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Jeff Yastine: The best ways to shelter your investments from a financial storm

Uncertainty is hitting the financial markets again, after years of stable and positive market behavior. This has led many investors, prophesy an incoming doom and collapse, should the status quo remain the same. This is especially compounded by the history of the markets, where financial storms have hit the market in a significant way, leading to devastating loss of assets and property. Jeff Yastine, senior editor of Total Wealth Insider at Banyan Hill Publishing, offers investors solid solutions, on how to avert or survive a financial tsunami. Visit to know more.

Yastine, who is an accomplished financial journalist, also writes for the Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investors Daily, both publications of Banyan Hill. Jeff Yastine has spent years establishing a high flying career in the Finance world, and his advice, if taken by the word, is gold advice for all investors who have uncertainties regarding the future of their investments. He draws expert knowledge from his more than two decades experience, working in the Money Markets. Notably, he has interacted with the some of the most successful investors in the world, among them Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Sir Richard Branson.

According to Jeff Yastine, there exist two ways, through which investors can shield their investment portfolios in the face of a financial crisis. The most common and prevalent way is by seeking expert advice from financial advisers, who will recommend sober strategies. Yastine says that, although this is convenient, it comes with some hefty fees and the consultant may not avail 100% information to the client. The other option that exists for investors is by studying the market and become experts themselves. However, it requires a significant amount of time and dedication, and it is not always convenient for the investor who has another career far from finance.


Given the drawbacks that these two strategies present, Jeff Yastine advices investors to subscribe to Banyan Hill Publishing. He says that, they offer sound, tested and solid strategies. Jeff says that investors can trust that the Banyan Hill experts will, recommend the best policy and provide alternative options. The kind that Wall Street will not reveal nor the mainstream financial institutions and media. Experts at Banyan have decorated experience in the financial world, in various capacities such as hedge fund managers and global financial advisors. Therefore, their advice is well researched and has been tested and proved, says Yastine.

More about Jeff Yastine

He has worked as a financial journalist, on the PBS Nightly Business Report, for more than a decade. He reported on some of the major economic events, such as the real estate crisis in the 2000s, and the Deepwater Horizon in 2010. His work earned him an Emmy Nomination. For his education, he enrolled at the University of Florida where he studied Telecommunications (electronic journalism) and received his BA degree in the same. Read this article at