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Brenda Wardle’s Coverage Of The Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius became infamous for the killing of his girlfriend. This homicide made international headlines. Before the murder, Oscar Pistorius had quite good standing in the community. He was known as an excellent athlete in the special Olympics. He was a well known runner who was awarded Olympic medals for winning competitions. His trial was very well covered by legal analysts. Furthermore, the media held on to the story of the trial. People all around the world were awaiting updates on how the trial was going. In the end, he was convicted and imprisoned. However, the charges were somewhat less than many were expecting.

When Oscar Pistorius first was apprehended, his defense was that he believed his girlfriend was actually a stranger that was trying to rob his house. In court, this defense was presented by his lawyer. After this, he attempted to present the argument that the reason for this fatal mistake was his anxiety disorder. There was a period of time that the trial was called off because of this. However, he was ruled mentally fit for trial. After he stood trial, he was ultimately given a conviction for homicide. However, it was not the charge he was initially given. In fact, it was a lesser charge of what is essentially a form of negligent homicide. He was guilty of homicide, and he was imprisoned. However, he is now out of jail. He was only incarcerated in prison for a year. Currently, Oscar Pistorius is back home under house arrest.

Brenda Wardle was one of the legal analysts responsible for working on the case. She is a very competent legal analyst with an extensive educational background. She has become very well known in the legal field. Also, Brenda Wardle has worked on similarly well known cases. She has done an excellent job working on all of these cases, including the Oscar Pistorius trial.

She has an exceptionally advanced education. Rather than simply having a singular legal degree, she has three degrees. This gives her a distinctive advantage of many other legal analysts. The classes that she took in college showed her a great deal of how to work effectively as a legal analyst.

Brenda Wardle will likely continue to work on high profile cases like this one. Her excellent work with the Oscar Pistorius case is likely to advance her career even further. She will likely be thought of even more favorably.