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Humanitarian, Technologist, and Investor- Jason Hope

Jason Hope is not only a technologist, but he is also a futurist with vast experience in the technology industry. Jason Hope has a passion for technology and as a futurist, he makes predictions in the technology sector. Mr. Jason has a firm belief that the power of the Internet of Things will have a great positive impact in changing the world of technology. Those investors who wish to gain on technology in the future will largely benefit from Hope’s advice on the use of technology. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope grew up in Arizona and after his High school graduation, he joined Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. His quest for education did not end after he received the finance degree instead Hope went ahead to earn his MBA from the ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Jason is also an investor and a philanthropist. He has founded a grant program which he established to help the young students as well as young investors who he trusts have great minds but do not have enough capital to start. Through the program, Jason Hope picks the most interesting ideas and he supports them to realize their goals and dreams.

During an interview, Jason was asked how he begins his day and he said after doing some physical exercise he takes a heavy breakfast before checking his emails and messages. Jason Hope brings ideas to life by keeping things basic and over complicating issues is not part of his life as he believes that it is a waste of time and encourages failure. For all his ideas, Jason says that he loves to look at them with a long-term vision. According to Mr. Jason , he trusts that he has a bigger mandate of assisting the community by putting it in a better position as his resources allow him to do so. His passion is to see the Arizona community prospering. Together with other like-minded organization, Jason has been fulfilling his desire to help the society. In the world of technology, Jason has purposed to target the research and development sectors. He has helped in developing a variety of items among them desktops software, mobile apps, gaming software, as well as devices. To the young generation Jason Hopes says that they should look at a greater picture, and to the entrepreneurs, they should consider dealing with one project at a time.

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Jason Hope’s New Age for Our Aging Selves

Jason Hope is a futuristic entrepreneur with great hopes for studying age-degeneration diseases and increasing the likelihood of the longevity of our people. He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. Jason Hope recently donated $500,000 to the SENS Corporation. In addition to this 2010 investment, he has gone on to donate another million dollars. The SENS Corporation researches biotechnologies and age-related diseases. Jason Hope says that while many organizations focus on a cure, the SENS Corporation, with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer, an expert on innovative anti-aging ideas, has been doing research in anti-aging problems. Some of the age-related diseases that these people hope to address are Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

Jason Hope received his undergraduate in finance and his MBA from Arizona State University. With this neatly tucked under his belt, he thought he had better do something in business. He originally made his money in Jawa, a technology communications business and has been active in various other computer and technology business investments. He says this is the wave of the future for business. The Internet of Things, he states, is already permeating our daily lives. Jason Hope says he has high aspirations for solutions to the age-related diseases that we are currently facing. He hopes to focus on age-related solutions for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s since these have such implications for people who are suffering.

Jason Hope, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, has a long list of philanthropic interests. He works with biotechnology anti-aging research and education. Jason Hope’s other philanthropic activities include the Boys & Girls Clubs, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, T Gen Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, International Foundation for Education Self-help, and the Arizona Science Center. Jason Hope can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkIn.

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Jason Hope a Futurists in technology beliefs

Technology is influencing the operation in the entire world. Discoveries are coming up every day, and that means the way people operate in their day to day life is changing with the discoveries. Jason Hope, who is one of the individuals who have invested heavily in technology, says that technology is the way forward. In one of the articles he has written, he says that technology is simply the convenient option for many consumers for now. He also says that in a few years to come technology will be the only way to do everything in life. Jason is a strong believer in the future of technology. He and other futurist entrepreneurs certain that the soon coming 5G smart technology will affect people’s lives in a big way.

Hope has written extensively about technology and the new wave of technology which he calls it the internet of things. In the article, he has explained how technology allows various devices to connect with each other and control operations of various systems. That includes the operation of kitchen appliances, electronic devices. Cars, street lights among others. Hope looks into the future and predicts that most companies will start competing to ensure they come up with the most relevant apps. The competition will be pegged on utility for consumers and apps that they can engage with in their daily lives and with different devices. Jason Hope believes that street lights and cars will be controlled using the of 5G smart technology. Once the devices are connected life will depend on the operation of the device. That means even tea in your kitchen will be made using the commands on the device.

Jason Hope is from Arizona and attended the Arizona State Campus where he attained a finance degree. He later pursued his Master’s degree from the college’s prestigious W.P Carey School of Business. He started his career by creating the Jawa Company, a mobile communications company. He is a strong believer in the internet of things, and his articles are referred to as prestigious. He is an Entrepreneur, a frequent writer on Technology trends, an investor, a futurist and a philanthropist.

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A New Solution To An Old Dilemma

These days, overcrowding in jails and prisons create more problems than just the obvious ones forever in the public eye. Officers have, historically, been plagued with reams of paperwork and the loss of valuable man hours for some of the most mundane things from inmate grievances to requests and sign-up sheets for various activities. The process behind even one of these forms took precious time from security and turned it instead into a scavenger hunt, securing one signature or another, filing and reviews. But what to do about it?
Securus Technologies out of Dallas Texas has now taken all the chaos and turned it into a workable data base that puts all of the inmates requests and forms in their own hands and thereby freeing up officers to better do the jobs they were hired to do. What I find refreshingly unique is that each facility has the freedom to customize the platforms to their individual needs instead of following a cookie-cutter format. Staff can control what an inmate has access to as well as create message boards enabling ease of communication with individual inmates.
This technology is saving correctional facilities and taxpayers thousands in paper costs and much more in unnecessary man hours.
The best news is that Securus Technologies was awarded an A+ as well as accreditation this year by the Better Business Bureau. It is an answer to a question most of the general population was not even aware needed asking.


Mobile Apps Of The Moment

Three of the best mobile apps that you should download now are Skout, Go Pro App and Amazon Video. These apps are cool with amazing functionality designed to give users a wholesome experience.

Skout is a social networking mobile app that enables users to make friends from all over the world. It allows users to make contacts in new cities before going there, or to meet locals also in the same place. For instance, a user can meet new friends in a bar close to him or make friends as far as Barcelona. There are features within the app, for example, the use of points that allow the user to increase their chances of chatting with friends or befriending new people. It not only makes the app more exciting but also makes it a unique kind of social media platform quite unrivaled to the rest.

This exciting app not only enables you to increase your pool of friends anytime and at any place globally by a single click but also lets you befriend only those you want to be friends with by customizing your friend search to your preferences. It also allows a user to get updates from other users in the vicinity and save their favorite users enabling one to access them again in the future. Apart from these amazing features, Skout also allows users to view through other user‘s profiles and also uses in-app features to increase chances of their profile being viewed. Also, one can unlock points that allow him to access more premium features.

GoPro App is another exciting mobile app designed to enhance user experience in mobile apps that have video sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This app enables a user to share short video clips to apps such as Facebook and Instagram from their GoPro camera. It is fast, user-friendly and designed to give maximum efficiency. With it, one can set the scene of the shot to their preferences by using the live preview feature. Also, the camera can easily be set to suit user’s needs. Furthermore, the app allows for pictures to be taken and shared immediately with friends. Another feature of the app is the Highlight Tag, which enables a user to highlight important events. It also makes it possible for a user to update their camera to the latest version available.

The third app that you should consider downloading is the Amazon Video app. This awesome app is designed to make life easy for lovers of movies and TV shows. Amazon Video allows for live streaming of TV shows and movies. Users with Prime membership are also able to access more titles on Prime Video free. They can also access movies for buying or renting if they wish. With this app, members are also able to download selected movies to be viewed later. Titles that have bought can also be downloaded by users directly to their iPads or iPhones for offline viewing. The advantage of the app is that it gives users access to original Amazon series like the award-winning comedy Transparent and the children’s series Tumble Leaf.

Whether you are looking for a new social networking experience, an adventurous way of taking shots or an easier way to watch your favorite shows, this three app are set to offer you an amazing experience.

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