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The OSI Group: A Premier Global Food Supplier

Over a century of American history is found in the OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, founded a butcher shop and small meat market during 1909 in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto & Sons was a name given to the company which reflected the family owned businesses which were developed in Chicago during that era. The company had achieved success which was similar to that of other family owned businesses in the Chicago area for several years.

The relationship Otto & Sons developed with the restaurant McDonald’s transformed the company. Kolschowsky’s sons entered a business arrangement with Ray Kroch, a representative of the company McDonald’s, which was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The restaurant was creating a franchise and Otto & Sons agreed to become the initial supplier of ground beef for a newly developed McDonald’s franchise.

McDonald’s success and growth created opportunities for Otto & Sons. The most important role of Otto & Sons was to supply the McDonald’s franchise. The company developed into a worldwide organization known as the OSI Group over the next 20 years. The company worked to satisfy the McDonald’s corporation requirement for producing a reliable and economical product for each restaurant.

During the late 1990s, the OSI Group worked to enter the poultry market. The company purchased Moy Park, a company which is based in the United Kingdom in 1996. Additional acquisitions include the purchase of Amick Farms, located in United States. Amick Farms was established in 1941. Amick Farms is a company that is involved in all aspects of poultry production process which ends when the customer receives the product.

The OSI Group is recognized by corporations around the globe as a giant in the food supply industry. Currently, the corporation is a leader among the private companies based in the United States. Forbes ranked the corporation the 58th largest company in the United States. In addition to supplying food to McDonald’s, the client base has expanded to include other global corporations such as Burger King, Starbucks, and Papa John’s.

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Desiree Perez- A Woman Changing the Music Industry

Powerful positions in the music industry have been dominated by men for years. This trend however is beginning to take a huge turn. Recently Billboard made notice of this shift with their 2017 Women in Music list. The list, released in November, highlights some of the biggest negotiators, dealmakers and influencers in the business. More than one hundred women serving in a variety of positions made the list. One of the powerful women is Roc Nation’s COO- Desiree Perez.

Jay-Z’s right hand women for nearly two decades, Desiree Perez is responsible for huge events in recent music history. Most recently Perez helped Roc-Nation to secure a $100 million dollar investment from Sprint. The deal allowed Jay-Z to go platinum with his latest album 4:44, securing more than a million downloads before the album was even released. Perez work with Jay-Z also includes many hours working with his music streaming service TIDAL. One of the world’s top streaming options, TIDAL has been able acquire exclusive music thanks to Perez’s work. These release include music from Prince, Beyonce and Kanye West, and

Desiree Perez’s work goes beyond collaborating with Jay-Z. Perez has earned a reputation as a fierce negotiator. She is responsible for assembling Beyonce’s worldwide Formation stadium tour. The tour is one of the most successful in music history. Perez also helped singer Rihanna to negotiate a massive sponsorship with Samsung that earned her more than twenty-five million dollars. Most recently Perez honored Roc Nation’s ten year anniversary by securing a deal with Live Nation. An equity partner in Roc Nation, Live Nation agreed to a long-term touring deal that will bring in more than $200 million dollars, and what Desiree Perez knows.

As Roc Nation continues to grow and reach new heights, it is almost certain that Desiree Perez will be a central member of their leadership. She continues to work with a group called ‘Hovas Circle of Influence.’ This group comprised of Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown is a major force behind the success of Roc Nation. With Desiree Perez leading the way, the future looks even brighter for this company, and read full article.

A close up with Sheldon Lavin.

When one mentions the meat processing industry, one name that stands out as one of the most active persons in the sector is Sheldon Lavin; Sheldon joined the meat processing industry almost 45 years ago and has since created himself a household name.

Sheldon Lavin attained a degree in accounting, and this skill has contributed to who he has become, OSI group formerly known as Otto and Sons Company was owned by Mr. Otto and his son, the company received a business deal but were unable to fund it. They employed Sheldon Lavin to be financial advisor and help them in other financial issues concerning the company.

Sheldon’s work and skills won him favor from Mr. Otto, and he was offered an opportunity to become a business partner. But dismissed this position but after a few years he gained more interest in the company, and in 1975 after Mr. Otto’s retirement he joined his son and received shares in the company.

Mr. Sheldon serves as the president and CEO of OSI group, under his leadership the company has appeared on the global map, the company supplies meat products all over the world and has over 50 processing firms. The company also operates in almost ten countries subsequently providing employment.

The company has also received several awards, in 2016, the business won a Global Visionary award, they have also received environmental and sustainability awards. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership skills are exceptional, and he hopes that future entrepreneurs commit themselves to achieve success in their businesses.

An up-close with Sheldon Lavin discloses his journey in the financial industry as well as the meat processing industry.

His education directed his career path, and as a financial consultant he always desired to work in his own company, he has since achieved his dream and also advanced by being a business partner at OSI group.

Under his leadership OSI group has achieved greatness, his plan for the company was to make it a world-class food processing business. The company mainly focuses on protein-based products but also produces backed products, vegetables as well as sauces.

One of the things that have made OSI group stand out is putting their employees first and upholding quality products.

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George Soros Has Donated $18 Billion To Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

George Soros has yet again become the target of right-wing conspiracy theorists who are blaming him for practically everything you can think of. According to the Atlantic, Soros recently donated $18 billion of his personal fortune to his charitable cause, the Open Society Foundations. This charity aims to help people from all over the world and has already been doing so for years before this donation. Soros attributed his latest donation, the largest of any philanthropist in decades, to the fact that he sees a growing problem beginning to take shape all over the United States as well as other parts of the world. This problem is racism, bigotry, and the demonization of anyone has ideas that are in opposition to theirs, and learn more about George Soros.

While George Soros openly donates to democratic and progressive causes as well as democratic candidates he also supports people around the globe who don’t have the power to support themselves. What’s bewildering to many people is the fact that his detractors are not pointing to his political donations as the source of their supposed concerns. Instead, they are using his philanthropy to try to turn him into some kind of “super-villain” who is bent on becoming the puppet master of the known world. What makes these claims even more bizarre is the fact that Soros doesn’t run his charity from the top down. He doesn’t pull the strings but instead gives that power to different people who reside near the areas that he is supporting, and follow his Twitter.

With this being said, conspiracy theorists from the political right continue to slam George Soros and have accused him of being the supporter of many of the causes they are against. From the Black Lives Matter movement to Antifa and all of the way down to Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protest, Mr. Soros is supposedly the one calling all of the shots; that is if you ask the alt-right. It begins to make sense if you look back at the history of the word philanthropist, which has unfortunately been muddied, and possibly for a reason. The thing is, if you can weave a story that makes a group of people or a person a focal point for angst and anger, then you can change public opinion. Authoritarian governments and dictators have been doing this since time immemorial, and the sad truth is that it works on some people.

When George Soros began to take notice of the bigotry, racism, and mistreatment of LGBT community at the hands of a new movement, he knew it was time to take action. As Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States, it was clear that not everyone agreed with his message and the message of some of his supporters. This caused a huge division in the U.S. and, it also started to roll the clock backward on many current improvements that have been made to protect minorities. Since Soros, grew up in Nazi-occupied Hungary, he knows what hate and fascism look like, and he has vowed to use as much of his money as possible to help those people who do not have the means to help themselves, and

The Monumental OSI Industries

The OSI group of industries is a company handles the processing and packaging of food products such as meat and pork across the globe. The OSI Company has numerous branches all over the world especially in Europe and the Americas. The OSI UK has merited a lot in the past. This has led them to be presented with the Globe of Honor Award in 2013, 2015 and 2016. The award was given due to the effective and adequate environmental management measures that OSI Group of Industries has put in place in order to ensure that the environment is used sustainably.

The audit scheme from the British Safety Council conducted the research and determined the exemplary performance of the OSI group of Companies. The other reason for the award to the company is the effective structural and social network and framework that has been imposed in ensuring the environmental management is upheld through the able stewardship of Kelly Grimwood.

The greatest degree of independence in the expertise and the efficient integrated approach which is geared towards attaining the protection of the surrounding and ensuring equal footing in connection to health and safety. The award was delivered in a bid to let other similar companies learn and emulate from the efficient and sterling performance of the OSI group of companies so that the earth can be salvaged from pollution.

The group of companies has always offered outstanding processing and packaging solutions. The OSI Company has remained a global leader in whom many other companies depend on for cutting-edge technology in the field of food processing and packaging for ages now. The OSI UK has stood the test of time from 1989 to date and yet the company is going viral and strong. OSI has managed to secure the Dutch food manufacturing company called Baho and hence the company is set to expand even more in the future. Convenience food production is now possible. It is then possible to increase the presence of OSI in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Germany.

OSI has been capable to buy the Tyson Food Processing plant and a warehouse that is found in Chicago. OSI manager in the North America further explained that they needed that direly in a bid to improve the efficiency and proficiency of the company through the boosting of the facilities. OSI was able to purchase the Flagship Europe and then added to their assets. That has proved that the growth of OSI is untenable.

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OSI Industries Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin breathes into OSI Industries years of experience and wisdom. The company has over the years and under his leadership grown in various aspects, as evidenced by the numerous mergers and acquisitions over the last couple of years. Lavin, whose association with OSI Industries goes back to the 1970s has used his previous experience in the banking sector and as well picked up important lessons with which he has made an impact in the multinational

Under his leadership, OSI Industries has in its stable over 70 facilities in 17 nations involved in production of proteins, sauces, vegetables and baked foods. Lavin has a special place for his employees, observing that they are the backbone of any organization and therefore need to be treated with utmost respect. In fact, OSI Industries has generally a very low turnover rate.

For his exemplary performance, Sheldon Lavin received various awards and recognitions. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy presented Mr.Lavin with the Global Visionary Award. Previously in 2015, His contribution to the Chicago Business Community saw him awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM, US-LLP.

Sheldon Laving began his career in the banking industry, which was befitting having studied accounting and financing. He hardly envisioned himself heading the world’s leading food processing industries despite his passion to run a business of his own. It took the intervention of McDonald’s to have Lavin come aboard OSI Industries as a way of strengthening their long standing relationship. When Lavin came on board, he took note of the OSI’s culture and sought to enhance it as well as grow the company to higher heights.He has never looked back.

At the age of 81 years, Sheldon Lavin still actively pursues the growth of OSI industries particularly in Asia and Europe highlighting that this has been indeed one of his key focus areas over the years in which he takes a lot of pride for more info about us: click here.

He is a contributor to various charities including the Ronald McDonald House Charities where he also sits as chairman of the capital campaign and also supports several Jewish Community groups, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, The Evans Scholarship Fund among others.
He is a board member of the Goodman Theatre and the Rush University Medical Center.

Secrets behind the OSI Expansion

If there is something that the OSI Group is good at is acquisition. On the other hand, where this tactic cannot work, they have mastered the art of mergers. However, in the United States, they enjoy the first mover advantage since they have been in existence since 1909. However, they didn’t begin as OSI Group. They used to be called Ottoman & Sons from 1909. When the company was acquired by Sheldon Lavin in the late 1970s, the company changed its name to OSI Group. Up to date, Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of company. David McDonald helps him to run the company as he occupies the position of the president. The two have managed to establish a culture that is concerned about its employees. Other than being a global food retailer, the OSI Group is also an equal employer. Recently, they announced that they had promoted Nicole Johnson Hoffman to the position of chief sustainability officer. Previously, she used to function as the senior vice president of the OSI Group.

Some of the companies that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Baho Foods from Europe. Before its acquisition, Baho Foods was a company that was operating in the European countries of Netherlands and Germany. After the acquisition, the OSI Group mentioned that all the employees would retain their positions with the organization. As for the management team, they would be absorbed to existing teams within the company’s global teams. To become the company they are today, the OSI Group has mastered the art of using local employees. The company management understands that if you are to succeed in the food industry, you must pay keen interest in the cultures of your customers. Other than Germany, Netherlands and the US, OSI can be found in Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico and China.

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