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Mike Baur Believes In Mentoring

Mike Baur created the Swiss Start Factory after an extensive career in the banking industry. Mike had a very successful run. He began as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He would later go on to be an executive board member at one of the largest banks in the Swiss private banking industry.


Mike decided that his passion was for helping others. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory at the age of 39 with some partners, and they began their journey of assisting other visionaries with making their dreams come true. The Swiss Startup Factory focuses on several key elements that are needed to get a startup business from its beginning stages to an operational format. These are very difficult times for most new business owners. They have technical or industry experience but not the knowledge of running an organization for themselves. Careful planning is needed in order to ensure that the business can last through the early days.


Mentoring is an intricate part of the training process. At the Swiss Startup Factory participants are paired with a mentor. They are guided through every phase of how a business is materialized from day one. Having a person who has already achieved similar goals inspires new entrepreneurs to take in the lessons that are being taught. It is a huge advantage compared to those who are learning everything as they go. These lessons cost money. Often times the money that is lost in the learning curve of starting a business can cost the owners everything by the time they are aware of their mistakes. Then there are no more resources to tap into.


Mike Baur and his team at the Swiss Startup Factory take no equity in any of the companies that they assist. The program is designed to give each new company a solid education about what it will be like to conquer their particular industry. The lifestyle of a business owner is extremely demanding. The company will live and die on the efforts of the people who are leading it. However, this type of freedom is what many are looking for. Long hours are worth it if they are dedicated to a process that is original. Mike Baur has lived through these efforts and is ready to teach others how to overcome such daunting obstacles.


The Swiss Startup Factory is stocked with all of the top it equipment that new business owners will need. The facilities provides a comfortable learning environment.