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A New Solution To An Old Dilemma

These days, overcrowding in jails and prisons create more problems than just the obvious ones forever in the public eye. Officers have, historically, been plagued with reams of paperwork and the loss of valuable man hours for some of the most mundane things from inmate grievances to requests and sign-up sheets for various activities. The process behind even one of these forms took precious time from security and turned it instead into a scavenger hunt, securing one signature or another, filing and reviews. But what to do about it?
Securus Technologies out of Dallas Texas has now taken all the chaos and turned it into a workable data base that puts all of the inmates requests and forms in their own hands and thereby freeing up officers to better do the jobs they were hired to do. What I find refreshingly unique is that each facility has the freedom to customize the platforms to their individual needs instead of following a cookie-cutter format. Staff can control what an inmate has access to as well as create message boards enabling ease of communication with individual inmates.
This technology is saving correctional facilities and taxpayers thousands in paper costs and much more in unnecessary man hours.
The best news is that Securus Technologies was awarded an A+ as well as accreditation this year by the Better Business Bureau. It is an answer to a question most of the general population was not even aware needed asking.