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Lifeline Screening; Take Charge of your Health

Founded in 1993, Lifeline screening is a privately owned wellness company. The company’s main focus is detecting problematic areas in the cardiovascular system by providing thorough extensive screenings. The company uses the best technology there is to detect any existing problems so that their patients get valuable and accurate results. Some of the procedures involved include blood tests, ultrasounds, and EKGs.

Making the decision to go for screening, is a very bold step as you are conscious of your health and your future. Once you have made an appointment for a Lifeline screening, there are a couple of things you ought to do in preparation for the ‘big day.’ Knowing what to expect will help you with the preparation process. Upon arrival at the welcome desk, you will be required to fill in a form which contains details about the choice of tests you want to take and the payment for your choice of procedure. We provide a comfortable cleaning area where you can fill out the forms at your own pace.

Having done that, your name will be called out when your turn comes ad you will be led to a private screening area to ensure your privacy is maintained. The first and basic test is a blood test whose results will determine the next procedures to be undertaken.

Depending on the testing package you choose, you have to dress in such a way that accessing those body parts would be easy. A comfortable, loose-fitting dress code is highly recommended for screening. Try and make it devoid of any jewelry and body oil or lotion. This is because some of these things can interfere with the testing machines. Additionally, ensure your socks and shoes are easy to remove. Finally, and very important, do not forget to turn off your cell phone as it’s very likely to interfere with the medical equipment.

To gain absolute accuracy from your tests, do not have any food for at least four hours before your appointment. After getting your results, our professionals will advise you accordingly on the way forward to ensure that your overall health is improved and your long-term well-being guaranteed.

Why should I carry out this test? Someone may ask. Lifeline screening tests are vital to your health because most cardiovascular problems do not manifest themselves right away. While this is happening, the problem escalates till you reach a point where you are beyond help. All these can be avoided by detecting the issue at an early stage when the problem can still be easily solved. Many lives are saved and enriched thanks to Lifeline screening.

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