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End Citizen United Is Still Declaring War

End Citizens United (ECU) is the United States, grassroots donor-funded Political Action Committee that was formed on 1st March 2015. ECU is dedicated to fighting for the voice of the grassroots by showing the elected officials voters, press, and candidates that they are against the rich tycoons who are out there trying to manipulate the United States election with their money. The PAC’s aim is to bring in campaign finance reformers to forcefully fight Citizen United and ensure lawmakers take relevant actions.

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled off the regulations that limited the corporations and Independent groups from spending money on specific candidates or against them. Corporations were already being considered as persons and therefore warranted equal rights to those of average voters. The contest in court was between Citizen United and FEC, and the amendment was made in favor of Citizen United. ECU is still in the fight to ensure this amendment is reconsidered.

With untraceable and unaccounted for billions of money pumped in America’s election by individuals with personal interests, PAC is seriously pushing for legal action to bring a stop to such happenings. By the time the 2016 elections were taking place, which was their first election cycle, ECU had managed to raise over $25 million. They have also managed to raise over $7.5 million by the first half of 2017, $11.5 million by the end of October and are looking forward to acquiring $35 million to be used in their second election cycle in 2018. the money is to be used to elect Democrats who will offer their unwavering support to campaign finance reforms.

Previously, between the time of its formation and the 2016 elections, ECU offered their support to the following Democratic candidates: Zephyr Teachout, Bote O’rourk, Jon Ossoff, Maggie Hassan, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren, Catherine Warren, and Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential candidate.In these elections, End Citizens United, spend close to $25.5 million.

Plans Ongoing

According to the announcement made by the committee late last year, ECU is targetting over 20 representatives in 2018 midterm elections releasing the top four in the watchlist being members of the vulnerable California house. The four are Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), Rep. Mimi Walter (R-Irvine), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine).

In a call with the press, Tiffany Muller, the executive director of ECU said that California was one holding some of the outstandingly bad examples to have ever been seen. She fearlessly pointed out that Rep. Duncan Hunter was still undergoing investigations for having possibly exploited campaign funds in 2016 and Issa receiving some contributions for the campaign from telecommunication companies.

End Citizens United did not, however, point out how much they were likely to spend on those four districts in California which they were targetting.

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