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End Citizen United Is Still Declaring War

End Citizens United (ECU) is the United States, grassroots donor-funded Political Action Committee that was formed on 1st March 2015. ECU is dedicated to fighting for the voice of the grassroots by showing the elected officials voters, press, and candidates that they are against the rich tycoons who are out there trying to manipulate the United States election with their money. The PAC’s aim is to bring in campaign finance reformers to forcefully fight Citizen United and ensure lawmakers take relevant actions.

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled off the regulations that limited the corporations and Independent groups from spending money on specific candidates or against them. Corporations were already being considered as persons and therefore warranted equal rights to those of average voters. The contest in court was between Citizen United and FEC, and the amendment was made in favor of Citizen United. ECU is still in the fight to ensure this amendment is reconsidered.

With untraceable and unaccounted for billions of money pumped in America’s election by individuals with personal interests, PAC is seriously pushing for legal action to bring a stop to such happenings. By the time the 2016 elections were taking place, which was their first election cycle, ECU had managed to raise over $25 million. They have also managed to raise over $7.5 million by the first half of 2017, $11.5 million by the end of October and are looking forward to acquiring $35 million to be used in their second election cycle in 2018. the money is to be used to elect Democrats who will offer their unwavering support to campaign finance reforms.

Previously, between the time of its formation and the 2016 elections, ECU offered their support to the following Democratic candidates: Zephyr Teachout, Bote O’rourk, Jon Ossoff, Maggie Hassan, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren, Catherine Warren, and Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential candidate.In these elections, End Citizens United, spend close to $25.5 million.

Plans Ongoing

According to the announcement made by the committee late last year, ECU is targetting over 20 representatives in 2018 midterm elections releasing the top four in the watchlist being members of the vulnerable California house. The four are Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), Rep. Mimi Walter (R-Irvine), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine).

In a call with the press, Tiffany Muller, the executive director of ECU said that California was one holding some of the outstandingly bad examples to have ever been seen. She fearlessly pointed out that Rep. Duncan Hunter was still undergoing investigations for having possibly exploited campaign funds in 2016 and Issa receiving some contributions for the campaign from telecommunication companies.

End Citizens United did not, however, point out how much they were likely to spend on those four districts in California which they were targetting.

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George Soros Makes A Come Back To Keep Trump Out Of Office

This election season has many people stirred up. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, it probably has invoked some strong feelings. In fact, it is so moving that George Soros has come out of retirement to help the Democratic Party.

Soros lives in New York City, but he is originally from Hungry. He is 85 years old and was in a semi-retirement state. However, at the thought of seeing the Republican Party take control of the White House and Senate, George Soros made a comeback to help Hillary Clinton. He and Clinton are long-time friends. He believes that she is the best candidate for the job. Actually, he feels that so much that he donated $25 million to her and other Democratic candidates. Not too bad for a billionaire who has more money than he knows what to do with.

One of the reasons Soros is so passionate about keeping Trump out of the Whitehouse is his affiliations. He feels that he is connected to ISIS, and he is doing the work of this evil group. With the political stakes being so high, he felt it was the right time to jump in and help. He has always been very helpful when it comes to political causes, but he was especially drawn to this race due to the urgent nature of the economy.

Soros has been a trader for many years. The crisis in Europe was one of the main reasons he stepped back into the limelight. However, it was not the only reasons. He donated $2 million to the PAC on to find dirt on Donald Trump to keep him out of the Whitehouse, though he wasn’t the only Republican he wants to keep at bay. Some wonder why he has so much hostility toward Trump, especially when they have had no ties with the past.

Coming from Hungry, Soros is an immigrant. Soros feels passionate about immigration reform. If this country had closed its borders when he came many years ago, he would have never found the fortune he did. Trump is very vocal about building a wall to separate the United States and Mexico. He has made outlandish comments that the Mexicans will pay for this wall. Immigration is a hot topic that many stay away from, or at least sugar coat to appease the masses.

However, Trump has said he will send people back to their homelands and shut the borders quickly on Twitter. A move of this magnitude scares Soros and others within his ranks. He could lose friends and loved ones. It could also result in mass confusion the minute he steps into office. Soros is doing whatever he can, at whatever the cost, to keep Trump and the Republican Party from gaining control.

Politifact Says George Soros is Not Financing Kasich Campaign

The popular fact-checking service Politifact, owned by the Tampa Bay Times, says that claims that George Soros is funding the Kasich campaign are bogus. Recently, an ad from a pro-Ted Cruz PAC has claimed that the Kasich campaign is receiving thousands from Mr. Soros. The ad ominously displays edits of the two men positioned side-by-side to suggest a political partnership.

George Soros on marketwatch has long been associated with donating to liberal causes and Democrat candidates. The pro-Cruz PAC’s advertisement is an attempt to associate Republican John Kasich with the high-profile Democrat fundraiser to sully his reputation among Republican voters. However, according to Politifact the evidence just isn’t there to substantiate this claim. In fact, George Soros’ name does not appear among the list of donors for Kasich’s PAC New Day For America. And the names of all individuals and groups donating have been made public.

Where the bone of contention lies is in donations given to Kasich’s PAC by two individuals who once worked for George Soros. These individuals are Scott Bessent, a former Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management and Stanley Druckenmiller who was once an asset manager for Mr. Soros. Both men have given amounts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s New Day For America PAC.

However, as Politifact notes on, these men haven’t worked for George Soros in years. These donations do not reflect on the views of George Soros, nor is there any evidence Soros had these men donate to Kasich on his behalf. It appears these men donated on their on volition without any stamp of approval from Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros has indeed donated to political campaigns recently, but that doesn’t appear to include Mr. Kasich’s., which tracks political donations, claims that George Soros on latino.foxnews has contributed $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a PAC that is supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton. This, of course, is more in line with the type of political donations Mr. Soros is known for give his long history giving to Democratic candidates and causes. George Soros’ relationship with the Clintons is well documented so this comes as no surprise.

Kasich’s PAC has not taken this attack ad lightly. According to Politifact, they’ve contacted stations airing it asking them to remove it as they contend it is based on lies. Politifact has officially ruled claims by the ad as “False” through their rating system. It finds the ad’s claim that George Soros directly gave to Kasich’s PAC particularly egregious. With scant evidence and George Soros’ clear support of Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it just doesn’t add up.

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