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Jason Hope a Futurists in technology beliefs

Technology is influencing the operation in the entire world. Discoveries are coming up every day, and that means the way people operate in their day to day life is changing with the discoveries. Jason Hope, who is one of the individuals who have invested heavily in technology, says that technology is the way forward. In one of the articles he has written, he says that technology is simply the convenient option for many consumers for now. He also says that in a few years to come technology will be the only way to do everything in life. Jason is a strong believer in the future of technology. He and other futurist entrepreneurs certain that the soon coming 5G smart technology will affect people’s lives in a big way.

Hope has written extensively about technology and the new wave of technology which he calls it the internet of things. In the article, he has explained how technology allows various devices to connect with each other and control operations of various systems. That includes the operation of kitchen appliances, electronic devices. Cars, street lights among others. Hope looks into the future and predicts that most companies will start competing to ensure they come up with the most relevant apps. The competition will be pegged on utility for consumers and apps that they can engage with in their daily lives and with different devices. Jason Hope believes that street lights and cars will be controlled using the of 5G smart technology. Once the devices are connected life will depend on the operation of the device. That means even tea in your kitchen will be made using the commands on the device.

Jason Hope is from Arizona and attended the Arizona State Campus where he attained a finance degree. He later pursued his Master’s degree from the college’s prestigious W.P Carey School of Business. He started his career by creating the Jawa Company, a mobile communications company. He is a strong believer in the internet of things, and his articles are referred to as prestigious. He is an Entrepreneur, a frequent writer on Technology trends, an investor, a futurist and a philanthropist.

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