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With Recent Acquisitions and Equity Agreements, Two-Decade Old Southridge Capital Continues to Grow

Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital has grown in just over two decades to become one of the nation’s leading advisory and structure financing firms, having financed more than 250 public companies to the tune of nearly $2 billion, while also providing targeted financial solutions to a varied group of clients based on their specific requirements and circumstances.


Launched by Stephen M. Hicks, who has acted as the company’s CEO since its inception, Southridge Capital offers a wide array of services and resources, ranging from advisory offerings such as balance sheet optimization, legal settlement aid and financial analysis, to financing offerings such as credit enhancement, asset securitization and equity purchasing. For more details visit LinkedIn.


In addition to its success as a financing firm, Southridge Capital has also put great effort into contributing significantly to community efforts, and has as a result developed a reputation for philanthropy, both formal and informal. While Southridge advocates and promotes volunteer work for the benefit of the community, the company also contributes in its own range to a range of initiatives, charities and non-profit organizations nationwide.


Hicks himself, along with his wife Mary, founded the Daystar Foundation in 1998, two years after the founding of Southridge, and have made significant charitable contribution through the Foundation to institutions and organizations such as Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage and Walnut Community Hill Church, amongst numerous others. You can visit their website



The company is currently in the midst of an extended period of expansion and growth, with a recent acquisition of Double Alpha Group and recent equity purchase agreements reached with Elite Data Services Inc. and Andalay Solar ensuring that Southridge future prospects for increased profitability remain strong. Heading this ever-growing entity is a management team that comprises of Hicks – the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The King’s College and a Master of Business Administration from Fordham University – as well as Controller and CFO Narine Persaud, CFA and CPA Laurence J. Ditkoff, JD and CFA Henry B. Sargent and Portfolio Manager Linda Carlsen.



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