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Paul Mampilly- Distinguished stock markets investor

About a third of the Americans have invested in the stock markets. This number continues to grow as more people abandon the traditional investment methods motor modern methods that have a higher chance of rewarding handsomely. According to Paul Mampilly, an experienced stock investor at Wall Street, a huge number of people fail to invest in the stock markets due to fear of risking. However, he adds that if investors can make informed decisions that are driven by facts, then, there are very high chances that the investment will reward. People must first seek the right information before they commit their money into investment.

Paul Mampilly who has a lot of knowledge regarding investment in the stock markets advises investors to be very observant of the opportunities that are available in the market. Stock markets depend highly on the timing. If you make a prediction and invest before the wave of a certain stock has hit the market, you are likely to earn good returns. However, if you miss the timing, the share value will have gone up and will be impossible to make food profits. Those who make the biggest returns are those that spot opportunities very early and move in to buy the stocks.

For one to recognize a stock that will most likely perform very well in the future, one has to look at the consumption tendencies of the people. If the people are developing a taste for a certain product, it is time to start looking for opportunities to buy stocks in companies that lead in the production of such products. Human beings will determine which product stays in the market and which leaves. Once people drop a taste towards a certain product its value in the market will be lost. A good example is the telecoms that used the traditional telephone lines systems of communication. After the growth of the mobile phone technology, these companies are no longer available. Most of them have already been overtaken by events. The taste of the consumers shifted to the technologically advanced mobile phones, and more information click here.


About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mamphilly is a former hedge fund manager and winner of the Templeton Foundation. He owns his own stock investment firm through which people can buy or sell stocks. He is also the owner of the “Profits Unlimited “newsletter that provides great insight into the direction of various stocks. Paul Mampilly hopes to change the lives of people by showing them the good investment opportunities through the stock markets.

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