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Paul Mampilly American Investment Guru With Undisputed Reputation in Asset Management Sector

Paul Mampilly is considered a living legend in the world of investments and making profits from the stock and financial markets. With nearly three decades of experience backing him, Paul Mampilly is amongst the top investment experts in the industry today. Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 when he joined Banker’s Trust as their asset portfolio manager. Due to his exemplary performance, he rose to higher positions in many other companies in the next few years, including at the ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. Paul Mampilly also held a prominent position at the hedge fund management firm named Kinetics Asset Management, which at the time of his joining managed assets worth $6 Billion. However, under the leadership of Paul Mampilly, the firm’s asset grew to over $25 Billion. Moreover, the Barron’s named the firm’s hedge fund to be one of the world’s best. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

However, after working for many years at these asset management firms, Paul Mampilly realized that he is primarily working to make the elite portion of the population rich, while the main street Americans continue to struggle with their finances. It is when he quit his position at the asset management firm he was working with and joined Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is currently working as the Senior Editor. Paul Mampilly is also the author of one of the fastest growing newsletter named Profits Unlimited, which helps everyday people find stocks that would in due course move up. The common people cannot evaluate the script analytically like Paul Mampilly can and therefore, he utilizes his expertise in providing his subscribers the tips and tricks on how they can make money from the equity market.


Many stocks are due to pick up with time, but most of the people do not recognize these opportunities until it is too late. Paul Mampilly aims to help people identify these opportunities at the time when they are still in the position of weakness. Paul Mampilly says that he wants to help over 100,000 subscribers of Profits Unlimited make money from their investments and indulges in in-depth research to ensure that the tips he provides for investment are worth it. Currently, Paul Mampilly is asking his subscribers to focus on three innovative sectors of Electric vehicles, precision medicine, and food delivery systems. Paul Mampilly believes that these are the three sectors that would be witnessing massive growth in the years to come and the companies that are in the pilot batch in these industries would witness a surge in their stock prices. Meet the experts on