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Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures Does an Interview with Ideamensch

Dr. Scott Rocklage was asked of a trend that he finds very interesting and exciting right now. He responded by saying he he thinks the ability to now target specific types of mutations or genotypes to help treat cancer is an incredible development in oncology. Dr. Rocklage says that these development have already helped save lives and extend the lifespan of many others suffering from cancer. Dr. Scott Rocklage expects many more developments in this field and he finds it very exciting.

Another question posed to Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures was if he was to start his business over again, would would he do differently the next time around. Dr. Rocklage’s answer was that he would concentrate much more on the people at his company. People are what make the company grow and prosper and building a good team should not be underestimated in any business says Rocklage.

Next, Ideamensch asked what is one thing that that Scott Rocklage does constantly in business that he suggests other people try out themselves. Scott Rocklage says that one of the best thing any entrepreneur can do is take measured risk taking. He went on to say that you have the best grip on your own future when you have your own business and not when you work for a Fortune 500 company. Taking measured risks and having your own business will let you try new opportunities and have the greatest control of your own life summarizes Scott Rocklage. That is a very empowering thing to have and learn more about Scott.

Scott Rocklage was asked about a strategy that has helped him to expand his business and how it has done so. The strategy that has helped Scott Rocklage expand his firm’s business is a simple one. He says that simply staying true to what his firm knows how to do best and not moving too far away from the company’s strength has been a proven successful strategy for him. Keeping this in mind is especially important when things get tough says Rocklage. During tough times, it is tempting to move away from what your specialize and to try a new trend instead. This could backfire tremendously though and Scott avoids putting himself in such a situation and his Linkedin.

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