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Highland Capital: A Financial Titan

Almost no company has succeeded in such an extraordinary way in regards to the financial industry than Highland Capital Management. The company came into being in 1990 when James Dondero and Mark Okada formed the Protective Life Insurance Corporation which managed senior secure bank loans. Eventually, Protective Life Insurance Corporation became Protective Asset Management Company and eventually reformed into Highland Capital Management. The company did nothing but succeed from that point forward. In 2000, Highland Capital Management began working with a commingled bank loan fund and formed a new alternative investment platform. Later, in 2004, the company expanded into the business of mutual funds by purchasing funds from Columbia Asset Management. As of the present, the company is still headed by James Dondero and Mark Okada, who have claimed that their company’s success lies in the key principles of experience, discipline and boldness.


Even today, Highland Capital Management is blazing new financial trails. In 2016, one of the company’s small-cap stock funds that saw returns ranging from 21.3% to 31.6%. The biggest reason for the fund’s success is the investments that were made in the energy industry. According to Highland Capital Management’s own financial information, 16% of the small-cap funds capital went into the energy industry. This 16% became incredibly helpful when the price of oil plummeted in 2016. This decline in prices allowed the company to make deals with oil companies that turned out to be very lucrative for Highland Capital Management.


Looking into the future, Highland Capital Management strives to continue succeeding in the financial industry. According to executives within the ranks of Highland Capital, the company hopes to invest in the healthcare industry and is hoping that the healthcare industry experiences as big of a boom as the energy industry did in 2016.