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South Chicago Meat Plant Scheduled To Close Is Now Owned By OSI Group

One of Tyson Foods’ four Chicago processing centers was about to close up after the company decided they would cut their losses, but another processing company, OSI Group decided Tyson Foods didn’t want it, they did. OSI has made big plant acquisitions when they’ve felt their output could be greatly improved, and this deal was no exception since this south Chicago plant was in close proximity to another plant they own. But they also wanted to maintain and add jobs in the area, and even though many of the plant’s employees had already left, OSI kept the employees and managers who hadn’t. OSI Group has always looked for opportunities to grow their employee base and did so with two other acquisitions of Flagship Europe and Baho Food.

Before it was known as OSI Group, the company was just a Chicago Meat market store and butcher shop known as Otto & Sons. Its name came from Otto Kolschowsky who started the shop and taught his sons the butcher trade, and the market stayed in the family for more than 60 years. But what really put the company on the map was when they became the supply partner of McDonald’s when it was first making its fast food restaurants big. Otto & Sons saw its revenue increase with this new partnership, but they still needed much more funding to go as big as they wanted, so they hired consultant Sheldon Lavin to help obtain a large bank loan. That loan allowed them to build their first heavy machinery processing plant, and several more would follow. By 1975, Otto & Sons had become known as OSI Group.

OSI Group opened its first plant outside the US in 1978 in Germany, and from there they started their growth throughout Europe and into Asia. They now have 55 factories in 17 countries but have services in at least 60 countries. Sheldon Lavin was promoted from consultant to CEO and later chairman of the company and has remained at that post for more than 30 years. What Lavin and President David McDonald have said is that OSI will always be run more like a mom and pop business rather than a big corporation run from the top down. They also are committed to community involvement and giving support to organizations who have healthcare and education initiatives such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Inner City Foundation of Chicago.

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Attempt to Rise to the Top of Investment Options

One of the trickiest things about beginning to work in the United States is locating a way to save for the future. For many employees the decision between 403b, 401k, IRA, and the other seemingly endless list of saving and investment options is a daunting and confusing one. Some individuals are able to choose wisely, picking the correct investment plan in order to map out their futures. For others, investment and retirement may seem like more of a chore that will never produce fruit. Matt Badiali, an investment guru, and top tier educator have recently collaborated through Banyan Hill Publishing to release information on his new idea; the freedom check. Read more about Matt on

Matt Badiali has worked in a multitude of different areas, traveling to different countries such as Mexico, France, and New Guinea to educate others about the joys of investment. Banyan Hill is a publishing firm that is used to support those interested in retirement, and who want to find out information in regards to their options moving in to making the right investment choices for their futures. Matt Badiali uses Banyan Hill to help his clients with making the right decisions in how to invest their money. With his release of the newly revised freedom check, however, he plans on going a step further from offering advice and push for direct investment with certain businesses.

Freedom checks are an investment option that corporations involved in the sale of oil and gasoline can use to provide payouts to their shareholders. As long as a company earns 90% of their total income from the sale of these items they can use freedom checks, which are not taxed at all by the Federal government. By following the law outlined in Statute 26-F Matt Badiali has discovered that freedom checks not only work, they could potentially be the investment choice of many companies moving into the next decade.


Without freedom checks being taxed both companies and their many shareholders can enjoy the same investment options, with more money to work with for potential growth. Untaxed capital is nearly unheard of, and there are already hundreds of companies operating in the oil and gas industry that are jumping on board the freedom check bandwagon in order to take advantage of this new system. The concept for freedom checks was actually devised decades earlier before Matt Badiali knew about it. Its rise from obscurity is grand. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

The Brown Modeling Agency: Powerhouse Full-Service Agency for Aspiring Models

The Brown Agency is a full-service talent agency located in Austin, Texas. It was created in 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South joined forces to form the powerhouse firm. Wilhelmina Austin was a modeling agency that was launched in 2010. It is one of the most well-known agencies for aspiring models thanks to Justin Brown. Justin Brown was the head of Wilhelmina Austin and the CEO and president of the Brown Agency. He began his modeling journey in college as a fit model. “Fit” is a modeling class for clothing that fits the individual’s body type. He mainly modeled rocker jeans which are known today as skinny jeans. However, his real passion for the profession was what goes on before the runway. Prepping models for the runway and helping them find work was his genuine interest.




He later found a job in the development and placement modeling subfield that allowed him to fulfill his dream, one that he is still fulfilling today. Heyman Talent-South is one of the best talent agencies located in Austin, Texas. Michael B. Bonnee is the founder of the Heyman Talent-South and will aid in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency. Merging both agencies has created a powerhouse firm that prepares talents to be successful models and actresses. They make a great team coupled with collaborating leaders in the industry. It provides an exciting opportunity for aspiring talents and clients.


According to Market Wired, it is a one-stop shop for clients and a full-service agency for talent. Justin Brown and his staff manage over 450 talents by training them to perform and model like a pro. They also assist them in finding work which is a massive plus for the models. However, the most intriguing thing about the Brown Agency is the support that the talents receive. From the time they are signed to the time they are given work, Justin and his team support them in every way possible. For example, when they are accepted into the agency, they are featured on the Brown Agency’s Facebook page. They are also featured on the page when they achieve work with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota. Each time they are featured, they receive more support and exposure which can add up to more jobs in the future. There is no question as to why the Brown Agency is a sought-after firm for aspiring models as it supports the personal goals of each aspiring model.

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Enhanced Athlete Helps People Improve the Right Way

Enhanced Athlete knows what it means to be a good athlete. They also know there are things people can do to improve their game. They know what to offer and they aren’t afraid of giving people options they can use when they’re trying different sports. Enhanced Athlete makes a point of allowing people to see things that are getting better. They also do things that will help them through different situations no matter what issues they face or what they’re doing while they have new things to offer. The company always makes a point for their athletes to know that things will continue getting better.


Even though Enhanced Athlete spent a lot of time learning about the things people can enjoy, they know what it takes to give everyone a chance at a better opportunity. Athletes know what they can get and know what it means to make things better. They also know what will happen if they have a chance to try things on their own instead of looking at the other ways that people do it that aren’t necessarily fun. Enhanced Athlete knows what it means and knows how to feel about different situations.


Depending on the issues people have with the nutrition parts of Enhanced Athlete, they know what they can get from it. When Enhanced Athlete’s sister company began operating, people saw how positive the company was. They realized that Enhanced Coaching was just the same as Enhanced Athlete in the things they offered. They also knew the company tried to always provide people with the things that helped them. Since Enhanced Athlete did all this, everyone felt good about the options they had and felt good about the things that were happening to them while they were doing business. It was their way of making things better for everyone.


Since Enhanced Athlete always tries helping people, they feel good about the business they run. They also feel good about the gear they have. Enhanced Gear gives people who use Enhanced Athlete a chance to get the best gear. They develop products based on what their customers use and that helps them through different opportunities. They’ve always done what they can to help people and will continue doing it no matter how hard they work on their own and in different situations. It’s their point of allowing people to see what they can do and how they can make things better.

The Long History of Compassionate Doctor Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is an excellent and compassionate doctor, and has been excelling in his chosen field since 1965, when he graduated from Cairo University’s medical school as the salutatorian, ranking second in the class. He passed his ECFMG exam in 1964, which allowed him to train in the United States as a doctor. Since then, he’s been board-certified in Pediatric Surgery following a residency in surgery. He’s been performing complex surgery for 40 years in New Jersey, has taken eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem to provide free surgery to the students there, has developed many pediatric surgery procedures, and patented two inventions. Very few board-certified pediatric surgeons in the United States speak both Arabic and English – he is one of this small number.


In 1985, he had the wonderful opportunity to serve the royal family in Saudi Arabia as a doctor, working at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. He stayed in the country with his family for four and a half years, met people from all around the world, and travelled to Denmark, Sweden, and other exciting locations. During his job at the hospital, he served not only the Saudi Arabian royalty but also poor Saudi children with complex problems that require an expert surgeon. He knew what it was like to be poor, but his role reminded him how important it was to give back to the community by performing surgery on poor children. His mentor, Dr. H Biemann Othersen, emphasized in his teachings that everyone is equal and deserves equal opportunities, and Saad has incorporated that into his philosophy. While in Saudi Arabia, he also helped develop a Surgical Residency Program in Saudi Arabia, enabling students to stay home and learn how to be a surgeon instead of having to travel abroad, through a connection with the Royal College of Surgeons in England.


Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad returned to America so that his children would not have to attend boarding school abroad – and during his long career, he has come up with two wonderful medical devices that help both surgeons and patients be safer. His first invetion is a catheter that includes a tracking mechanism so that many x-rays are not needed in order t put the catheter in the correct location and finish surgery. His second is a rigid endoscope that includes a suction device – again, to speed up surgery and make it safer. Learn more:


Currently, Dr. Saad Saad works out of Easttown, New Jersey, and has been accoladed with a Patients’ Choice Award and a Compassionate Doctor Award. These indicate that patients have a high opionion of him in general, and especially of his general manner. He will only continue to help more patients thanks to his patents and awards!

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Still Guide Bradesco Through The Shadows Of Octavio de Lazari Junior

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the incumbent president of Bradesco. He took over the helm of leadership when Brandao resigned in late 2017. Until now, he has been holding the position. But recently, the administration took a turn of events when the board of directors introduced a new president; Octavio de Lazari is the vice president of Banco Bradesco.

Lazari is the new president of the banking institution as well. His appointment was solely based on his expertise and personal merits as well as ethics in general. Over and above, it is crucial to note that he has been working for Bradesco for some substantial amount of time.

Introducing New Leadership and Roles

Octavio was a teenager when he joined Banco Bradesco. At first, he was employed as an office boy who often ran errands for the management. From that moment on, he decided to grasp essential leadership skills and put them into practice by outdoing his colleagues. Now for the past nine years or so, he has been shaping his career in Brazil’s Bradesco according to

A Look at the New President and his Expertise

So far, he has managed to walk up the leadership ladder by striving to excel by all means. From working as an office boy, Lazari was promoted to serve as a credit manager and later the vice president. In his capacity as the vice president, he oversaw the management of the bank in various positions and made sure that everything was streamlined to get Banco Bradesco a vast client base that it now boasts of.

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Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has journeyed through the banking halls of Bradesco with the primary focus being growth. Joining the company at a relatively tender age, he put in a lot of work in his career journey. Starting off as a clerk, he learned the ropes of managing a banking business. Seeing that he was giving his best, the board of directors decided to elevate him by making his the chairman of the board. From that moment on he has walked Bradesco through the requirements of a flawlessly run organization.

Skills and Expertise

Consistently blending wisdom and persistence, Luiz attended the University of Sao Paulo for a course in philosophy. Also notable is the fact that during elections, he was an active participant in the Modern World’s Seven Wonders. In his words, he stated his support was worth noting as he has also been a great participant in the industry. This is inclusive of the entire contributions he has made over the past years.

The Overview of Leadership

Well, as the chairman of the board, he is still expected to uphold his leadership roles by contributing to Bradesco’s transition to the new leadership scope. As such, he shall still guide the management just like before. Therefore, the institution does not have to be worried about the possibilities of risking a whole investment firm to high-risk investment strategies. Over and above, he will be guiding Octavio de Lazari through the leadership roles.

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Paul Mampilly American Investment Guru With Undisputed Reputation in Asset Management Sector

Paul Mampilly is considered a living legend in the world of investments and making profits from the stock and financial markets. With nearly three decades of experience backing him, Paul Mampilly is amongst the top investment experts in the industry today. Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 when he joined Banker’s Trust as their asset portfolio manager. Due to his exemplary performance, he rose to higher positions in many other companies in the next few years, including at the ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. Paul Mampilly also held a prominent position at the hedge fund management firm named Kinetics Asset Management, which at the time of his joining managed assets worth $6 Billion. However, under the leadership of Paul Mampilly, the firm’s asset grew to over $25 Billion. Moreover, the Barron’s named the firm’s hedge fund to be one of the world’s best. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

However, after working for many years at these asset management firms, Paul Mampilly realized that he is primarily working to make the elite portion of the population rich, while the main street Americans continue to struggle with their finances. It is when he quit his position at the asset management firm he was working with and joined Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is currently working as the Senior Editor. Paul Mampilly is also the author of one of the fastest growing newsletter named Profits Unlimited, which helps everyday people find stocks that would in due course move up. The common people cannot evaluate the script analytically like Paul Mampilly can and therefore, he utilizes his expertise in providing his subscribers the tips and tricks on how they can make money from the equity market.


Many stocks are due to pick up with time, but most of the people do not recognize these opportunities until it is too late. Paul Mampilly aims to help people identify these opportunities at the time when they are still in the position of weakness. Paul Mampilly says that he wants to help over 100,000 subscribers of Profits Unlimited make money from their investments and indulges in in-depth research to ensure that the tips he provides for investment are worth it. Currently, Paul Mampilly is asking his subscribers to focus on three innovative sectors of Electric vehicles, precision medicine, and food delivery systems. Paul Mampilly believes that these are the three sectors that would be witnessing massive growth in the years to come and the companies that are in the pilot batch in these industries would witness a surge in their stock prices. Meet the experts on

Jason Hope’s New Age for Our Aging Selves

Jason Hope is a futuristic entrepreneur with great hopes for studying age-degeneration diseases and increasing the likelihood of the longevity of our people. He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. Jason Hope recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Corporation. In addition to this 2010 investment, he has gone on to donate another million dollars. The SENS Corporation researches biotechnologies and age-related diseases. Jason Hope says that while many organizations focus on a cure, the SENS Corporation, with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer, an expert on innovative anti-aging ideas, has been doing research in anti-aging problems. Some of the age-related diseases that these people hope to address are Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

Jason Hope received his undergraduate in finance and his MBA from Arizona State University. With this neatly tucked under his belt, he thought he had better do something in business. He originally made his money in Jawa, a technology communications business and has been active in various other computer and technology business investments. He says this is the wave of the future for business. The Internet of Things, he states, is already permeating our daily lives. Jason Hope says he has high aspirations for solutions to the age-related diseases that we are currently facing. He hopes to focus on age-related solutions for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s since these have such implications for people who are suffering.

Jason Hope, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, has a long list of philanthropic interests. He works with biotechnology anti-aging research and education. Jason Hope’s other philanthropic activities include the Boys & Girls Clubs, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, T Gen Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, International Foundation for Education Self-help, and the Arizona Science Center. Jason Hope can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkIn.

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Whitney Wolfe Standing Tall And Tough Against The Lawsuit By Match Group

Whitney Wolfe has played a significant role in revolutionizing the dating world by introducing the newest social dating network on the planet named Bumble. Even though Bumble by Whitney Wolfe is a relatively new dating platform, it has got immense popularity in the last few years.

Having started in 2014, Bumble has already amassed over 30 million members, and its member base continues to increase at a rapid pace. In a relatively short span, Bumble has managed to become one of the top 5 dating apps in use today. Forbes has estimated the net worth of Bumble to be around one billion, which is expected to increase in the time to come.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, who has also been a co-founder of the top dating app named Tinder, which is presently owned by the dating giant Match Group. In a recent development, Match Group has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble, which Bumble refuses utterly. As per the developments in the past few months, Match Group tried to acquire Bumble, but when the negotiations of acquisitions failed, the lawsuit came as a repulsive rebuttal that seemed to have not gone down well with Whitney Wolfe and her team. Recently, Bumble published a full-page ad in the newspaper, where she mentioned that neither she nor Bumble is going to be bogged down by the threats of Match Group. Whitney Wolfe also mentioned in her open letter to Match Group that Bumble would never be sold to Match Group, and thus any plan of acquisition by Match Group can now be confirmed as permanently squashed.

Whitney Wolfe has previously had a fall out with the co-founders of Tinder, which is why she left the company to start her entrepreneurial journey. Whitney Wolfe is an enterprising woman and has helped make Bumble a new and unique social dating network that is appreciated for its bold characteristics across the globe. The presence of Bumble is expected to grow in the years to come as Whitney Wolfe, and the team plans to launch it in many other nations in the time to come. Recently, Whitney Wolfe also introduced two new features in Bumble, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF is a platform inside Bumble where people can look for friends and in Bumble Bizz, members can expand their professional network by interacting with other professionals from the same field. However, the fundamental principle of only women making the first move remains constant across all platforms in Bumble.

José Auriemo Neto Is An Experienced And Reliable Real Estate Professional

Do you need real estate investing help in Brazil? José Auriemo Neto is one of the leading real estate professionals in Brazil. He has been working in this industry for many years and is highly knowledgeable. Many real estate investors turn to him for advice on how to take their business to the next level.José Auriemo Neto has a great reputation in the Brazilian real estate community and is the right professional to advise and guide you on your way to real estate success.Getting into the real estate investing business or buying property for resale requires great expertise.

It is advisable to consult a knowledgeable and reliable real estate professional or firm before venturing into the field.José Auriemo Neto can help you in making informed decisions and taking appropriate steps to reduce costs, manage risk and improve operational efficiencies.When getting started in the real estate investment field, it’s important to get the required training and education. It is advisable to gave a good understanding of the process, the common mistakes that newbies often make, and how to avoid those missteps.

With a good coach or mentor by your side, you can taking the right steps toward your goal and realize your full potential.José Auriemo Neto has the excellent resources to help you get started and achieve success. When you contact José Auriemo Neto he will review your situation and have a discussion with you. He will point out what you can do to build a successful real estate investing business.As an experienced professional, José Auriemo Neto can help you set a clear goal or timeline for attaining your goal. You need a plan that outlines how you plan to reach your goal.