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Writing the Best Wikipedia Articles

Usually when writing an article in Wikipedia, the opening paragraph is supposed to summarize the most basic points of the article. The paragraph is supposed to explain the subject in a clear manner in order for the reader to be prepared for greater level of the details that are to follow. Supposing further introductory material is fitting prior to the first section, it is possible to cover it in the following lead paragraphs. Introductions to articles that are biographical mostly double as summaries, and lists the well-known achievements about the subject. Since some readers only read the introductory part of the article, it is important to include most vital information.

First sentence content

The comprehensive Wikipedia editing service ought to start with a short sentence that is declarative and answers two questions for a reader that is non-specialist. The questions are; “why is the subject important?” and “who (or what) is the subject?”
• If possible, make the page title be the subject of your first sentence. On the other hand, if the title of the article is merely descriptive then it is not necessary for the title to appear verbatim inside the main text.
• When a page title is used as first sentence’s subject, it can appear in quite a different manner and can have variations. Likewise, if a title has parenthetical disambiguator, then the disambiguator must be omitted.
• Supposing the subject is agreeable to definition, then your first sentence must provide a concise definition. Similarly, supposing the subject is an art term, it is important to provide the context much earlier.
• Supposing the article is talking of a place or character that is fictional, ensure you say so.

Use second language sparingly

Inclusion of foreign terms to bring extra information is fine, but you need to restrain yourself from writing articles that will require the reader to be conversant with foreign language in order to understand your context. Such foreign words are same as jargon and you are required to somehow explain them. In English-language Wikipedia, it is not necessary that the English form appear first, at times, the foreign word is better as key text.

Get your Wiki

At Get Your Wiki, their veteran Wikipedia editing service will help in creating or editing your article. Their standards are high and will always match the required standards set by Wikipedia. They have a monitoring services that ensures a 100% accuracy on edits or pages that consequently benefits Wikipedia.

Jamie Garcia Dias: A Crusader For Brazilian Literature

A crusader for the literature culture, and a Twitter icon, Jamie Garcia Dias is an innovative teacher as well as a successful and award-winning author. Influenced by his father and inspired by past Brazilian authors and literary greats, Jamie Garcia Dias has become the champion for Brazilian writers and the Brazilian literature culture.

Born in the early 1970s in Rio de Janeiro, Dias is the son of Arnoldo Dias, a well-known Brazilian writer and journalist, and Garcia Dulce Dias, a successful Brazilian architect. Taking after his father, by the age of fifteen Dias had already developed a love for literature. His father’s library offered many literary works for Dias to study. Inspired by literary works such as João Guimarães Rosa’s novel The Devil To Pay In The Backlands, Dias, at 18 years of age, enrolled at the University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1993 Dias enrolled at The Carioca Literature Academy. In 1995 he became a professor at that academy and taught literature to teenagers who wanted to become authors. It was at The Carioca Literature Academy that Dias created a new way of teaching that ignited and emboldened the students’ interest in the literary field. The success of Dias’ new teaching method earned The Carioca literature Academy a reputation of excellence in literature education as well as emphasizing the academy’s support of Brazilian writers. In 1997 he was appointed vice president of The Carioca Literature Academy, and in 2007 at the academy’s 100th anniversary, he was honored for his accomplishments and contributions and was nominated to become Academy President.

Despite his teaching schedule, Dias continued to be a prolific writer producing over 10 novels by the age of 30. In 2001, he won the prestigious White Crane Literary Award. His novel “Caiu do Céu” (translation “Fell From Heaven”) received a public endorsement by the Argentine writer Josue a Gomez. “Fell From Heaven” became very popular and was sold throughout South America. In 2013, Dias was invited to begin writing a weekly article for the popular newspaper, Jornal do Brasil. His most recent novel is a collection of articles written for the Jornal do Brasil which discuss his childhood and memories of his father, Arnaldo Dias. Currently, Dias has published a total of twenty books, which include Caiu do Céu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miúda. He is considered to be one of the most inspirational and successful fiction authors in Brazil.

The Brazilian literature culture has benefited from Dias’ passion and expertise. His contribution of new methods in teaching will ensure the continual growth in the field of literature. Due to Jamie Gomez Dias’ influence, the world will be hearing more from the literary community of Brazil.

Adam Sender- How to Build a Solid Art Investment Thesis

Adam Sender has proven himself time and time again to be a genius art curator. He understands the mechanics of why some art sells and some art doesn’t. A lot of his investment thesis is directly based on the sensuality of a certain piece. If a piece of art possesses something that appeals very strongly to you personally, then you ultimately fall in love with the piece. As a good art collector, you begin to think that you would want this piece hanging from your living room, even if it never sold. This is the kind of art that moves people the most. Art that and has moved people for hundreds of years. It is almost like every piece of art is a new operating system and depending on what you want from your life, there are certain operating systems that cater to your needs better than others.

Now, as an artist, it is extremely important to have a desire for your craft as well as sound reasoning for what you are painting and why they are painted. A sound thesis, always gives an artist a direction to go into that allows him to manifest his vision for what art should be. The next thing that is extremely important is the artist’s ability to communicate his vision as clearly as possible. This is one of the reasons that things like blogs and videos are extremely useful in getting a message across about who you are to the person that purchases it.

Really, great art is all about context. What context are you painting for? What context is an art collector vying for? This is a question that Adam Sender asks himself as part of his sound thesis for the art he invests in.

His investment thesis consists of purchasing art based on how beautiful it is along with the type of effect that it has on the viewer. These are pretty much Adam Sender’s only criteria, no more and no less. What are the pieces of art that bring the best out of his customers? What are the pieces of art that bring the best out of his employees? What are the traits that he wants to echo into the minds of the people that work for him as well as the people that purchase his services? What are his personal goals and what are the moods that he wants to create for himself as an artist? These are all the questions that Adam Sender has to ask himself when he purchases artwork.
The typical rule of creating a sound investment thesis is, the deeper and more accurate your investment thesis is, the greater your influence is in the art community as well as the more conviction that you have in the artist, the more likely you are to inspire collectors. As he is the collector, his job is to think one thousand steps ahead of everyone else. So when people are met with his thesis, he has an answer for every, single one of their questions. His investments in art are not random, they are very well thought out and they have proven to be very successful over the years.

Yeonmi Park’s Book Gives A Voice To North Korean Civilians Entrapped By Horrendous Regime

Yeonmi Park’s In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is a harrowing and vulnerable account of her escape from the oppressive rule on Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime. At the age of 21, Park is a human rights activist that sheds life on her tumultuous youth in North Korea. The book hits the shelves September 29, 2015 and offers a revealing glimpse of Park’s childhood and escape from North Korea.

Many people believe that North Koreans are brainwashed and find no fault in their ruler. But Park states that this notion is not accurate, that 24 million people are living in poverty under Kim Jong Un’s regime and that these people just want to experience freedom.

From an early age, Park was exposed to unimaginable horrors. Though she was born into privilege, it was soon snatched away and her father was sent to a labor camp. Park and her mother embarked on a long journey towards freedom. At the tender age of thirteen, Park and her mother fled the country. They were both sold into human trafficking. Park became someone’s mistress when they promised her that they would allow her to see her parents. When her father came to China, he was afflicted with colon cancer. Park was alone when she had to bury her father’s ashes in the small hour of 3 a.m. Eventually, Park saw her mother again and they decided to flee. At fifteen years old, Park and her mother retreated across the desert during a cold night. The temperature was minus-40 degrees, and since no one anticipated anyone to attempt to cross the desert in such frigid temperatures, they were able to escape to freedom. At first they navigated the desert by compass, but ultimately they had to navigate by the stars.

Park’s book on The Independent is a haunting account of her youth and her escape from North Korea gives audiences a glimpse of the real brutalities and oppression the people of North Korea face on a daily basis. Her words are honest and resonate with truth. Park sees it as her mission to give a voice to North Korean civilians that are repressed under the rule of a horrendous leader. She wanted the world be aware that reprehensible individuals are buying North Korean girls of 14 and 15 for the paltry sum of $200. She advocates for human rights.

Park is a brave young woman that has faced many hardships to stand where she is today. She bravely shares her story, hoping that it will start a dialogue. Yeonmi Park’s In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is written in such an honest way that it forces readers to revaluate their own freedoms. Freedom is often taken for granted; this book will make you appreciate your everyday freedoms more deeply.

Shaygan Kheradpir: Man of Hard Work

Shaygan Kheradpir currently works as the technology executive and a knowledgeable business person. He is highly learned and has managed to attend Cornel University where he graduated with a doctorate in electrical engineering. He has worked at Verizon, where he ensured efficient deployment of Fios. While at the Barclays bank, he ensured the bank successfully implemented its programs, which included the transform program and the Pingit mobile. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, and he managed to attend his early education in Iran where he grew up. He attended high school in a college that is in Switzerland. His father was a very hard working person, and he ensured his family was adequately provided for by working as a doctor.

At GTE Corporation, he started his fulfilling career. At the company’s laboratory, he was in charge of several sections that included the management, network routing, and the controls. He worked hard to ensure that the systems work in a proper manner. At the network management center, he facilitated the working in the harmony of various sections such as the infrastructure, switching, and transmission sections. This single innovation was vital for the success of the company since the firm was able to bring together various businesses. The consolidation of activities enabled the company to manage its operations effectively. Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter moved to the company’s headquarters, and he played a pivotal role in facilitating the development of wireline, information units, and the wireless units.

Before long, the company merged with the Bell Atlantic firm to form the Verizon. Shaygan Kheradpir worked in Verizon as an information officer in charge of the whole company. He stayed with the business for eleven years. During this period, he managed to control over 7000 staff in the development of various products named Verizon one and lobi. He ensured that the firm was only spending on necessary items. Therefore, this led to the drastic reduction of the company’s spending. He employed various other methods to deal with operational costs that were skyrocketing such as outsourcing and bargaining with vendors. With the proper supervision of the company staff, he ensured that the business’s assets were properly utilized.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays bank in 2011 at their center of operations. His position by then was chief operating officer, and he was supposed to be in control of the retail bank globally. By hard work, he was eventually promoted to be the chief officer in charge of wealth, business, cards, retail, and investment banking. At the global bank, he has supervised most of the changes that have tremendously affected the operations of the bank. He exited from the Barclays bank and joined Juniper Networks in 2013. At Juniper Networks, he was employed to work as an executive officer. He did not maintain this position for long until the following year, in November 2014, he resigned to join the management team at Coriant. After a short duration while working for Coriant, he was promoted to become the company’s chief executive officer. At Coriant, he implemented many constructive projects that led to the business’s expansion.

Skout Making The World Friendlier

Are dating sites too complicated and not hooking you up with the people you want to see? Is all the hassle of finding that right someone to hang out with or start a romantic fling pushing you to remain alone? Are the same people coming up on every local dating site, and they are not the ones you are looking for?

There is an answer to these issues. Dump the tried and true, the familiar and the known for something that will connect you to millions, no billions of people worldwide. Skout is an app that has worldwide reach. They already have millions of people using their app, and more are joining everyday.

Make those unexpected meetings whether at the local bar, a concert, or somewhere around the globe. These meetings will expand the reach of friends and new people that are waiting to get to know you. Maybe not every contact will be a romantic one, but there may just be a best friend out there waiting for you.

It’s Free! That means all those contacts will not cost monthly or yearly fees, there are no constraints to who you can talk to and when, and the app is easy to download. If not wanting to fuss with the mobile device, connect through facebook. Easy to get, easy to use, and absolutely no cash out of pocket. Friends for free!

Why limit self to a small spectrum of people who can be your friend or new lover? Skout’s reach is worldwide. You can sit in your dining room and reach out to someone on the other side of the globe. You can connect no matter what time it is, or no matter where you are.

If wanting to meet someone new and do not know where to start, shake your device. That’s right, shake it. A simple shake will pull up someone new to chat with and get to know. The shaking part of the app will take your information (that you signed up with) and offer you a choice that matches your key aspects.

Want to know someone from Spain, Switzerland, or even Japan? That is not a problem either. The Skout Passport will take you there and show you who is on and ready to make a new connection. If you are travelling and want to make a connection where you are, Skout can do that too.

Feature Me is also a part of the Skout app. There you will be in the spotlight for all users to see and get to know you. The entire Skout community will have access to your public information. What better way to open yourself up to new and exciting people?

Dating and making new friends does not have to be an impossible endeavor. Skout takes all of the complicated steps out of it and lets you get to know people now. Again, the app is free to download, so finding that new friend s a snap and free. Skout is a new way to socialize and find new people.

Purina PetCare Offers the Best Pet Foods

I have been one to try out a lot of different brands when it comes to pet foods. My dogs have tried a lot of different brands, and I must say that the best brand around is the food that is made by Purina. This is an excellent brand of pet food because it has a lot of variety. I have not always been knowledgeable on the food that is available for dogs, but becoming a dog owner has made me very aware of the Purina brand on Purina news.

In time this may have become one of the best brands around. I love what Purina represents. This is one of those brands that has become strong because there are so many different flavors for pets to consume. I like this brand because I am able to find coupons for the different assortments of pet foods that are on the market. There are actually cat foods and dog foods for owners that have pets.

Purina One is one of the better assortments from this brand in my opinion. My dogs really love this. Purina Busy is also a brand that is recognized among pet lovers as well. This is the type of pet food that owners can depend on. There are pet snacks and dog treats that make it much easier to provide good nutrition for their dogs and cats. I like the fact that this company has placed corn and grains in the dog food. This is great because these are the same nutrients that humans need.

I believe that this company has a wide multitude of people that truly care about their pets. This makes it much easier for the pets to live much longer and healthier lives. I certainly do believe that there are a lot of people that can benefit from having some pet food from brands like Purina. This is a brand that has continued to become more popular because the selection is growing. More people are buying Purina because this is a brand that has stood the test of time. The fans of this pet food have found that Purina is one that has foods for different types of animals. It doesn’t matter if you are feeding puppies or kittens. It can be older dogs or cats. There really is something for everyone. That is what I love the most about this brand. It is designed to cater to a variety of pet owners.

In all of my days as a pet owner it has been rather easy for me to rely on Purina. There just aren’t many brands around that my dogs will take interest in. It is like they are loyal to Purina Petcare.

All You Need to Learn About Skout Dating Application

With the advent of technology, many things have been automated and people have been able to connect more easily. It is now easier to get in touch with individuals from different locations across the world right from the comfort of your home. Most importantly, technology has made it possible for people to express their feelings in a more sincere manner and without shying off or getting irritated. Dating has been one of the areas that have been revolutionized by the advent of modern technology. This has made it easier for people looking for love to get partners that are matching the right qualities. Skout is a platform that has been created to offer dating services and members can easily get in touch which others who have a similar mission.

The technology that has been used in Skout is top notch as the application has been offering the best experience to users. One can easily get in touch with a person that bears certain qualities through a simple search on the platform. Skout has been created with many features, which include search options that allow one to filter through members to choose the right person. It does not take much effort to locate the right people using this application. One can use age as a factor to locate users on the platform not forgetting other factors like interests can be used when one is searching for members that have certain qualities.

It is also necessary to have a look at the interface, which is designed to offer simplicity to the user. Skout allows users of all know-how to navigate through the system easily and it does not take much knowledge to understand how things work on the system. The design and layout is impressive and the theme that is sued corresponds with the use of the application: to find love.

Getting through online systems does not mean one has to keep their eye on the computer. There are applications that allow users of different websites to access data over their mobile phones. Skout has been one of the leading platforms that have implemented the need to have a well structured system that allows users to use their mobile phones to access the database. They have designed a perfect application that is compatible with all operating systems and one that is easy to install. The Skout application does not contribute to bloat ware as it does not eat up space in the mobile device. It is designed to offer efficiency and to help users have an amazing experience.

Security is something that has been troubling many people while online. This is something that Skout has stepped up to address through the tough technological measures they have implemented to ensure their users are secured from all manner of hacking and loss of information. This is in a bid to ensure no one gets exposed to threats that can lead to losses of embarrassments when information is leaked to the wrong people.

Executive Susan McGalla

Being a businesswoman in American often means working in many areas. Any given business person will need to be able to deal with many varied issues such as how to manage people directly as well as how to help create demand for any product they are going to market. A businesswoman must also be aware of the need to work with markets both in the United States and in many areas around the world where they may seek out suppliers and people to hire for their business. The person who is able to demonstrate such skills is one who will be able to enjoy a great deal of fiscal and financial success.

Someone who fully understands the need to manage all areas of business and do so in a way that allows her to enjoy an impressive career is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a highly skilled entrepreneur with an extensive background in the field of retail marketing. Her work in this field has helped open doors for other women who want to follow in her footsteps and enter the field of business as well. She has helped demonstrate how someone can do well in this field and manage other aspects of life as well such as caring for family members.

McGalla is a native of Ohio where she grew up in a middle class family. Her childhood here was spent having fun with others and enjoying the chance to spend time with her family while mastering the basics of academic life. She realized at that age that she liked the field of retail and wanted to be involved in helping market products of all kinds to others. In order to pursue this dream, she decided to attend Mount Union College in a nearby part of Ohio. Here she majored in business and started to get the kind of firm foundation she would need to be able to make a success of this particular career path.

After graduation, McGalla chose to turn her talents to the field of retail marketing. Retail marketing is a field where people help others find the kind of products they want and need in order to enjoy a better life. Her work here focused on helping companies meet the needs of consumers from around the United States. She was able to demonstrate the kind of leadership skills that are needed to be able to hire employees and explore the needs of those customers who enter stores. McGalla was hired by American Eagle Outfitters, a respected American apparel marketer known for providing their customers with access to products that are trendy, well fitting and in tune with the needs of today’s customers of all backgrounds. Here, she helped provide the company with leadership that enabled them to expand their market share and better meet the needs of their expanding business. Since her time there, she has focused closely on creating a private consultancy business that helps other retailers figure out how to best reach their own consumers.

Things Everyone Needs to Know About Investment Banking

Investment banking is a section of finance that allows institutions, organizations or even individuals to raise the capital they would require for certain businesses. Therefore, an investment banker carries all operations that are able to set a business running on behalf of the client. These are roles that are carried out by professionals, who understand quite well the dynamics of the industry. It is also necessary to note that most investment bankers are able to operate on nearly all areas, so they can assist in all forms of businesses. One of the reasons people hire investment bankers like James Dondero is because of the experience and skills these individuals hold. They are able to arbitrate every process that involves the acquisition and sale of property.

Core activities
Investment banking is divided into different sections, which comprise of front, back and middle offices. They offer services to corporations by issuing information that allows these corporations to take the right steps towards investing. They allow different corporations to understand when to buy stocks and when to release to the market. They allow investors to learn about new securities offers before the market loses its profitability.

Front office
Front office services are concerned with the generation of revenue for the company. This includes things like identifying potential mergers and initiating measures that can help create a good relationship between different companies that can merge to help expand on their operations. Fund raising has also been touched on when it comes to this area of business. It is easier to raise funds for certain activities through acquisitions and mergers as well as opening up the sale of shares. All valuation and documentation is done with the help of an investment banking institution.

Sales and trading
Banks match up buyers and sellers while acquiring and selling off securities from their own accounts to help make trading of securities easier. Professionals like James Dondero on nexpointadvisors have been instrumental in offering information that is useful to both the individual traders as well as financial institutions. James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, is a well experienced professional, who has served in the credit and equity markets for over 30 years. He has pioneered the creation of credit oriented solutions that have made trading easier and more secure. He is among respected professionals, who have been able to offer invaluable support to different people in the market.

The research section of investment banking is able to provide information about different companies and their prospects when it comes to investing. This information is then communicated to all investors who are interested in trading different types of stock. Research has been helpful when it comes to making decisions that affect how one makes investment decisions. Many companies have been able to also understand some aspects of operation that can help make a change to the way different activities are carried out. Hiring a firm for investment banking has been recommended, especially for those who have not been in the industry for a long time and would like to invest.