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Attempt to Rise to the Top of Investment Options

One of the trickiest things about beginning to work in the United States is locating a way to save for the future. For many employees the decision between 403b, 401k, IRA, and the other seemingly endless list of saving and investment options is a daunting and confusing one. Some individuals are able to choose wisely, picking the correct investment plan in order to map out their futures. For others, investment and retirement may seem like more of a chore that will never produce fruit. Matt Badiali, an investment guru, and top tier educator have recently collaborated through Banyan Hill Publishing to release information on his new idea; the freedom check. Read more about Matt on

Matt Badiali has worked in a multitude of different areas, traveling to different countries such as Mexico, France, and New Guinea to educate others about the joys of investment. Banyan Hill is a publishing firm that is used to support those interested in retirement, and who want to find out information in regards to their options moving in to making the right investment choices for their futures. Matt Badiali uses Banyan Hill to help his clients with making the right decisions in how to invest their money. With his release of the newly revised freedom check, however, he plans on going a step further from offering advice and push for direct investment with certain businesses.

Freedom checks are an investment option that corporations involved in the sale of oil and gasoline can use to provide payouts to their shareholders. As long as a company earns 90% of their total income from the sale of these items they can use freedom checks, which are not taxed at all by the Federal government. By following the law outlined in Statute 26-F Matt Badiali has discovered that freedom checks not only work, they could potentially be the investment choice of many companies moving into the next decade.


Without freedom checks being taxed both companies and their many shareholders can enjoy the same investment options, with more money to work with for potential growth. Untaxed capital is nearly unheard of, and there are already hundreds of companies operating in the oil and gas industry that are jumping on board the freedom check bandwagon in order to take advantage of this new system. The concept for freedom checks was actually devised decades earlier before Matt Badiali knew about it. Its rise from obscurity is grand. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.