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Portia Kersten of Skout Shares Secrets of Her Success

Portia Kersten, Chief Financial Officer of Skout, was recently profiled in an article for the Huffington Post. In the interview, Kersten explains how she grew Skout into the largest global platform for meeting new people. Kersten describes her upbringing as difficult because she came from a family of limited economic means. Thanks to her vivid imagination, she developed a passion for aspiring to greater things. Before leading Skout, Kersten worked at a variety of companies of all sizes and became a serial start-up CFO.

Kersten answered a variety of questions about personal life balance, role models and female empowerment for the interview. She explains that she operates at a high level of efficiency in both her personal and professional life and only chooses the highest priority of activities to fill her time. She looks to Margaret Thatcher as her definition of a capable, successful leader because she worked her way up from the very bottom and stayed true to her convictions while doing it. In giving advice to other women in the business world, Kersten implores them to embrace versatility and always maintain the role of a businessperson first and a finance person second. She also encourages women to stay ahead of the pack and not be brought down by any negativity in the room or from colleagues.

In describing her experience at Skout, Kersten is extremely grateful for all of the opportunities she has had at the company and is very enthusiastic about the potential for Skout to continue to grow and maintain its position as a leader in the market. She acknowledged all of the talented staff and colleagues she is able to work with at Skout, to which she attributes a great deal of the company’s breakout success. Skout has taken on an international presence and continues to grow all around the globe. Kersten described an atmosphere of teamwork and collegiality among all Skout employees, which helps them to feel connected all over the world. Kersten says she truly enjoys mentoring other women in business, especially younger women, as she has very high hopes for the next generation of women leaders in business. She encourages all women to dig deep to find a sense of confidence, which Kersten says will allow them to succeed in both business and personal life and maintain their convictions while doing so. Kersten certainly serves as a shining example to future female leaders.

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Stephen Murray’s Legacy in CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital details the company’s thirty one year development. Beginning in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners, then evolving into Chase Capital, renaming itself as JP Morgan Partners, and finally forming CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Partners spin-out, CCMP Capital is a world-wide leader in a private equity firm that deals specifically with buyouts and growth investments. The CCMP team, headed by CEO and President Greg Brenneman, develop and drive company growth and operating efficiency. With offices around the world, in New York, Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong, CCMP Capital is ranked among the highest in the world when dealing with private equity funds companies.

Stephen Murray was president and CEO of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital graduated from Boston College with an Economics Degree. He also earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia Business School in the area of Business Administration. Steven Murray helped co-found CCMP Capital and was later named CEO in August of 2007. Mr. Murray was an investor and also a philanthropist. He supported causes such as Community Food Banks and Make a Wish Foundation. He was a big believer of family and community. He believed in giving back and helping others. Stephen Murray stepped down in February of 2015 due to health reasons. He died on March 12, 2015 due to those health issues as reported by NY Post.

Stephen Murray  CCMP Capital become a global powerhouse in the private equity firms. He made big deals and was a big deal. He was genuine and that characteristic came through in his work ethic and translated to clients who sought he and his company out. CCMP Capital is invested in helping companies become what they aspire to be. They have the means and the experience to help companies get to the professional level they wish to attain.

Politifact Says George Soros is Not Financing Kasich Campaign

The popular fact-checking service Politifact, owned by the Tampa Bay Times, says that claims that George Soros is funding the Kasich campaign are bogus. Recently, an ad from a pro-Ted Cruz PAC has claimed that the Kasich campaign is receiving thousands from Mr. Soros. The ad ominously displays edits of the two men positioned side-by-side to suggest a political partnership.

George Soros on marketwatch has long been associated with donating to liberal causes and Democrat candidates. The pro-Cruz PAC’s advertisement is an attempt to associate Republican John Kasich with the high-profile Democrat fundraiser to sully his reputation among Republican voters. However, according to Politifact the evidence just isn’t there to substantiate this claim. In fact, George Soros’ name does not appear among the list of donors for Kasich’s PAC New Day For America. And the names of all individuals and groups donating have been made public.

Where the bone of contention lies is in donations given to Kasich’s PAC by two individuals who once worked for George Soros. These individuals are Scott Bessent, a former Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management and Stanley Druckenmiller who was once an asset manager for Mr. Soros. Both men have given amounts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Kasich’s New Day For America PAC.

However, as Politifact notes on, these men haven’t worked for George Soros in years. These donations do not reflect on the views of George Soros, nor is there any evidence Soros had these men donate to Kasich on his behalf. It appears these men donated on their on volition without any stamp of approval from Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros has indeed donated to political campaigns recently, but that doesn’t appear to include Mr. Kasich’s., which tracks political donations, claims that George Soros on latino.foxnews has contributed $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a PAC that is supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton. This, of course, is more in line with the type of political donations Mr. Soros is known for give his long history giving to Democratic candidates and causes. George Soros’ relationship with the Clintons is well documented so this comes as no surprise.

Kasich’s PAC has not taken this attack ad lightly. According to Politifact, they’ve contacted stations airing it asking them to remove it as they contend it is based on lies. Politifact has officially ruled claims by the ad as “False” through their rating system. It finds the ad’s claim that George Soros directly gave to Kasich’s PAC particularly egregious. With scant evidence and George Soros’ clear support of Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it just doesn’t add up.

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When Your Pet Needs A Lawyer

Homeless animals in New York City have just gotten the boost they have been direly needing. Prominent New York City attorney Ross Abelow has begun a fundraising campaign to help out the city’s homeless animal population. The campaign began on January 13 of this year and the goal is to create monetary gifts to shelters providing help to sponsor doctors, warm covers and sustenance for these fragile animals who have no where else to go for help. Conditions in winter can drop to very frigid cold days and nights, and homeless animals are just left on the empty streets with no recourse because there is no room for them and funds are very tight. Ross Abelow’s plan is to prevent the needless deaths of many animals and provide a home for them until ideally they could be adopted. The intention is to assist these shelters with money he can raise.

Ross Abelow is well-known in the legal community. And has worked as an attorney here since 1990. An esteemed resident here, did his undergrad studies State University and graduated in 1989 from the Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Abelow concentrates his work on family law, but includes commercial and entertainment cases as well. The pinnacle of his career of 26 years of defending clients occurred by becoming partner at the law firm. Mr Abelow enjoys spending his infrequent free time writing blogs on legal matters. And he keeps a personal blog dealing with money and matters of law. Facebook and Mashable also share an active portion of his time. Checking the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page will offer more information about the project, and Ross Abelow can be reached through the site to answer any inquiries donors may need. Not only is he a champion of the needy he is also a great attorney when you need legal advice. And he can represent you in any numbers of legal situations. Ross is a family man and enjoys representing New York families. But he has a passion for homeless animals. Someone needs to lend them a hand and speak up so they can be heard by the world. He works tirelessly to save these lonely animals. He is working side by side with many, many animal shelters that need his help. As a partner with the law office of Abelow and Cassandra,Llp Mr Abelow attempts to maintain a good profile on social media outlets.

Easy Investment Tips


Investing in the right places can be of great benefit to the investor and the community at large. The cost of life has gone up in the recent past, and this has forced people to look for alternative ways to make money. A simple mistake in an investment can have serious consequences, and this means that an investor has to be extremely careful before any investment. Here are some tips fro PR Newswire to help.

• Find the investment type and check the company on so that you will be comfortable with. This means that you understand the investment quite well, and you can do everything without a lot of struggle. Do not choose what your see people are doing or what seems to be making a lot of money. Select a business without looking at anyone else.

• The more money you put into your investment, the better. You should ensure that the amount you put in your investment is enough so that you can earn enough at the end of the day. You should, however, be careful not to make huge amounts of losses.

• Diversity is an important aspect when choosing an investment. Do not just choose one type of investment. Different types of investments will be of great benefit because the investor will easy identify what works for them and what is not right for them. This way, they can invest more money on the investment that is doing well.

• Never give up. When you are an investor, the worst decision you can make is to give up. Sometimes, especially when an investment is very new, the temptation of closing an investment because it is not doing well is high. This is not the right decisions, especially when the decision is made prematurely.

• Ensure that you also gain a lot of expertise and knowledge in the businesses you need to invest in because it will ensure that you don’t make mistakes.

If you are looking for investment advice in the United States or the United Kingdom, Laidlaw and Company (UK) Ltd is the institution to consult. Wall Street giant Laidlaw & Company has the expertise and qualified person who will guide you through your investments, ensuring that you do not get huge losses when investing.






Fabletics Is Giving More Customers the Chance to Shop


What Fabletics has managed to do in the last two years has been awesome. The people that are checking out the The Clothes Maiden website will be pleased to see how the company is transitioning, but many fans of the site have been surprised to find that 100 stores are opening for this brand according to a Racked article.

People that check out the website get the chance to see FL2, Fab Kids and Fabletics. The FL2 brand is linked to Kate’s brother, Oliver, but Kate is the one that is leading people to the Fabletics brand. This is the fashionable brand that has become incredibly popular because it has managed to secure a lot of people that want to look good while they are working out. There are a lot of gyms that are being built. There are a lot of people that are impressed with the Fabletics, and the opening of more stores just seems inevitable. What most people would not realize is that the brand would grow so quickly.

More than a million orders have been shipped through the website, and it is still growing. The brand caters to a lot of different people, but the Internet is only going to help the brand get so far. The real potential growth is going to be seen when it comes to the level of physical stores that this company can maintain. More people are going to see how the company is able to thrive as the brand expands and builds a greater presence. There are stores that have athletic gear, but fashion has never really been the center of athletic clothing. It has always been more about comfort and durability.

It could be stated that this company is on the verge of something that great by presenting workout gear in a whole new way. Many people just started researching the brand online, and it looks like this will give customers a brand new way to shop for workout gear. The stores are going to be the good alternative for those that do not shop online. Kate Hudson has also been in business long enough to realize that some places are just going to get more attention if people can see and try on some of the merchandise.

The plans are already in place for more stores. This business is very hot right now, and that is going to be the best way to connect with a different generation of customers. It is very important to for Hudson to see that there are customers that do not shop online. Other customers that want to exercise may never look for a website. They may, however, do some shopping in physical stores and Hudson is preparing for this.

Helane Morrison: Career Journey and Achievements

I hold the view that Helane Morrison time in the corporate world has been a success story due to her tenacity and straightforward character. She has thrived at various positions that she has been appointed in and her appointment to the SEC was a reflection of her impeccable abilities. 

She started her career life in journalism before going back to school and studying law. She later secured a job in the government where she was actively involved in combating corruption by exposing corrupt brokers and businessmen and protecting the vulnerable.

The financial stability of any individual and country is of paramount importance. The effects of the global financial crisis shook the trust and loyalty that individuals had towards banks. People shifted to other ways of storing their money. There is need for mechanisms to be put in place to ensure that investors, business persons and the government are regularly checked to avoid another financial crisis. I believe, Helane Morrison has proved to be among the few individuals who would safeguard the country’s financial stability. 

Through its website, Hall Capital gives an insight into the career life of Helane Morrison and her numerous achievements over the span of 30 years. Morrison has worked at the SEC in various capacities, at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. I would add that Helane has been very privileged as she had the opportunity to work for respected members of the bench. This included Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmum and Richard Posner of U.S Court of Appeals. She served as their law clerks.

Her appointment to the US Securities Exchange office in San Francisco was made possible by her achievements in the private sector. While at the SEC, Helane was known for one who vehemently defended the vulnerable. She initiated investigations and class action suits that saw a couple of enforcement actions against various corrupt traders.

I attribute Helane Morrison’s success and achievements in the SEC to the powers granted to her upon appointment. This enabled her to demand fair dealings when people were investing. She knew no bounds and on several occasions she headed enforcement actions against high level executives from companies such as Google and Hewllet Packard. Her accomplishments and steps to revamp the financial world during her time at the SEC led to her appointment as the first woman Head Of Commission and Regional Director.

I strongly believe her efforts to try and stabilize the financial world after the global financial crisis has led to her being appointed as a board member of various hedge fund companies. An example of this is Helane’s position on hedge fund of American Bar Association. Her approach and dedication would most certainly lead to influencing a better financial world.

QNET Empowers Young Women Entrepreneurs

The modern woman is an important part of the society. She tries all she can to balance her working schedule and family time, something that is very hard to achieve. Working and taking care of a family, especially when young children are involved is not as easy, and it seems. Balancing the two can be impossible, and most of them are forced to abandon their employment and look for better opportunities. Many have chosen to start small businesses in order to get enough time for their families. Being their own boss has its challenges too when small businesses are involved. There are several risks, and a lot of capital is required to run a successful business. Many are left with big losses at the end of the day. 

There is, however, a way out of these challenges facing women. They can now earn some money and still have enough time for their families. The method is very easy, very quick, and low risks are involved, meaning that women will achieve a better life while taking this path. This option is known as direct selling. If the women are empowered with the right entrepreneurial skills, they can prosper in this line of work. 

To make the lives of women better, QNET will have something for them this year during the international women’s day. The prominent company that deals with direct selling is based in Asia, and it wants to make sure that young women all over the world are capable of enriching their families and also making a significant difference in the communities they come in contact with. The company has made all the plans to make sure that women attain their dreams easily. 

A famous US Agency, popularly known USAID, says that women to must be rightly empowered if the world wants to make a difference and move forward. According to the agency, men have been given the right to own land, provide for families, and get a good education and healthcare over the years. The agency believes that women too must be given this opportunity, and this way, the world will be in a better place. 

This year, QNET will be giving women the opportunity to become direct sellers in its various branches. They will earn a good amount of money and still have the amount of time they need for their companies. 

QNET is a direct selling company that is based in Asia. The company has several branches all over the world, and it is also involved in philanthropic activities. 

Transforming Hair- WEN by Chaz Dean


WEN by Chaz Dean was the pioneer in the concept of the cleansing conditioner. This brand was one of the first to introduce cleansing conditioner to the mainstream public. The product is endorsed by many celebrities. The infomercials claim to give you modelesque hair with regular use of the WEN products. The WEN cleansing condition is a one-step product that shampoos, conditions, and styles your hair. There are several different varieties of cleansing conditioners depending on your hair type and the results you desire to achieve. This product is especially great for those people with thick, dry, or frizzy hair. While traditional shampoos strip hair of its natural oils, this cleansing conditioner makes hair more manageable and shiny. The directions do recommend to use a generous amount of product to achieve the desired result. This is to be expected considering this is an all in one product. The product will not have a stripping lather associated with typical hair cleansing products. This allows the hair to maintain its natural balance. Wenby Chaz Dean is perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with beauty products. This amazon sold product could be a possible game changer for those who deal with dry and unmanageable hair.

After a seven-day experiment with the WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing condition, the writer of the article in Bustle enjoyed how the product made her hair feel, and how shiny it made her hair look. She did note the product was quite rich for her finer hair. She may have done better picking a better formula specifically designed for finer hair types. It seems this product would be especially beneficial for someone with thicker more unruly hair.

George Soros May Know More Than Everyone Else

George Soros Didn’t Become a Billionaire on Accident

George Sorosis a billionaire who may be considered to be a “business magnet.” He is a man who is informed. He certainly did not become a billionaire on accident. It takes a qualified and knowledgeable person to know about business. Mr. Soros hold the following titles:
* investor
* philanthropist
* author
* Chairman of the Open Society Foundation
* Founder and advisor of the Quantum Fund
* Chairman of Soros Fund Management
This is a sample of the titles that have been held by George Soros. It is safe to say that he is an individual who did not become one of the 30 richest people in the world on accident. It took sound judgment, business knowledge, experience, education, and much more.

Energy Prices and George Soros
The had a story about George Soros and energy. Everybody wants to know if George Soros knows something that the rest of us do not know. The energy prices have been swinging. The investors have been left to guestimate about the overall unpredictable energy sector. The guessing occurs because there is not a way to know for certain the direction that this entire energy sector will be driving the stocks.

The Energy Prices
It is a fact that the low energy prices are adding a bit more disposable income into the wallets of the consumer. This has lead to an increase within consumer confidence this year. It ought to be known that there is over a trillion dollars spent in the U.S. on an annual basis. This entire energy industry does support over nine million jobs. This is directly as well as indirectly. This industry is responsible for over five percent of the country’s employment.

Earning Reports From Energy Companies
There will be a slew of earnings report that are due this week. These reports will be from the major energy companies themselves. There are some companies that will be expected to show some negative earning results. Some of these companies are in a frame of deep distress.

George Soros and Democratic Ideals
Mr. George Soros is well-known as a high-profile international supporter on The Street . He has supported democratic ideals for over 30 years. He is also an individual who has been supporting many causes. The Open Society Foundation is a philanthropic organization that revolves around human rights and democracy. This is known in over 100 countries. George Soros is a remarkable human being who provides his intelligent views freely. He was born in Budapest. This was in the year 1930. He has earned the right to be heard and respected.