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Secrets behind the OSI Expansion

If there is something that the OSI Group is good at is acquisition. On the other hand, where this tactic cannot work, they have mastered the art of mergers. However, in the United States, they enjoy the first mover advantage since they have been in existence since 1909. However, they didn’t begin as OSI Group. They used to be called Ottoman & Sons from 1909. When the company was acquired by Sheldon Lavin in the late 1970s, the company changed its name to OSI Group. Up to date, Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of company. David McDonald helps him to run the company as he occupies the position of the president. The two have managed to establish a culture that is concerned about its employees. Other than being a global food retailer, the OSI Group is also an equal employer. Recently, they announced that they had promoted Nicole Johnson Hoffman to the position of chief sustainability officer. Previously, she used to function as the senior vice president of the OSI Group.

Some of the companies that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Baho Foods from Europe. Before its acquisition, Baho Foods was a company that was operating in the European countries of Netherlands and Germany. After the acquisition, the OSI Group mentioned that all the employees would retain their positions with the organization. As for the management team, they would be absorbed to existing teams within the company’s global teams. To become the company they are today, the OSI Group has mastered the art of using local employees. The company management understands that if you are to succeed in the food industry, you must pay keen interest in the cultures of your customers. Other than Germany, Netherlands and the US, OSI can be found in Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico and China.

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