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Tony Petrello Involvement with Nabor Industries

Tony Petrello is a top American executive currently plying his trade with Nabor Industries as their chief executive officer. Other than this position, Tony Petrello serves on the executive committee of Nabor Industries as chairman of the board. This is a position that he has held since the year 2012. His main responsibility with the company as the CEO is to offer direction and strategic planning for the firm. As the CEO, it’s also his responsibility to ensure that the company adapts to the competitive environment. To achieve this, he ensures that Nabor Industries employ the latest technology and that they hire the most talented individuals in the United States.

Tony Petrello is perhaps shaped by his educational background and years of experience. Concerning his first degree, Tony Petrello attended Harvard Law School before pursuing a second degree from Yale University where he specialized in Mathematics. This was in the early 80s. Tony Petrello first job was as an attorney at the Baker & McKenzie where he spent six years from 1986 up to 1991. His experience from this firm includes general corporate law, taxation as well as international arbitration.

Like any other young, ambitious man, Tony Petrello did not hesitate when an opportunity to work with Nabor Industries came knocking in the year 1991. His Facebook and he embraced this opportunity with open arms and has been involved with this firm for all these years under different positions. As a man who likes helping the community, Tony is currently involved with Texas Children Hospital where he makes outsized donations from time to time and what Tony knows.

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Anthony Petrello: Oil, Gas, and Philanthropy

It can be assumed that oil executives are slick individuals with sharp suits and flashy cowboy boots. Americans seem to not show favor towards oil executives because they believe they are greedy. According to a Gallup poll, around 64% of Americans disapprove of the oil and gas industry.

This assumption is so unfair in many ways. It’s a fact that the energy sector can be harsh and in some cases very brutal but that should not contribute to the characters behind the oil and gas industry.

Anthony Petrello As A Leader

The energy business can be very intense and competitive, it requires some of the best leaders who know how to make things happen. Anthony Petrello is one of those leaders. He is the chief-executive officer of Nabors Industries, which is one of the largest landbased drilling contractors. Most companies hire organizations like Nabors to drill oil and gas wells. This is a common practice in the industry.

Anthony Petrello is a very competitive individual who looks for ways to differentiate his company from others. his background is a bit different than others in the industry. He has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in mathematics and a law degree from Harvard. Petrello was born in Newark, and left his New York job as managing partner for Baker and McKenzie to become president for Nabors. He remembers working seven days a week with a
limited time to socialize.

Cynthia Petrello, his wife who is a known actress, focused on their careers together and kept only a small amount of close friends.

A Condition That Changed His Life

In 1997 Anthony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, lives changed forever. They had a baby girl named Carena, who was born weighing only 20 ounces and experienced Periventricular leukomalacia which is a form of white matter brain injury.

With mathematical training at his fingertips he wanted to understand the cause of his daughter’s condition. In 2000 he decided to speak with the team of Associates at Eastern Hospital. Petrello put his full interest into the research of neurological diseases. Eventually he found what he was looking for at the Texas Children’s Hospital and in 2006 Anthony Petrello contributed $7 million neurological afflictions for children.

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How Business Prodigy Adam Goldenberg and Long Time Friend Don Ressler Founded JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is the current co CEO and co founder of JustFab, an online fashion retailer that offers a personalized experience. Golden began a career as an entrepreneur at an very early age. He started his first business, Gamer’s Alliance, at the age of 15. Gamer’s Alliance was created to advertise gaming sites on the web. A fitting business venture for a young teen, I would say. Goldenberg sold his first company, Gamer’s Alliance, before he graduated high school to Intermix Media. The parent company of Myspace.

Adam Goldenberg would later drop out of high school to join Intermix Media. A decision that required him to move across the country to take the job. Although Goldenberg was just a young high school dropout without a lot of experience in the working world, Intermix Media appointed him Vice President of Strategic Planning before the age of 20. When his 20th birthday finally did roll around Goldenberg received a promotion to COO (Chief Operating Officer). A promotion that made him the youngest COO in the history of public trading companies.

While at Intermix Media Goldenberg met his long time friend and business partner Don Ressler. An entrepreneur and brand building specialist, who like Adam Goldenberg sold his own company to Intermix. While at Intermix the two found they had a lot more in common than average co workers and became good friends quickly.

After Intermix Media was bought out by News Corporation, The duo decided to launch Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand incubator platform company on Though the pair were highly successful at establishing brands as must haves they knew they were only scratching the surface of their ultimate goal of creating a groundbreaking personalized shopping experience. The best way Goldenberg and Ressler could think of making their goal an achievement was to combine social interaction with original and top of the line fashion.

The two also knew that to take full advantage of this untouched resource they would need to make the fashion attractive and engaging, as well as affordable to customers on For this reason, the two hired experienced style consultants and talented designers to come up with a model that would best fit their needs.

Because of Goldenberg and Ressler’s hard work and dedication JustFab was born. With Goldenberg and Ressler leading the way, JustFab has become a highly successful online fashion retailer in just three years.

How Incorporating Fun In The Fight Against Autism Is Advancing The Agenda

Starting April 2, Dubai celebrated the Autism Awareness Month, which opened invitations for individuals to help in the fight against the condition. The festival was welcomed by Autism Rocks and interested individuals were encouraged to contribute only Dh50, which went to supporting the cause championed by the organization. During the eve of the opening of the festival, several artistes were invited to entertain guests. Among singers who showed up includes Flo Rida and Tyga, whose live performances were inspired by the need to advance the fight against autism.

Autism Rocks inspiring change
Autism Rocks, which is responsible for the preparation of the festival in Dubai has been in the forefront in the fight against autism. The organization was born from a joint idea executed by Sanjay Shah and wife Usha. Autism Rocks is committed to changing the way those who suffer from autism are viewed by the society.

As Usha narrates her experience, she remembers how their son was forced to go through traumatizing experiences due to autism. This condition inspires her to challenge the norms and to help the society understand better what autism is all about and why they should take care of those who suffer from the condition.

The Autism Rocks live concert is directed at raising money for charity and since the organization was launched in 2014, more than £600,000 has been raised. Most concerts have been organized well to include high profile singers, something that has inspired more people to embrace the charity. Several renowned DJs like BFG and Fever have also been part of the concerts and are members of the organization. Besides music, Autism Rocks is also organizing fun events like horse rides and rodeo bull, all which help to raise awareness for the fight against autism.

Understanding Autism
Autism is a disorder that affects the communication capabilities of an individual with other people. It is a developmental condition that triggers the response of an individual to the environment and its causes are not known. Lack of support among people who suffer from autism may have far-reaching effects, which could affect families and individuals.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah Denmark is the founder and CEO of Autism Rocks and his goal for establishing the organization was to raise awareness and funds for research about autism. Shah has shown his interest for applying effort in favor of humanitarianism through the various activities he has organized for the organization.

Shah was inspired to launch Autism Rocks after his son was diagnosed with Autism, a condition that took him through several hospitals and highly traumatizing experiences. He feels that the society should understand what Autism is all about and should respond with a helping hand to those battling the condition.


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Portia Kersten of Skout Shares Secrets of Her Success

Portia Kersten, Chief Financial Officer of Skout, was recently profiled in an article for the Huffington Post. In the interview, Kersten explains how she grew Skout into the largest global platform for meeting new people. Kersten describes her upbringing as difficult because she came from a family of limited economic means. Thanks to her vivid imagination, she developed a passion for aspiring to greater things. Before leading Skout, Kersten worked at a variety of companies of all sizes and became a serial start-up CFO.

Kersten answered a variety of questions about personal life balance, role models and female empowerment for the interview. She explains that she operates at a high level of efficiency in both her personal and professional life and only chooses the highest priority of activities to fill her time. She looks to Margaret Thatcher as her definition of a capable, successful leader because she worked her way up from the very bottom and stayed true to her convictions while doing it. In giving advice to other women in the business world, Kersten implores them to embrace versatility and always maintain the role of a businessperson first and a finance person second. She also encourages women to stay ahead of the pack and not be brought down by any negativity in the room or from colleagues.

In describing her experience at Skout, Kersten is extremely grateful for all of the opportunities she has had at the company and is very enthusiastic about the potential for Skout to continue to grow and maintain its position as a leader in the market. She acknowledged all of the talented staff and colleagues she is able to work with at Skout, to which she attributes a great deal of the company’s breakout success. Skout has taken on an international presence and continues to grow all around the globe. Kersten described an atmosphere of teamwork and collegiality among all Skout employees, which helps them to feel connected all over the world. Kersten says she truly enjoys mentoring other women in business, especially younger women, as she has very high hopes for the next generation of women leaders in business. She encourages all women to dig deep to find a sense of confidence, which Kersten says will allow them to succeed in both business and personal life and maintain their convictions while doing so. Kersten certainly serves as a shining example to future female leaders.

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Helane Morrison: Career Journey and Achievements

I hold the view that Helane Morrison time in the corporate world has been a success story due to her tenacity and straightforward character. She has thrived at various positions that she has been appointed in and her appointment to the SEC was a reflection of her impeccable abilities. 

She started her career life in journalism before going back to school and studying law. She later secured a job in the government where she was actively involved in combating corruption by exposing corrupt brokers and businessmen and protecting the vulnerable.

The financial stability of any individual and country is of paramount importance. The effects of the global financial crisis shook the trust and loyalty that individuals had towards banks. People shifted to other ways of storing their money. There is need for mechanisms to be put in place to ensure that investors, business persons and the government are regularly checked to avoid another financial crisis. I believe, Helane Morrison has proved to be among the few individuals who would safeguard the country’s financial stability. 

Through its website, Hall Capital gives an insight into the career life of Helane Morrison and her numerous achievements over the span of 30 years. Morrison has worked at the SEC in various capacities, at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. I would add that Helane has been very privileged as she had the opportunity to work for respected members of the bench. This included Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmum and Richard Posner of U.S Court of Appeals. She served as their law clerks.

Her appointment to the US Securities Exchange office in San Francisco was made possible by her achievements in the private sector. While at the SEC, Helane was known for one who vehemently defended the vulnerable. She initiated investigations and class action suits that saw a couple of enforcement actions against various corrupt traders.

I attribute Helane Morrison’s success and achievements in the SEC to the powers granted to her upon appointment. This enabled her to demand fair dealings when people were investing. She knew no bounds and on several occasions she headed enforcement actions against high level executives from companies such as Google and Hewllet Packard. Her accomplishments and steps to revamp the financial world during her time at the SEC led to her appointment as the first woman Head Of Commission and Regional Director.

I strongly believe her efforts to try and stabilize the financial world after the global financial crisis has led to her being appointed as a board member of various hedge fund companies. An example of this is Helane’s position on hedge fund of American Bar Association. Her approach and dedication would most certainly lead to influencing a better financial world.

Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere Speaks About Fashion

I recently read an interview that was done by Bustle about Doe Deere. I adore this makeup goddess and find that her product line speaks to me and my “out of the box” views. Though she calls herself bizarre names like “Queen of the Unicorns,” she’s really just using a style that is more mythical and uses colors that are typically avoided by famous makeup retailers.

Doe Deere gives tons of advice for those who want to follow her with her mythical blue hair and uncanny hues of orange for lips. She tells people that while it is good to think outside the box and to be different, there are still some rules that must be followed. First, never go to bold on both the lips and the eyes. You want one area to be the center of attention and two bold areas will only compete for attention. Pick one area that you want to accentuate and make the others just blend in.

Your dress and makeup must be simpatico. Don’t use colors that don’t match. The makeup and outfit should blend together seamlessly. If in doubt, look at Deere’s styles. While her color choice is bizarre for some people, her look is flawless. She pulls it all together nicely and doesn’t over accentuate one area or the other. She has a focal center but doesn’t let that one center be overpowering to the rest of her ensemble. One thing she hates is those women who love to wear the thigh high socks, but then put them on with an open toe shoe. It makes about as much sense as wearing sandals and socks together. The concept of the open toe shoe is to be open for others to see. No one wants a peep show of a sock and a seam line; it just doesn’t work well.

It is possible to be an active business person and still have a flair for the outlandish. Deere has made a success of her company by utilizing things that the normal makeup artist wouldn’t think about. She was selling glittery shadows and lipsticks to people long before they became a hit on the market. Some could even say she was a pioneer in the movement. Though her line does seem to appear to the younger crowd, she prides herself on being young at heart too. You never know what color you will find her hair. Some days it is a bright blue, while others days it can be pink or yellowish. It just depends on how the mood strikes her and how she wants to dress that specific day.

Lime Crime has been around for quite some time now. It’s not Revlon or MAC, but it appeals to a whole group of people who don’t want the mundane color palette that everyone seems to be wearing. Sure, the smoky eye is all the rage is right now, but that doesn’t mean it works well for every women. Deere prefers something that makes a statement long before she opens her mouth.

Marketing Helps Doe Deere Climb To Success

Success stories do not come much more entertaining than that of Doe Deere, CEO and founder of LimeCrime cosmetics. Doe Deere may not be a household name yet, but in just a few short years the arrival of her LimeCrime cosmetics brand in the cosmetics industry has made her one of the best known faces in the industry. Known for her distinctive personal style the former New York fashion student has used a highly successful marketing strategy to push LimeCrime into the upper echelons of the fashion world. For many, Doe Deere is more than just the head of a successful cosmetics company, she is also known as a marketing expert and fashion icon with a growing number of followers for her own brand.

LimeCrime was launched after Doe Deere had begun her rags to riches story that brought her from Russia to a fashion education in New York. Following the completion of her education Doe Deere launched her own fashion line that sold individually created clothes via an Online marketplace. As she launched this clothing line Deere was also becoming increasingly interested in the marketing used to advertise her new products, which in turn led her to an increased level of awareness of the cosmetics being used in her marketing campaigns.


Doe Deere wished to create something that was individual and available only to her own band of loyal followers, which meant she was forced to seek out distinctive makeup choices that were not readily available. Reflecting her own image and distinct personal style, the shift to the creation of makeup was designed to allow both herself and her models achieve the perfect sense of style for the campaigns she hoped to launch for her brand. Ultimately, the makeup and cosmetics designed were so distinctive that they became the focus of those who followed Deere, and for the designer herself.

In the last few years the designing of clothing ranges has taken a back seat to the creation of a distinct style of cosmetics that are seen to be bold and individual. The marketing campaigns for LimeCrime have become successful and have seen Doe Deere become an important part of the cosmetics line she has created in terms of marketing and the creation of new products. The evolution of the LimeCrime brand is following the life of Doe Deere as both she and the cosmetics company of gong through major changes in their style and presentation. Amongst the changes seen at LimeCrime has been the launch of a range of more muted cosmetics designed to be worn each and every day as the company seeks to attract more followers and reflect the evolution of its founder.


Investment banks are institutions that help companies, organizations and governments raise funds among other things. They help businesses’ fuel growth by raising money. They do this by either giving direct funding or issuing bonds. The bond is just like any other bank loan and has a time; rate and expiry to it. They also issue the bond in the stock exchange and look for investors. Most investment banks have a list of investors of they know who can buy individual bonds. They leverage this knowledge and try to build capital. From this pool of investors, it’s the work of an investment bank to offer strategic advice on the bonds.

Investment banks also provide hedging services to companies seeking to finance. It’s a form of insurance against project uncertainties in the event a company cannot meet its timely obligations. But a bulk of these banks money comes from proprietary trading. This a form of trading where banks employ a team of traders to place bets. They bet using the bank’s money. The bets can be of stock, currency and commodities. These Banks also do market making. It is where they trade on the stock exchange to enable small-scale traders to buy. The trading is subject to rules and regulations. They, in essence, make the market for you to trade. It’s the work of investment banks to offer advice on mergers and acquisitions. They take a look at both companies doing the merging and advice accordingly. When a corporate wants to raise funds, they can help it float bonds and issue shares. If maybe no one wants to buy the shares, Investment banks also do underwriting. In essence, buy the shares no one wishes to buy then get a share of your company. They take hefty cuts from such dealings.

Investment banks also sell structured products. They can develop these products or sell on behalf of another company. They then sell these products to willing investors. Some securities are examples of these products. In America, Investment banking is an important part of the economy. Cities such as New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and LA have become big financial centres. Here in Dallas we have several hedge funds that act as investment banks. Most prominent is Highland Capital Management.

The firm was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mike Okada. The firm has been a pioneer in some structured products including Collateralised debt obligations. (CDO).It currently has $ 25 billion in asset base. Mr Dondero has over 30-year experience in credit and equity management. He has previously worked for American Express and protective life.

James Dondero on marketwatch graduated from the University of Virginia with double majors in accounting and finance. He is a certified CMA, CFA and CPA.He is also the chairperson for Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CSS Medical Corporation.He is the co-founder and current president of Nexbank Capital.He is also the portfolio manager of Nexpoint SSB. He lives here in Texas and has three kids. He is one the biggest players in the Dallas financial world.

Jamie Garcia Dias: A Crusader For Brazilian Literature

A crusader for the literature culture, and a Twitter icon, Jamie Garcia Dias is an innovative teacher as well as a successful and award-winning author. Influenced by his father and inspired by past Brazilian authors and literary greats, Jamie Garcia Dias has become the champion for Brazilian writers and the Brazilian literature culture.

Born in the early 1970s in Rio de Janeiro, Dias is the son of Arnoldo Dias, a well-known Brazilian writer and journalist, and Garcia Dulce Dias, a successful Brazilian architect. Taking after his father, by the age of fifteen Dias had already developed a love for literature. His father’s library offered many literary works for Dias to study. Inspired by literary works such as João Guimarães Rosa’s novel The Devil To Pay In The Backlands, Dias, at 18 years of age, enrolled at the University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1993 Dias enrolled at The Carioca Literature Academy. In 1995 he became a professor at that academy and taught literature to teenagers who wanted to become authors. It was at The Carioca Literature Academy that Dias created a new way of teaching that ignited and emboldened the students’ interest in the literary field. The success of Dias’ new teaching method earned The Carioca literature Academy a reputation of excellence in literature education as well as emphasizing the academy’s support of Brazilian writers. In 1997 he was appointed vice president of The Carioca Literature Academy, and in 2007 at the academy’s 100th anniversary, he was honored for his accomplishments and contributions and was nominated to become Academy President.

Despite his teaching schedule, Dias continued to be a prolific writer producing over 10 novels by the age of 30. In 2001, he won the prestigious White Crane Literary Award. His novel “Caiu do Céu” (translation “Fell From Heaven”) received a public endorsement by the Argentine writer Josue a Gomez. “Fell From Heaven” became very popular and was sold throughout South America. In 2013, Dias was invited to begin writing a weekly article for the popular newspaper, Jornal do Brasil. His most recent novel is a collection of articles written for the Jornal do Brasil which discuss his childhood and memories of his father, Arnaldo Dias. Currently, Dias has published a total of twenty books, which include Caiu do Céu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miúda. He is considered to be one of the most inspirational and successful fiction authors in Brazil.

The Brazilian literature culture has benefited from Dias’ passion and expertise. His contribution of new methods in teaching will ensure the continual growth in the field of literature. Due to Jamie Gomez Dias’ influence, the world will be hearing more from the literary community of Brazil.