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Rocketship Education Providing Beneficial Change

The first Rocketship school was established in San Jose,California. Rocketship Education continues to have significant impact to this very day. Throughout the years Rocketship Education has learned some valuable lessons.

Modified Learning

Rocketship Education has been credited with being one of the leaders associated with modified education. Rocketship Education incorporates a modified education model that encourages yearly home-based visits.

Increasing Demand

Rocketship Education strongly believes that a Kindergarten through 12th grade education system weakens the ability of Rocketship Education to involve parents beyond the schoolroom. Through years of being part of the learning system Rocketship Education is creating the possibility to put more drive into generating demand.

Influence of Engaged Parents

Rocketship Education has built a program that supports families to request administrative consideration, hold front-runners responsible, and allow public school methods to flourish. A lesson Rocketship Education has learned is that actions need to be taken that enables parents to be engaged and active.

Students and Diversity

Rocketship Education welcomes students regardless of culture,race,status,and/or faith. Rocketship Education values diversity. Through the years Rocketship Education has learned that innovative pathways consistently need to be used in order for pupils to understand the benefits of diversity. Rocketship Education has adapted to providing an atmosphere where all children are able to learn and develop his or her extraordinary potential.

Flex Model

Rocketship Education created a flex model. Through the years the flex model has taught Rocketship Education about the serious influence of student organization and immediate teaching. The flex model has also taught Rocketship Education how to construct a mature culture centered on constant education, weekly objective, and actionable response.

Rocketship Education is a learning system that is very motivated and dedicated towards removing the success gap. The Rocketship Education serves education levels Kindergarten through 5th grade. It provides the capability for educators, front-runners, parents, and societies to make optimistic and beneficial changes. Rocketship Education believes in several fundamental characteristics. Some fundamental characteristics that Rocketship Education supports are superiority, truthfulness, modernization,and persistence.

In conclusion, Rocketship Education has learned some beneficial lessons through the years that has helped it thrive and flourish.