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Inspiration from Greg Secker’s Journey to Success

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t always the easy way out. In fact, before you become successful, you go through so many challenges that you feel like it was a mistake and are even ready to give up everything. But, I would like to encourage you, particularly if you are going through this phase. Do not give up. Most people that are considered to be the richest in their industries were at some point on the verge of giving up, but they did not and that is why they are where they are today. Let me encourage you with the story of Greg Secker.

For those that are in the trading industry, I am sure that you must have heard of Greg Secker. He is one of the biggest names in the trading industry. He is the founder of some of the greatest trading education companies including Learn to Trade, Capital Index, Smart Chart Software and the Greg Secker Foundation, which are all under the parent company, Knowledge to Action Group.

Secker started Learn to Trade from his apartment. At the time, he was still working for Mellon financial Corporation. Therefore, time was limited. He had to work overtime for his platform to be successful and most of the profits that he earned back he had to plough them into the business.

While starting his first business, he made so many mistakes that he often questioned whether he had done the right thing leaving his corporate job. But, he never quit. Instead, he decided that his mistakes would make a business for him. He would start a training platform where he would educate people on how to avoid the same mistakes that he made.

So, learn to press on even when things get tough. Challenges should make you stronger and enable you to weather the storms of when you finally get to the top. Imagine what you could do if you have a an education background and career experience in the industry you are pursuing? You are capable of much more than Greg Secker, who was never schooled in financial trading, to begin with.