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How Business Prodigy Adam Goldenberg and Long Time Friend Don Ressler Founded JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is the current co CEO and co founder of JustFab, an online fashion retailer that offers a personalized experience. Golden began a career as an entrepreneur at an very early age. He started his first business, Gamer’s Alliance, at the age of 15. Gamer’s Alliance was created to advertise gaming sites on the web. A fitting business venture for a young teen, I would say. Goldenberg sold his first company, Gamer’s Alliance, before he graduated high school to Intermix Media. The parent company of Myspace.

Adam Goldenberg would later drop out of high school to join Intermix Media. A decision that required him to move across the country to take the job. Although Goldenberg was just a young high school dropout without a lot of experience in the working world, Intermix Media appointed him Vice President of Strategic Planning before the age of 20. When his 20th birthday finally did roll around Goldenberg received a promotion to COO (Chief Operating Officer). A promotion that made him the youngest COO in the history of public trading companies.

While at Intermix Media Goldenberg met his long time friend and business partner Don Ressler. An entrepreneur and brand building specialist, who like Adam Goldenberg sold his own company to Intermix. While at Intermix the two found they had a lot more in common than average co workers and became good friends quickly.

After Intermix Media was bought out by News Corporation, The duo decided to launch Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand incubator platform company on Though the pair were highly successful at establishing brands as must haves they knew they were only scratching the surface of their ultimate goal of creating a groundbreaking personalized shopping experience. The best way Goldenberg and Ressler could think of making their goal an achievement was to combine social interaction with original and top of the line fashion.

The two also knew that to take full advantage of this untouched resource they would need to make the fashion attractive and engaging, as well as affordable to customers on For this reason, the two hired experienced style consultants and talented designers to come up with a model that would best fit their needs.

Because of Goldenberg and Ressler’s hard work and dedication JustFab was born. With Goldenberg and Ressler leading the way, JustFab has become a highly successful online fashion retailer in just three years.