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OSI Industries Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin breathes into OSI Industries years of experience and wisdom. The company has over the years and under his leadership grown in various aspects, as evidenced by the numerous mergers and acquisitions over the last couple of years. Lavin, whose association with OSI Industries goes back to the 1970s has used his previous experience in the banking sector and as well picked up important lessons with which he has made an impact in the multinational

Under his leadership, OSI Industries has in its stable over 70 facilities in 17 nations involved in production of proteins, sauces, vegetables and baked foods. Lavin has a special place for his employees, observing that they are the backbone of any organization and therefore need to be treated with utmost respect. In fact, OSI Industries has generally a very low turnover rate.

For his exemplary performance, Sheldon Lavin received various awards and recognitions. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy presented Mr.Lavin with the Global Visionary Award. Previously in 2015, His contribution to the Chicago Business Community saw him awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM, US-LLP.

Sheldon Laving began his career in the banking industry, which was befitting having studied accounting and financing. He hardly envisioned himself heading the world’s leading food processing industries despite his passion to run a business of his own. It took the intervention of McDonald’s to have Lavin come aboard OSI Industries as a way of strengthening their long standing relationship. When Lavin came on board, he took note of the OSI’s culture and sought to enhance it as well as grow the company to higher heights.He has never looked back.

At the age of 81 years, Sheldon Lavin still actively pursues the growth of OSI industries particularly in Asia and Europe highlighting that this has been indeed one of his key focus areas over the years in which he takes a lot of pride for more info about us: click here.

He is a contributor to various charities including the Ronald McDonald House Charities where he also sits as chairman of the capital campaign and also supports several Jewish Community groups, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, The Evans Scholarship Fund among others.
He is a board member of the Goodman Theatre and the Rush University Medical Center.

Secrets behind the OSI Expansion

If there is something that the OSI Group is good at is acquisition. On the other hand, where this tactic cannot work, they have mastered the art of mergers. However, in the United States, they enjoy the first mover advantage since they have been in existence since 1909. However, they didn’t begin as OSI Group. They used to be called Ottoman & Sons from 1909. When the company was acquired by Sheldon Lavin in the late 1970s, the company changed its name to OSI Group. Up to date, Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of company. David McDonald helps him to run the company as he occupies the position of the president. The two have managed to establish a culture that is concerned about its employees. Other than being a global food retailer, the OSI Group is also an equal employer. Recently, they announced that they had promoted Nicole Johnson Hoffman to the position of chief sustainability officer. Previously, she used to function as the senior vice president of the OSI Group.

Some of the companies that have been acquired by the OSI Group include Baho Foods from Europe. Before its acquisition, Baho Foods was a company that was operating in the European countries of Netherlands and Germany. After the acquisition, the OSI Group mentioned that all the employees would retain their positions with the organization. As for the management team, they would be absorbed to existing teams within the company’s global teams. To become the company they are today, the OSI Group has mastered the art of using local employees. The company management understands that if you are to succeed in the food industry, you must pay keen interest in the cultures of your customers. Other than Germany, Netherlands and the US, OSI can be found in Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico and China.

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