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Securus Technologies: Serving the Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is the leading company when it comes to correctional facility communications and other devices that can be used inside the prison. They have developed several products and patented it under their name, and these technologies are on high demand to be used inside the prison. They have an exclusive contract with state penal colonies, and they managed to service not just the United States but also the prisons in some provinces and territories of Canada


The main technology that theuy advertise is the fast video call communication system, which they developed years ago. This technology can be used to call someone outside the colony, and it has been suggested that the video calling technology should replace the traditional face to face visits to avoid any conflict inside the prison. Securus technologies have installed several communication kiosks on the prisons that they serve, and it can be found usually near the prison cells. Jail guards companions are required when using the device, and so far, most prisoners agree that the technology is good and it has a lot of potential.


Aside from the video calling technology, Securus Technologies also offer voice calls and voice mails, and it can be used through a system developed by the company which can be purchased by the loved ones of those who are detained inside. They also have to register the device and open up an account in order for them to use it. Securus Technologies is very serious about the protection of their properties, and it has also been reported that they spent over $600 million just for their patents and inventions.


The state penal colonies have stated that they are happy with the service that Securus Technologies provides, and they are wishing to be their long term partners. Securus Technologies is grateful with the trust that is being given to them by the government.



Get Popular Inmate Calling Features With A Secure Network

Build a secure network to talk to the ones that you love through the benefits of Securus Technologies. They offer a one of a kind network that allows them to talk to the ones that they love for less and over a secure network. You have the benefits of surveillance and monitoring over a secure network. You don’t have to worry about the increase of inmate calling rates because they are always keeping their rates competitive. You have a one of a kind opportunity to talk to the ones you love in a correctional facility. Their network is chosen 4 to 1, over competitors networks like Global Tel-Link.


Their customers have a platform that has allowed them to catch a corrupt staff member and avoid an increase in fees. Securus believes that a network should have an open network that allows customers to leave feedback and encourages the prevention of crime. The corrupt staff member was dealt with immediately. They also received a prestigious customer service award that was given to them by a top panel of over seventy-five judges. They were awarded the Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie award is one of the highest honors received for excellent customer service.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


If you have a valid checking or debit card and are over 18, you have the option of getting advanced pay calling features to stay connected to the one you love in a correctional facility.


Inmate Voicemail


Get voicemail features through inmate commissary that allows love ones to leave a message in their personalized access account. They can receive messages and retrieve them at any time that they have their phone privileges.


Become a part of Securus Technologies today by visiting their exclusive website for more details.

Securus Challenges GTL In A Duel That Will Determine Who Is Leads In Provision Of Criminal And Civil Justice Solutions.

Securus Technologies is a major provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigations, corrections, public safety and monitoring in the United States. Recently, this company offered its main competitor, (GTL) a challenge. This challenge will entail having an independent tech judge decide who of the two has the best and largest product set, most sophisticated telephone calling platform, highest capital and expense efficiency, and the most reliable customer service among other metrics.


CEO at Securus Technology; Richard A. Blair did not take it lightly when GTL claimed that they had technology and services that surpassed theirs in quality. He added that GTL was no match for Securus, this is because Securus had invested so much in the past four years. Securus have acquired companies, product development as well as the development of a remarkable Technology Center. This and other significant developments at Securus have added up to an over 700 million dollars’ of investing back into the giant company.


The major points that put Securus in the lead are that Securus has a larger product set of essential services for the corrections industry, it also has its local-based call center staffed by Securus, and Securus employs their technicians while GTL contracts most of its work. These are just some of the few points that Securus Technologies has over GTL. However, most reliably, the GTL facility clients who moved to Securus claim that Securus has more advanced technology and superior customer service as compared to GTL.


Securus Technologies is quite a young company in the sector that has changed the norms in the industry. This kind of leaves their main competitors; GTL, cornered. Securus Technologies received its BBB accreditation in the May 2016. BBB accreditation is not compulsory. However, Securus Technologies worked with BBB to ensure they met their set standards. These criteria include Trust. Honest Advertisements, Transparency, and keeping promises just to mention a few.

Securus Striving For Excellence In Criminal Justice Industry

Securus is a technology company based out of Texas. They serve as the law enforcement community and provide telecommunication services to prisons and jails throughout the country. They are the third-party company that provides telephone services to over 1.2 million inmates across the United States.


Securus secures government contracts to provide the services. And with their customer base literally locked up, they could be free to act any way they want. If they wanted to raise prices exorbitantly, there’s nobody there to stop them. Inmates and their families would have to use their services in order to communicate via telephone.


But that is not how this company operates. Securus is becoming the biggest operator of telecommunication services to prisons throughout the country because of its commitment to customer service. They treat every one of their customers ethically and prove their commitment through investments into customer service.


They recently opened up a 220 seat customer service call center which can field over 2.5 million calls per month. The customer service call center has been outstandingly effective. The average call that comes into the call center is picked up within 11 seconds. And the average complaint is resolved on the first call over 99% of the time. It is this kind of customer service and ethical treatment that has scored the company an A+ rating for the Better Business Bureau. But the company did not stop there.


Securus has chosen to go out of its way to secure accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Accredited companies are held to a high eight point standard for ethics, transparency, honesty and privacy. Securus pays the Better Business Bureau for constant monitoring in order to be held to this high standard. It is striving for this excellence that will have Securus become the leader in telecommunication services to the law enforcement community.


Securus Technologies Launches Innovative IT Tool For Jails and Prisons

Securus Technologies recently launched yet another powerful tool for the American criminal justice system. This IT firm released Investigator Pro 4.0, which is a type of software that can analyze voices. Correctional institutions throughout the United States of America can use this technology to scan phone calls that have been made between inmates and other parties.

Investigator Pro 4.0 uses a sophisticated algorithm that can thoroughly analyze audio on phone calls. This software gives prisons and jails a relatively simple way to mine through data in order to detect suspicious activities. After all, many inmates tend to use code words and other slang terms to secretly communicate in a seemingly innocuous way. Thanks to Investigator Pro 4.0, correctional facilities can save a lot of time and resources on launching thorough investigations on inmates who are suspected of carrying out nefarious communication by phone.


Investigator Pro 4.0 is very useful in cracking down on incarcerated gang members who have intent to carry out illicit operations. This software gives investigators an advantage when it comes to tracking conversations between inmates and their affiliates in the outside world. Investigator Pro 4.0 can be programmed to verify if people who are making phone calls to jails or prisons have been previously locked up themselves. It’s important for security officers to know the criminal record of the individuals who try to initiate contact with other inmates. Securus Technologies also provides convenient ways for its clients to sync external databases and other applications with Investigator Pro 4.0 and other similar solutions. Watch more on


Established in 1986, Securus Technologies delivers innovative IT solutions to jails and prisons in the U.S.A. Based in Dallas, Texas, this high-tech company provides reliable products and services to more than 2,500 facilities throughout the country. Throughout the years, Securus Technologies has helped its clients manage more than 1 million inmates.

A New Solution To An Old Dilemma

These days, overcrowding in jails and prisons create more problems than just the obvious ones forever in the public eye. Officers have, historically, been plagued with reams of paperwork and the loss of valuable man hours for some of the most mundane things from inmate grievances to requests and sign-up sheets for various activities. The process behind even one of these forms took precious time from security and turned it instead into a scavenger hunt, securing one signature or another, filing and reviews. But what to do about it?
Securus Technologies out of Dallas Texas has now taken all the chaos and turned it into a workable data base that puts all of the inmates requests and forms in their own hands and thereby freeing up officers to better do the jobs they were hired to do. What I find refreshingly unique is that each facility has the freedom to customize the platforms to their individual needs instead of following a cookie-cutter format. Staff can control what an inmate has access to as well as create message boards enabling ease of communication with individual inmates.
This technology is saving correctional facilities and taxpayers thousands in paper costs and much more in unnecessary man hours.
The best news is that Securus Technologies was awarded an A+ as well as accreditation this year by the Better Business Bureau. It is an answer to a question most of the general population was not even aware needed asking.