humanitarianism through the various activities he has organized for the organization.

Shah was inspired to launch Autism Rocks after his son was diagnosed with Autism, a condition that took him through several hospitals and highly traumatizing experiences. He feels that the society should understand what Autism is all about and should respond with a helping hand to those battling the condition.


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