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Dr. Villanueva Explains How the Patient Needs To Be Your Main Focus

Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in order to help out his fellow dentists. As a new dentist, he realized that there were only two paths for dentists: Either join a large corporate group that will give you the resources and support you need but which will place all kinds of demands on you and attach all kinds of strings, or go out on your own and start your own private practice without all the resources that would otherwise be available to you. MB2 Dental is different. It is run by dentists who want to give other dentists the best of both worlds: the resources they need without the strings attached.

When asked what was one habit that made him more productive as an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva replied that he does not take himself too seriously. Doing so can cause you to make the wrong decisions when you get stuck up in your own ego. You should be able to laugh at yourself sometimes too. In addition, it is good to have a good sense of humor, as you will be able to make connections and have people trust you. He also believes that there should be a company culture where it is not just about working and working and working. There should be an open environment where there is a light mood and where people can work in a fun and inspiring way.

When asked what his worst job was and what he learned from it, Dr. Chris Villanueva explained that it was his first dental associate job. He was right out of medical school. The dentist he worked for had a wife, who was managing the company. She made all the decisions based on a business perspective without having any real background in the medical aspect and the dental side of the business herself. That was really awful. Patients suffered from that. Dr. Villanueva learned that the patient has to be the first and foremost focus of any dental company, and they are truly the focus on MB2 Dental.

When asked what he would do differently if he had to start all over again, Dr. Villanueva explained that he would build the infrastructure first, rather than later on. If you have to add it later on, it will be a hard decision, because you will have to decide when the right time is to do it. This can be hard to decide and you do not want to make a mistake.