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Adam Milstein Raises Alarm on the Growth of BDS in the USA and How We can Fight It

Jewish activist and philanthropist Adam Milstein has raised concerns about the growth of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel on American college campuses. Mr. Milstein described what he believes is fueling this growth and what can be done to stem its tide in a op-ed piece that was featured in the Huff Post. Below is a synopsis of what Adam Milstein wrote for the Huff Post on this subject and that was published on the 30th of May of this year.

Milstein begins his op-ed by stating that antisemitism and the BDS movement has seen dramatic declines over the past couple of decades in the United States. However, the last seven years have seen a massive spike in both antisemitic incidents and a significant growth of the BDS movement on college campuses in the USA. Mr. Milstein cites the Anti-Defamation League which determined that anti-Semitic incidents have risen by a third in 2016 over 2015. The first three months of 2017 saw an even greater spike in anti-Semitic incidents with an increase of 86% in incidents. What is even more alarming is the fact that most of the increase in antisemitism in the country is occurring at American colleges and learn more about Adam Milstein.

So why is antisemitism seeing a big rise after being on the fringes of society for so long? Adam Milstein believes that the BDS or Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement against the Jewish State of Israel has a big role to play in this. Milstein points out the fact that college campuses that had large numbers of BDS supporters and activists saw increases in antisemitic incidents and hate crimes against Jews.

Adam Milstein believes the correlation between BDS and antisemitism is very easy to explain and is undeniable. Wherever BDS takes holds in America, antisemitism inevitably follows. This includes violence and others forms of intimidation directed against the Jewish people and more information click here.

The best way to fight the BDS movement and antisemitism it brings is to expose it for it is. BDS is just another way to demonize and attack the Jewish state of Israel and the Jewish state. It has its roots in propaganda and misinformation. By educating people and telling them the facts about Israel and the Jews, BDS can be defeated and antisemitism can once again be banished from society and contact him.

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Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures Does an Interview with Ideamensch

Dr. Scott Rocklage was asked of a trend that he finds very interesting and exciting right now. He responded by saying he he thinks the ability to now target specific types of mutations or genotypes to help treat cancer is an incredible development in oncology. Dr. Rocklage says that these development have already helped save lives and extend the lifespan of many others suffering from cancer. Dr. Scott Rocklage expects many more developments in this field and he finds it very exciting.

Another question posed to Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures was if he was to start his business over again, would would he do differently the next time around. Dr. Rocklage’s answer was that he would concentrate much more on the people at his company. People are what make the company grow and prosper and building a good team should not be underestimated in any business says Rocklage.

Next, Ideamensch asked what is one thing that that Scott Rocklage does constantly in business that he suggests other people try out themselves. Scott Rocklage says that one of the best thing any entrepreneur can do is take measured risk taking. He went on to say that you have the best grip on your own future when you have your own business and not when you work for a Fortune 500 company. Taking measured risks and having your own business will let you try new opportunities and have the greatest control of your own life summarizes Scott Rocklage. That is a very empowering thing to have and learn more about Scott.

Scott Rocklage was asked about a strategy that has helped him to expand his business and how it has done so. The strategy that has helped Scott Rocklage expand his firm’s business is a simple one. He says that simply staying true to what his firm knows how to do best and not moving too far away from the company’s strength has been a proven successful strategy for him. Keeping this in mind is especially important when things get tough says Rocklage. During tough times, it is tempting to move away from what your specialize and to try a new trend instead. This could backfire tremendously though and Scott avoids putting himself in such a situation and his Linkedin.

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Tony Petrello Involvement with Nabor Industries

Tony Petrello is a top American executive currently plying his trade with Nabor Industries as their chief executive officer. Other than this position, Tony Petrello serves on the executive committee of Nabor Industries as chairman of the board. This is a position that he has held since the year 2012. His main responsibility with the company as the CEO is to offer direction and strategic planning for the firm. As the CEO, it’s also his responsibility to ensure that the company adapts to the competitive environment. To achieve this, he ensures that Nabor Industries employ the latest technology and that they hire the most talented individuals in the United States.

Tony Petrello is perhaps shaped by his educational background and years of experience. Concerning his first degree, Tony Petrello attended Harvard Law School before pursuing a second degree from Yale University where he specialized in Mathematics. This was in the early 80s. Tony Petrello first job was as an attorney at the Baker & McKenzie where he spent six years from 1986 up to 1991. His experience from this firm includes general corporate law, taxation as well as international arbitration.

Like any other young, ambitious man, Tony Petrello did not hesitate when an opportunity to work with Nabor Industries came knocking in the year 1991. His Facebook and he embraced this opportunity with open arms and has been involved with this firm for all these years under different positions. As a man who likes helping the community, Tony is currently involved with Texas Children Hospital where he makes outsized donations from time to time and what Tony knows.

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Anthony Petrello; Education, Professional Life & Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello, popularly known as Tony, became a member of the board of directors and the executive committee board of Nabors in 1991. Today, Tony Petrello serves as the chairman of the board and CEO, as well as the chairman and president of the executive committee at Nabors Industries Limited.

Besides the usual operating functions associated with the positions he holds at the company, Tony spearheads the firm’s strategic planning which has enabled Nabors not only to adapt but also do well in the ever dynamic and highly competitive business environment.

Nabors Industries Limited operates in the oil business not only as a contract driller but also as an oil field service firms. Over the years, the company has exhibited an unmatched appetite for acquisitions. Nabors has around 500 active rigs in 25 countries, and as such, claiming to be in possession of the world’s largest fleet as far as land-based drilling gigs are concerned. The company’s services witness high demand, particularly in the ever blossoming shale-fracking business.

Apart from his current position at Nabors Industries, Tony is the director of two companies – Stewart & Stevenson LLC, and Hilcorp Energy Company. His total calculated compensation in 2015 was $27,663,602 with his salary and bonus amounting to $7,705,077.

Before joining Nabors Industries Limited, Tony worked with Baker & McKenzie, a law firm, between 1979 and 1991, where he focused his attention on matters of international arbitration, general corporate law, and taxation.

From 1986, he worked as the managing director of the law firm’s New York’s office between 1986 and 1991. Tony has a strong education background. He holds a Juris Doctor degree obtained from Harvard Law School, as well as a B.S and M.S degrees in Mathematics, Yale University.

Tony Petrello is a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. He offers significant contributions to the research and clinical programs aimed at addressing the needs of kids living with neurological disorders. Tony and his wife Cynthia have a child, Carena, who has (periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) – a neurological disorder. For them, the progress (however small) that their daughter makes in the journey towards attaining her independence, is viewed as a miracle. They believe that God placed their daughter in their lives for a greater reason. As such, they offer all sorts of support, including financial donations to causes designed to find answers to neurological conditions.

Andy Wirth’s Management Skills Are Essential For The Success Of Tahoe Air Service Corporation .Read This To Find Out Why

Andy Wirth decades experience on senior leadership positions coupled with expertise in the airline industry, the appointment of Andy Wirth as the chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe air service corporation is one bold step to success.

The president and C.E.O of the giant Squaw Valley was appointed to head of the organization right at the time it requires a change in management to achieve its broad goals. The corporation’s appointment of Andy Wirth may not be just a step to success, but also a confirmation of their trust to for the leadership skills of the great philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Andy Wirth has a rich background in the expertise of the airline industry, which makes best fit for the position. He is also an active philanthropist, which goes hand in hand with the community service.

Just as the goals of the corporation is to coordinate activities from the region to market Tahoe as a great destination for tourism. The appointment of hand aligns with the organization’s vision of opening the Great Tahoe area to tourism through the Tahoe airport. Learn more about Andy Wirth:  Andy Wirth — KCRW

Accepting the nomination, the Squaw Valley president confirmed his willingness to work with the other members of the board for the good of the greater Tahoe region. He noted his belief and interest in environmental and the opportunity gave him the chance to implement his desires in preserving the environment as well. Andy has previously participated in various environmental conservation programs aimed at protecting the beauty of the region’s natural environment. Learn more about Andy Wirth:  andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

Andy Wirth has an extensive experience in developing airports that will be of great use to the new position. Part of his contributions includes facilitating direct air service that links the Tahoe airport to the international JKF Airport.

He has also secured direct flight from major airlines, which is crucial in marketing the region as a preferred destination for tourism and sporting. Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

His management skills will play a significant role in uniting the private and public business activities in marketing the area. Based on his experience and expertise, the Tahoe area can expect excellent performance from the Andy Wirth.

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Andy Wirth Bringing Mountains Together

If you are a skier, snowboarder or just your average resort hopper, you could be in for a sweet winter treat. Today, it was announced that Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley would soon be connected by gondola service between the two massive mountain resorts.

The plan will allow winter enthusiasts to enjoy both epic North Tahoe resorts on one connected line. Operating from base to base, the gondola will make the journey in a three stage trip (you can read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia). Starting at the bottom of Squaw Valley it will traverse the ridge between the two mountains and then down to the bottom of Alpine Valley.

This is both a rumor and a dream come true. The rumors started when the two resorts merged in 2011, bringing together two of the regions most revered and skied properties under one vision. Read more: Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadow Announces Base-to-Base Gondol

Even then the idea of connecting the resorts was being voiced by the top officials. Just after the 2011 merger, Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth had this to say, “The vision of connecting the two resorts does not escape me, but we have to be focused on this season.”

It would seem that time has come, and CEO Andy Wirth commented recently to Powder Magazine, “Connecting Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows is something skiers and snowboarders both who live here and who visit have dreamed of for decades.”

This move may bring the gondola service through U.S. Forest Service Land. The plans will be submitted to the forest service and the county officials for approval this summer. There has been some local resistance to the plan, but overall the public support has been positive.

The question of support has bee asked on Twitter, Facebook and Powder magazine to help create a public conversation on the subject. As with all major construction undertakings of this size, there will be an ebb and flow to get to the final outcome.

The overall goal is to unite these two picturesque resorts with one main line. Currently, you can purchase a lift pass that works at both resorts and the shuttle between the two is included in the purchase price. This move, to move people over the mountain will reduce auto traffic on the roads between the two resorts.

The CEO Andy Wirth is a well-known leader in the Squaw Valley area and quite the inspiration in the area both from a business and personal aspect. His leadership has brought these two resorts in to a community wide unison and connected future.

Mr. Wirth was also known for a near fatal skydiving accident a few years ago that nearly took his life. It would seem that he not only healed from this near tragedy, but he got better. It seems his second chance at life is being well applied to future ventures. Learn more about Andy Wirth:
Andy Wirth’s application of this vision has taken on a life of its own. He is a man who has a real plan to move a mountain, or at least move them closer together. Telling Powder Magazine, “It’s not about size. It’s more analogous to turn-for-turn, acre-by-acre, when Alpine Meadows and Squaw are joined. I think we have one of the preeminent ski experiences in North America.”

In a world of connection, this plan brings people together one turn at a time.
Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

The Growth of CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray’s Contribution

It is the dream of every business to make profit in every venture. For a business to be assured of making a profit in an investment, it must conduct thorough background information on the venture. This is what CCMP Capital which is a firm that specialises in private equity does to ensure that it remains relevant and profitable in the market. It engages in buying existing businesses and making them big as well as providing capital for other businesses and earning a stake as a result.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formerly part of JPMorgan Partners and parted ways in 2006 to operate on its own. It has continued to witness growth since its exit which was confirmed through ranking as number 17 in the list of the most successful private equity funds. It has expanded its services to various parts of the world through opening offices in various cities such as London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. Their aim is to reach as many clients from all over the world. This will ensure that their profits increase as they serve more customers from various parts of the world.

The firm has a team of qualified employees who give their best to ensure that the firm remains a leading private equity firm. Among the people who ensured that the firm rose to its current situation is Steve Murray who was a private equity investor and the chief executive officer at the firm from 2007 taking over from Jeff Walker. He held the position of the firm’s president until 2015 when he resigned citing medical reasons. He died a month later which was a big blow to the investment world due to his long service to the industry. He was succeeded by Greg Brenneman as the firm’s top executive. He studied at Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics and went further to attain business administration master’s degree from Columbia Business School. He worked in various organisations in different positions where he gained experience which saw him to the top of his career. He served in several boards where he advised on investment matters. He was also known for his philanthropic behaviour which saw him make several donations to various foundations.

CCMP Capital continues to thrive in its business as a private equity fund on NY Post due to the commitment of it employees and the kind of professionalism they exhibit. Their mission is to uplift those start-up companies that have fewer funds to support or extend their business operations. Apart from providing funds to the companies, CCMP Capital also provides advice on the best venture a business should take. This reduces the chances of making loss for the business.

Doe Deere, Setting New Standards Her Way!

Coordinating colors of bright and bold has been a statement of Doe Deere’s for several years. Her makeup line, Lime Crime, is known for its dynamic colors for the face, lips, and nails. Of course, that’s because Deere is a big believer in being unique and being true to yourself. The theme behind Lime Crime is you can be whatever you want to be and look good doing it!

Forget the standard about wearing only one bold color either on the lips or the eyes. Lime Crime’s Doe Deere suggest that you can use two bright, bold colors….one for the eye and the other for the lip. Like putting on a rusty-red Venus eyeshadow with a Cry Baby, vibrant blue lipstick….you will standout and enjoy being noticed for your creativity and look spectacular.

Deere has some fun with mixing and matching her colors and thinks everyone should do the same. Doe Deere has some favorite colors that she likes working with like pink and green combos, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender-she states that you can use multiple colors together, but she suggest color coordinating and trying the colors out for yourself and see what works for you. Do not let what people regard or think is the norm to stop you from bringing out your own personality and creativity.

Deere also makes a statement with her patterns used in the clothes she wears. She thinks the more patterns-the more fun to be had and seen. She does try to keep her patterns in the same family of color and says that if you are unsure of your patterns mixing and matching, this is the way to go until you feel comfortable.

Deere loves socks and tights and wear them with her open heels. She always wears them and feels that they are another way to have a lot of fun with color and wardrobe. Deere does suggest that you partner your socks and shoes together and possibly check out the socks with the toe area that have a different contrasting color. It brings the whole outfit together and makes it special and personalized.

If you love different bright and bold hair colors, Deere does say that you need to be careful not to clash your colors. Just watch how the colors feed off of each other and do not be afraid to practice and play with your clothing colors and makeup.

Deere is a big believer in dressing for yourself, not for form. She is adamant about if you like something, go for it, no matter your age. To be you, as only YOU can be.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but raised in New York. She started Lime Crime in 2008, which are free of toxins and not used on animals for testing her products. She supports women-based businesses and speaks out on following your own ambitions.

Deere’s bright future and intelligence put her in the forefront of her industry. Footwear could be the next thing!

Marketing Helps Doe Deere Climb To Success

Success stories do not come much more entertaining than that of Doe Deere, CEO and founder of LimeCrime cosmetics. Doe Deere may not be a household name yet, but in just a few short years the arrival of her LimeCrime cosmetics brand in the cosmetics industry has made her one of the best known faces in the industry. Known for her distinctive personal style the former New York fashion student has used a highly successful marketing strategy to push LimeCrime into the upper echelons of the fashion world. For many, Doe Deere is more than just the head of a successful cosmetics company, she is also known as a marketing expert and fashion icon with a growing number of followers for her own brand.

LimeCrime was launched after Doe Deere had begun her rags to riches story that brought her from Russia to a fashion education in New York. Following the completion of her education Doe Deere launched her own fashion line that sold individually created clothes via an Online marketplace. As she launched this clothing line Deere was also becoming increasingly interested in the marketing used to advertise her new products, which in turn led her to an increased level of awareness of the cosmetics being used in her marketing campaigns.


Doe Deere wished to create something that was individual and available only to her own band of loyal followers, which meant she was forced to seek out distinctive makeup choices that were not readily available. Reflecting her own image and distinct personal style, the shift to the creation of makeup was designed to allow both herself and her models achieve the perfect sense of style for the campaigns she hoped to launch for her brand. Ultimately, the makeup and cosmetics designed were so distinctive that they became the focus of those who followed Deere, and for the designer herself.

In the last few years the designing of clothing ranges has taken a back seat to the creation of a distinct style of cosmetics that are seen to be bold and individual. The marketing campaigns for LimeCrime have become successful and have seen Doe Deere become an important part of the cosmetics line she has created in terms of marketing and the creation of new products. The evolution of the LimeCrime brand is following the life of Doe Deere as both she and the cosmetics company of gong through major changes in their style and presentation. Amongst the changes seen at LimeCrime has been the launch of a range of more muted cosmetics designed to be worn each and every day as the company seeks to attract more followers and reflect the evolution of its founder.

Things Everyone Needs to Know About Investment Banking

Investment banking is a section of finance that allows institutions, organizations or even individuals to raise the capital they would require for certain businesses. Therefore, an investment banker carries all operations that are able to set a business running on behalf of the client. These are roles that are carried out by professionals, who understand quite well the dynamics of the industry. It is also necessary to note that most investment bankers are able to operate on nearly all areas, so they can assist in all forms of businesses. One of the reasons people hire investment bankers like James Dondero is because of the experience and skills these individuals hold. They are able to arbitrate every process that involves the acquisition and sale of property.

Core activities
Investment banking is divided into different sections, which comprise of front, back and middle offices. They offer services to corporations by issuing information that allows these corporations to take the right steps towards investing. They allow different corporations to understand when to buy stocks and when to release to the market. They allow investors to learn about new securities offers before the market loses its profitability.

Front office
Front office services are concerned with the generation of revenue for the company. This includes things like identifying potential mergers and initiating measures that can help create a good relationship between different companies that can merge to help expand on their operations. Fund raising has also been touched on when it comes to this area of business. It is easier to raise funds for certain activities through acquisitions and mergers as well as opening up the sale of shares. All valuation and documentation is done with the help of an investment banking institution.

Sales and trading
Banks match up buyers and sellers while acquiring and selling off securities from their own accounts to help make trading of securities easier. Professionals like James Dondero on nexpointadvisors have been instrumental in offering information that is useful to both the individual traders as well as financial institutions. James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, is a well experienced professional, who has served in the credit and equity markets for over 30 years. He has pioneered the creation of credit oriented solutions that have made trading easier and more secure. He is among respected professionals, who have been able to offer invaluable support to different people in the market.

The research section of investment banking is able to provide information about different companies and their prospects when it comes to investing. This information is then communicated to all investors who are interested in trading different types of stock. Research has been helpful when it comes to making decisions that affect how one makes investment decisions. Many companies have been able to also understand some aspects of operation that can help make a change to the way different activities are carried out. Hiring a firm for investment banking has been recommended, especially for those who have not been in the industry for a long time and would like to invest.