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Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was known to be great real estate investor. He was born in Haifa Israel. His mother Eva traces her roots from Mexico while his father was from Argentina. At his tender age of 19 years, he took part in independence war of Israel in combating sailors. He got married and moved out of Haifa to Kiryat Yam in 1950.

He joined Israel Defence Forces at 1971 and played a significant role in Yom Kippur War. He then enrolled in Technion in 1978 where he pursued a degree in the field of economics. His passion in the area of business made him work in close collaboration with his father in real estate construction and development business. He later pursued Masters in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and concentrated much in the area of commercial real estate sales.

Adam Milstein skills made him a prominent person in the community that earned him a position in managing Hager Pacific Properties. He set a powerful platform of approximately $2 billion in many properties that were under his management across the country. His expansive generosity also set a concrete foundation for his philanthropic nature in the community of Jewish.

The laudable move that marked his high position in the world of philanthropies was his role in Adam Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He was an excellent mentor to a lot of students across the globe in bolstering their connection to the Israel and Jewish roots. He remained firm to the foundation goals of the foundation with his wife and enriched many students with the massive heritage. His commitment and dedication further his name in the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.

In addition to that, he also immerses himself in assistance to the community of Jewish through the establishment of the Israel-America Council. Milstein made it possible the realization of the America foreign policy concerning Israel and Jewish relation affairs. He was known to be the spokesman of the oppressed with his bold statements and moves. Furthermore, he was also advocating for the side-lined social groups in the U.S. via his writings and publications.

Adam Milstein is honoured as a significant figure in the world of philanthropists that made the dreams of many possible regardless of the situation.