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Securus Technologies: Serving the Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is the leading company when it comes to correctional facility communications and other devices that can be used inside the prison. They have developed several products and patented it under their name, and these technologies are on high demand to be used inside the prison. They have an exclusive contract with state penal colonies, and they managed to service not just the United States but also the prisons in some provinces and territories of Canada


The main technology that theuy advertise is the fast video call communication system, which they developed years ago. This technology can be used to call someone outside the colony, and it has been suggested that the video calling technology should replace the traditional face to face visits to avoid any conflict inside the prison. Securus technologies have installed several communication kiosks on the prisons that they serve, and it can be found usually near the prison cells. Jail guards companions are required when using the device, and so far, most prisoners agree that the technology is good and it has a lot of potential.


Aside from the video calling technology, Securus Technologies also offer voice calls and voice mails, and it can be used through a system developed by the company which can be purchased by the loved ones of those who are detained inside. They also have to register the device and open up an account in order for them to use it. Securus Technologies is very serious about the protection of their properties, and it has also been reported that they spent over $600 million just for their patents and inventions.


The state penal colonies have stated that they are happy with the service that Securus Technologies provides, and they are wishing to be their long term partners. Securus Technologies is grateful with the trust that is being given to them by the government.