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Portia Kersten of Skout Shares Secrets of Her Success

Portia Kersten, Chief Financial Officer of Skout, was recently profiled in an article for the Huffington Post. In the interview, Kersten explains how she grew Skout into the largest global platform for meeting new people. Kersten describes her upbringing as difficult because she came from a family of limited economic means. Thanks to her vivid imagination, she developed a passion for aspiring to greater things. Before leading Skout, Kersten worked at a variety of companies of all sizes and became a serial start-up CFO.

Kersten answered a variety of questions about personal life balance, role models and female empowerment for the interview. She explains that she operates at a high level of efficiency in both her personal and professional life and only chooses the highest priority of activities to fill her time. She looks to Margaret Thatcher as her definition of a capable, successful leader because she worked her way up from the very bottom and stayed true to her convictions while doing it. In giving advice to other women in the business world, Kersten implores them to embrace versatility and always maintain the role of a businessperson first and a finance person second. She also encourages women to stay ahead of the pack and not be brought down by any negativity in the room or from colleagues.

In describing her experience at Skout, Kersten is extremely grateful for all of the opportunities she has had at the company and is very enthusiastic about the potential for Skout to continue to grow and maintain its position as a leader in the market. She acknowledged all of the talented staff and colleagues she is able to work with at Skout, to which she attributes a great deal of the company’s breakout success. Skout has taken on an international presence and continues to grow all around the globe. Kersten described an atmosphere of teamwork and collegiality among all Skout employees, which helps them to feel connected all over the world. Kersten says she truly enjoys mentoring other women in business, especially younger women, as she has very high hopes for the next generation of women leaders in business. She encourages all women to dig deep to find a sense of confidence, which Kersten says will allow them to succeed in both business and personal life and maintain their convictions while doing so. Kersten certainly serves as a shining example to future female leaders.

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Mobile Apps Of The Moment

Three of the best mobile apps that you should download now are Skout, Go Pro App and Amazon Video. These apps are cool with amazing functionality designed to give users a wholesome experience.

Skout is a social networking mobile app that enables users to make friends from all over the world. It allows users to make contacts in new cities before going there, or to meet locals also in the same place. For instance, a user can meet new friends in a bar close to him or make friends as far as Barcelona. There are features within the app, for example, the use of points that allow the user to increase their chances of chatting with friends or befriending new people. It not only makes the app more exciting but also makes it a unique kind of social media platform quite unrivaled to the rest.

This exciting app not only enables you to increase your pool of friends anytime and at any place globally by a single click but also lets you befriend only those you want to be friends with by customizing your friend search to your preferences. It also allows a user to get updates from other users in the vicinity and save their favorite users enabling one to access them again in the future. Apart from these amazing features, Skout also allows users to view through other user‘s profiles and also uses in-app features to increase chances of their profile being viewed. Also, one can unlock points that allow him to access more premium features.

GoPro App is another exciting mobile app designed to enhance user experience in mobile apps that have video sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This app enables a user to share short video clips to apps such as Facebook and Instagram from their GoPro camera. It is fast, user-friendly and designed to give maximum efficiency. With it, one can set the scene of the shot to their preferences by using the live preview feature. Also, the camera can easily be set to suit user’s needs. Furthermore, the app allows for pictures to be taken and shared immediately with friends. Another feature of the app is the Highlight Tag, which enables a user to highlight important events. It also makes it possible for a user to update their camera to the latest version available.

The third app that you should consider downloading is the Amazon Video app. This awesome app is designed to make life easy for lovers of movies and TV shows. Amazon Video allows for live streaming of TV shows and movies. Users with Prime membership are also able to access more titles on Prime Video free. They can also access movies for buying or renting if they wish. With this app, members are also able to download selected movies to be viewed later. Titles that have bought can also be downloaded by users directly to their iPads or iPhones for offline viewing. The advantage of the app is that it gives users access to original Amazon series like the award-winning comedy Transparent and the children’s series Tumble Leaf.

Whether you are looking for a new social networking experience, an adventurous way of taking shots or an easier way to watch your favorite shows, this three app are set to offer you an amazing experience.

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Skout Making The World Friendlier

Are dating sites too complicated and not hooking you up with the people you want to see? Is all the hassle of finding that right someone to hang out with or start a romantic fling pushing you to remain alone? Are the same people coming up on every local dating site, and they are not the ones you are looking for?

There is an answer to these issues. Dump the tried and true, the familiar and the known for something that will connect you to millions, no billions of people worldwide. Skout is an app that has worldwide reach. They already have millions of people using their app, and more are joining everyday.

Make those unexpected meetings whether at the local bar, a concert, or somewhere around the globe. These meetings will expand the reach of friends and new people that are waiting to get to know you. Maybe not every contact will be a romantic one, but there may just be a best friend out there waiting for you.

It’s Free! That means all those contacts will not cost monthly or yearly fees, there are no constraints to who you can talk to and when, and the app is easy to download. If not wanting to fuss with the mobile device, connect through facebook. Easy to get, easy to use, and absolutely no cash out of pocket. Friends for free!

Why limit self to a small spectrum of people who can be your friend or new lover? Skout’s reach is worldwide. You can sit in your dining room and reach out to someone on the other side of the globe. You can connect no matter what time it is, or no matter where you are.

If wanting to meet someone new and do not know where to start, shake your device. That’s right, shake it. A simple shake will pull up someone new to chat with and get to know. The shaking part of the app will take your information (that you signed up with) and offer you a choice that matches your key aspects.

Want to know someone from Spain, Switzerland, or even Japan? That is not a problem either. The Skout Passport will take you there and show you who is on and ready to make a new connection. If you are travelling and want to make a connection where you are, Skout can do that too.

Feature Me is also a part of the Skout app. There you will be in the spotlight for all users to see and get to know you. The entire Skout community will have access to your public information. What better way to open yourself up to new and exciting people?

Dating and making new friends does not have to be an impossible endeavor. Skout takes all of the complicated steps out of it and lets you get to know people now. Again, the app is free to download, so finding that new friend s a snap and free. Skout is a new way to socialize and find new people.