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Rodrigo Terpins’ Rally Racing Career

One of the most common sports apart from football in Brazil is motorsport. The motorsports in Brazil is a widely coveted sport where Rodrigo Terpins stands out in the rally competitions.Rodrigo Terpins participates in most of the races and is a very respected rally driver who is ranked highly in the Brazil’s rally championships. He is the brother of another renowned rally driver known as Michel Terpins who also participates in the off-road competitions. The brothers are co-founders of a team known as the Bull Sertoes which engages in the Sertoes editions.

Rodrigo’s Motivation for the Motorsport and his Career Achievements

Rodrigo Terpins’s fascination in cars started when he was younger and would fix vehicles for fun which was extended until he got himself into the car racing career. Again, coming from a family who were widely active in sports, Rodrigo Terpins found himself equally hooked to the sports career. His father Jack Terpins participated in basketball when he was younger during the 60s and 70s, while his brother was in the motorsport career. The brothers have competed in numerous races together which has made the Terpins name to be a very popular name among the rally lovers in Brazil and the world at large.

Some of the most celebrated races that Rodrigo Terpins engages in are the Sertoes rally. He has participated in most of the Sertoes editions and performed highly with his navigator Fabricio Bianchini. One of his highlighted races was the Sertoes 22nd edition where he participated together with his partner Bianchini. The race was a shorter distance where it had been reduced to two states, Goias and Minas Gerais. The duo emerged the third position in the T1 Prototype category while the overall score saw the pair scoop the 8th position. Check out Terra to see more.

Further, Rodrigo participates aboard a car developed by the MEM Sports Organization known as the T-Rex. The car was designed using the V-8 engine which was more powerful to race through the rough and bumpy terrain. What’s more, Rodrigo and his brother Michel Terpins piloted the T- Rex car which led them to team up in the Brazilian off –road cross country competitions. Additionally, Rodrigo works as a partner in a reforestation company known as the Floresvale which is responsible for maintaining sustainable environment.