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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Still Guide Bradesco Through The Shadows Of Octavio de Lazari Junior

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the incumbent president of Bradesco. He took over the helm of leadership when Brandao resigned in late 2017. Until now, he has been holding the position. But recently, the administration took a turn of events when the board of directors introduced a new president; Octavio de Lazari is the vice president of Banco Bradesco.

Lazari is the new president of the banking institution as well. His appointment was solely based on his expertise and personal merits as well as ethics in general. Over and above, it is crucial to note that he has been working for Bradesco for some substantial amount of time.

Introducing New Leadership and Roles

Octavio was a teenager when he joined Banco Bradesco. At first, he was employed as an office boy who often ran errands for the management. From that moment on, he decided to grasp essential leadership skills and put them into practice by outdoing his colleagues. Now for the past nine years or so, he has been shaping his career in Brazil’s Bradesco according to

A Look at the New President and his Expertise

So far, he has managed to walk up the leadership ladder by striving to excel by all means. From working as an office boy, Lazari was promoted to serve as a credit manager and later the vice president. In his capacity as the vice president, he oversaw the management of the bank in various positions and made sure that everything was streamlined to get Banco Bradesco a vast client base that it now boasts of.

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Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has journeyed through the banking halls of Bradesco with the primary focus being growth. Joining the company at a relatively tender age, he put in a lot of work in his career journey. Starting off as a clerk, he learned the ropes of managing a banking business. Seeing that he was giving his best, the board of directors decided to elevate him by making his the chairman of the board. From that moment on he has walked Bradesco through the requirements of a flawlessly run organization.

Skills and Expertise

Consistently blending wisdom and persistence, Luiz attended the University of Sao Paulo for a course in philosophy. Also notable is the fact that during elections, he was an active participant in the Modern World’s Seven Wonders. In his words, he stated his support was worth noting as he has also been a great participant in the industry. This is inclusive of the entire contributions he has made over the past years.

The Overview of Leadership

Well, as the chairman of the board, he is still expected to uphold his leadership roles by contributing to Bradesco’s transition to the new leadership scope. As such, he shall still guide the management just like before. Therefore, the institution does not have to be worried about the possibilities of risking a whole investment firm to high-risk investment strategies. Over and above, he will be guiding Octavio de Lazari through the leadership roles.

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