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Peter Briger: Being The Head Of A Large Investment Company

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. The private equity firm is a huge influencer in the asset management industry. It was one of the first asset management companies of its size to go public. The trendsetting and history making company is beloved many clients. The firm has a list of over one thousand clients that allow them to manage forty billion dollars of assets. The success of this company can be traced back to the co founders that worked extremely hard in perfecting a business model that would best suit clients.

Peter Briger became a principal for Fortress Investment Group and is also on the board of directors for the investment firm. When he first started as a principal, he had over fifteen years of work experience in the investment and financial industry. He previously had worked for Sachs and Goldman. He also had worked in the Asian markets. It was this work history that had garnered him exceptional leadership experience and responsibility for the investment and financial sectors. Today, Peter Briger mainly handles the real estate and credit divisions of the firm.

Peter Briger was able to do many new things for Fortress Investment Group. Under his leadership the company because the first in the United States to be a hedge fund that started an IPO. This launched a series of high risk and high reward hedge funds that began sprouting up all over the world. It delivered private equity investment opportunities to investors everywhere. This deal caused the investment firm from to go from being a private equity company to a company that was more transparent about its money. It allowed for there to be more honesty and watchfulness over hedge fund managers that were responsible for certain accounts. This deal allowed customers to view Fortress Investment Group as a respected and trustworthy company.

Peter Briger is also a businessman with a charitable heart. He serves many organizations. In particular, he works with organizations that aid low income families. He serves on the board of a set of charter schools that has a mission of equipping students with the skills for college success.