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George Soros Sees Similarity Between Beginging of 2016 And 2008 Financial Crisis

George Soros has said on Bloomberg that he has seen a striking resemblance between the opening week of the markets in the new year and what had occurred during the the 2008 financial crisis. Of great concern to Soros, and all other investors is the disappearance of almost two and a half trillion dollars of global equities in only about week. This is a very bad sign for investors and banks that are looking to invest in global equity products.
While visiting the island nation of Sri Lanka as an honorary guest speaker at a economic forum in the capital of Columbo, George Soros mentioned several other key indicators that the economy may be going towards the direction of a recession, as had occurred in 2008. Soros has highlighted China as a prime indicator of major trouble in the global markets. The Chines economy is struggling right now, and not just because of dropping stock prices and commodity prices. China is struggling to come to grips with a new economic growth model as its economy is seeing a major shift from manufacturing, which has long been a staple of its economy.

A weakening Chinese economy is bound to have ramifications for the rest of the world because of the interconnectedness of world economies nowadays. Chinese is the second largest economy in the world right now, only behind the United States of America. A struggling China is going to have a negative impact on the rest of the world, because so many countries economies are directly or indirectly linked to the Chinese economy.

A sinking Yuan, which is the Chinese currency only serves to reinforce investor fears that the Chinese economy may be struggling and on the verge of recession. Already artificially low, because of devaluation, a plummeting Yuan can wreck havoc on the Chinese and global economy. The Chinese government meanwhile, is trying to minimize the damage to the Chinese economy, by infusing billions of dollars into its domestic economy. These measures are being taken to prevent the country’s economy from stagnating and in effect shrinking due to the global slowdown that has occurred in the beginning of 2016.

Soros warns investors to be very cautious right now and to keep a close eye on China’s economy. China is a major player in the world economy right now, and ignoring them can cost an investor a fortune and lead to massive losses. The retired hedge fund manager’s echoes of caution seem to be supported by numerous analysts and economists. The Chicago Board Options Exchange has estimated that volatility has increased by about 13 percent in only a week. A Japanese stock average volatility index has increased by more than 40%, showing that tumultuous times are in store for stocks, commodities and global economies.

A Wikipedia Business Page Is Good For Marketing

Businesses definitely thrive when more people learn about a company. Revealing information about products and services along with their related quality is surely a good move. Any and all venues capable of circulating positive information should be explored. One venue that should never be overlooked is Wikipedia, the incredibly popular online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is a very popular online community, and the popularity is rooted in the volunteer nature of the site. Anyone who wishes to contribute content to the site may do so. Of course, certain standards do have to be met. Terms of service must be adhered to. A acceptance that the editors in the community are allowed to perform revisions is required.

Currently, there are 44,000 or so editors contributing their services to Wikipedia. They all do so free of charge. For whatever reason, the overwhelming majority of those editors are males. An “edit-a-thon” at West Virginia University hopes to draw in more female interest in doing work for Wikipedia. This gender equality-based shows the overall popularity and enthusiasm among writers and editors for the site.

Businesses should also be very enthusiastic about having a Wikipedia page published. The solid reputation of the site rubs off on those businesses with a nicely-produced page.

The reasons why a business benefit when they make a Wikipedia page all connect back to good marketing campaign principles. The internet is were people go to learn about a business. A company with a strong online presence is best capable of conveying information to potential customers.

A business might not be allowed to make a direct pitch to customers, but good material on the biographic page does help immensely with information and attraction marketing strategies. As long as the page gets solid points across and avoid verbosity, the Wikipedia should be able to help the business on many levels.

To ensure the page lives up to all promotional expectations, work with a Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki. Writing and editing work is available through Get Your Wiki writers for hire, and the quality of the work is solid. Businesses and individuals can feel confident that the Wikipedia writers at Get Your Wiki are going to produce a very readable and effective page.

The Wikipedia page does have to reach a certain level of quality to be of any value to a business. For this reason alone, hiring a service like Get Your Wiki is the right move.

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60 Percent of People Lie About Reading Classic Novels

It would appear that university students are not the only ones lying about reading great classics. In a recent survey of people in Great Britain, it seems that far more people are claiming to have read great novels than have read them.
In fact, people claim to have read about 60 percent more books than they have actually read. About 42 percent of those surveyed by Jon Urbana and Next Level Lacrosse Camp claimed that they relied on Internet synopses and films in the hopes that no one will ever figure out that they did not read the book. In the survey of 2,000 adults, about 60 people admit to having hidden a book that they want to read more inside a classic in the attempt to look more intelligent.
In the study commissioned by the BBC Store, the number one book that people lie about reading is a bit of a surprise to the surveyors because it is the children’s classic Alice In Wonderland. This book that is about 200 pages long was first published in 1865, so people have had a long time to read the book.
With the recent television success of Fifty Shades of Gray, many people claim to have read this book. Yet, researchers believe that only about nine percent of the population in Great Britain have actually read the book, despite many more people having said that they have read it.
Other books to make the list include George Orwell’s 1984, JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and books by Leo Tolstoy including War and Peace.

The Need For Public Health Information Understood By Sergio Cortes

Dr. Sergio Cortes has become an important figure in the well being and good health of the people of Brazil. Cortes has used many different platforms to pass information on to the people of Rio de Janeiro where he is the State Secretary for Health on a regular basis using his own blogs, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. The need for public health information is particularly important to Cortes at times of regional and national emergency when information is needed to keep people safe from harm.

Cortes has recently been explaining the issues facing Brazil and the people of the world after the outbreak of the Zika virus, which has led to an increase in medical conditions seen in adults and infants. The public calls for assistance and publishing of information have been important to Cortes for a number of years and were seen during the flooding emergency of 2013 in the Xerem area. Extra explains the work of Cortes during the emergency response in Xerem included keeping the people of the region, and the state as a whole informed of the situation on a regular basis.

Emergency situations often bring out massive calls for public donations during the initial stages of a natural disaster, such as the flooding in Xerem. The Xerem flooding was followed by calls for public help in the form of donations to aid the people of the region as the flood waters were subsiding; Dr. Sergio Cortes was influential on Exame in making sure the correct equipment was available at all times to ensure the public donated the correct items. Water was quickly identified by Cortes as of prime importance in keeping the people of the area safe and free of disease that can be caused by unclean water. The medical professional made sure the people of Brazil were aware that any donations to the area should include bottled water to keep the people of the area hydrated to a high level.

Sergio Cortes believes one of the best ways of ensuring the healthiest general public in Brazil is only achieved through the people of the area having the best knowledge possible about their own health. Cortes was responsible for the distribution of medical supplies given to the area by national agencies responsible for public health and ensured the least amount of problems were seen with outbreaks of disease caused by the 2013 flooding.

Responsible Pet Owners Choose Premium Dog Food Like Beneful

I thought I knew what was good for my dog, but I really just took a wild guess, and I’m glad that I picked up the best food on the market for my little puppy. I picked Beneful for my dog because the ingredients looked right. I also like the way that they make their Chopped Blends because it looks like good food that you should feed your dog, and it could honestly pass as food for a person. My dog just loves the Beneful Chopped Blends because of its meaty flavors and real pieces of meat. My dog was from a shelter. I don’t know what his past history was, so I don’t know what his previous owners had been feeding him before I got him from the adoption place. It was my choice, and I had to make a choice for my dog because he can’t tell me what he wants to eat, so I looked through the options at the pet store, and I decided to buy Beneful on Amazon because of the ingredients that they list on the bag, which I am now feeling was a good choice. I have done more research since then, and I have concluded that the premium brands, like Beneful, take more care when they produce their dog food products. Beneful is made by Purina, which is a trustworthy name in the dog food industry. I even found this article from the Daily Herald that does an insightful job at profiling premium dog food manufacturers. The article shows the process that premium manufacturers go through to put together a high quality product that is made of high quality ingredients, so you can trust the food that you are feeding your dog for once. I like to hear this stuff because it makes me proud to be a responsible pet owner who makes sound decisions for my family. I want to share my choice of Beneful brand dog food, and I want other people to read what these premium manufacturers do to make sure that their foods are the best options. Here’s the article.

Premium Pet Foods See An Explosion In Sales

New healthy food innovations are helping dog and cat food manufacturers turn a tidy profit. Many pet food companies are concentrating on the pet’s overall health by offering good, wholesome foods that you could literally serve up to your own family. Gourmet pet foods on Beneful on account for more than half of the $23.7 billion industry, and traditional pet food companies are now forced to shore up their lines to keep up with the likes of Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo.

Pet food manufacturers on are working day and night to keep up with the competition. Lasagna, beef stroganoff, duck jerky and grilled beef burger are just a small sample of what some have to offer. Nutro Farms Harvest line has even taken to adding blueberries and cranberries to some of its pet foods. The “my dog will have what I’m having” strategy seems to be working. The industry on has seen a 45 percent surge in sales since 2009.

Nestle Purina Petcare’s Beneful is one of the most successful health-oriented pet food lines in the industry. Introduced to the market in 2001, Beneful offers wet and dry dog foods and pet treats. The line currently generates more than $1.5 billion in revenue annually for Purina.

Beneful is one of the first brands that was marketed to look and smell like human food. The highly-nutritious real meat, grains and vegetables are a hit with both pets and pet owners alike. “It is our goal to keep pets health and happy both inside and out,” according to a Purina spokesperson.

Brenda Wardle’s Coverage Of The Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius became infamous for the killing of his girlfriend. This homicide made international headlines. Before the murder, Oscar Pistorius had quite good standing in the community. He was known as an excellent athlete in the special Olympics. He was a well known runner who was awarded Olympic medals for winning competitions. His trial was very well covered by legal analysts. Furthermore, the media held on to the story of the trial. People all around the world were awaiting updates on how the trial was going. In the end, he was convicted and imprisoned. However, the charges were somewhat less than many were expecting.

When Oscar Pistorius first was apprehended, his defense was that he believed his girlfriend was actually a stranger that was trying to rob his house. In court, this defense was presented by his lawyer. After this, he attempted to present the argument that the reason for this fatal mistake was his anxiety disorder. There was a period of time that the trial was called off because of this. However, he was ruled mentally fit for trial. After he stood trial, he was ultimately given a conviction for homicide. However, it was not the charge he was initially given. In fact, it was a lesser charge of what is essentially a form of negligent homicide. He was guilty of homicide, and he was imprisoned. However, he is now out of jail. He was only incarcerated in prison for a year. Currently, Oscar Pistorius is back home under house arrest.

Brenda Wardle was one of the legal analysts responsible for working on the case. She is a very competent legal analyst with an extensive educational background. She has become very well known in the legal field. Also, Brenda Wardle has worked on similarly well known cases. She has done an excellent job working on all of these cases, including the Oscar Pistorius trial.

She has an exceptionally advanced education. Rather than simply having a singular legal degree, she has three degrees. This gives her a distinctive advantage of many other legal analysts. The classes that she took in college showed her a great deal of how to work effectively as a legal analyst.

Brenda Wardle will likely continue to work on high profile cases like this one. Her excellent work with the Oscar Pistorius case is likely to advance her career even further. She will likely be thought of even more favorably.

The Growth of CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray’s Contribution

It is the dream of every business to make profit in every venture. For a business to be assured of making a profit in an investment, it must conduct thorough background information on the venture. This is what CCMP Capital which is a firm that specialises in private equity does to ensure that it remains relevant and profitable in the market. It engages in buying existing businesses and making them big as well as providing capital for other businesses and earning a stake as a result.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formerly part of JPMorgan Partners and parted ways in 2006 to operate on its own. It has continued to witness growth since its exit which was confirmed through ranking as number 17 in the list of the most successful private equity funds. It has expanded its services to various parts of the world through opening offices in various cities such as London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. Their aim is to reach as many clients from all over the world. This will ensure that their profits increase as they serve more customers from various parts of the world.

The firm has a team of qualified employees who give their best to ensure that the firm remains a leading private equity firm. Among the people who ensured that the firm rose to its current situation is Steve Murray who was a private equity investor and the chief executive officer at the firm from 2007 taking over from Jeff Walker. He held the position of the firm’s president until 2015 when he resigned citing medical reasons. He died a month later which was a big blow to the investment world due to his long service to the industry. He was succeeded by Greg Brenneman as the firm’s top executive. He studied at Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics and went further to attain business administration master’s degree from Columbia Business School. He worked in various organisations in different positions where he gained experience which saw him to the top of his career. He served in several boards where he advised on investment matters. He was also known for his philanthropic behaviour which saw him make several donations to various foundations.

CCMP Capital continues to thrive in its business as a private equity fund on NY Post due to the commitment of it employees and the kind of professionalism they exhibit. Their mission is to uplift those start-up companies that have fewer funds to support or extend their business operations. Apart from providing funds to the companies, CCMP Capital also provides advice on the best venture a business should take. This reduces the chances of making loss for the business.

Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere Speaks About Fashion

I recently read an interview that was done by Bustle about Doe Deere. I adore this makeup goddess and find that her product line speaks to me and my “out of the box” views. Though she calls herself bizarre names like “Queen of the Unicorns,” she’s really just using a style that is more mythical and uses colors that are typically avoided by famous makeup retailers.

Doe Deere gives tons of advice for those who want to follow her with her mythical blue hair and uncanny hues of orange for lips. She tells people that while it is good to think outside the box and to be different, there are still some rules that must be followed. First, never go to bold on both the lips and the eyes. You want one area to be the center of attention and two bold areas will only compete for attention. Pick one area that you want to accentuate and make the others just blend in.

Your dress and makeup must be simpatico. Don’t use colors that don’t match. The makeup and outfit should blend together seamlessly. If in doubt, look at Deere’s styles. While her color choice is bizarre for some people, her look is flawless. She pulls it all together nicely and doesn’t over accentuate one area or the other. She has a focal center but doesn’t let that one center be overpowering to the rest of her ensemble. One thing she hates is those women who love to wear the thigh high socks, but then put them on with an open toe shoe. It makes about as much sense as wearing sandals and socks together. The concept of the open toe shoe is to be open for others to see. No one wants a peep show of a sock and a seam line; it just doesn’t work well.

It is possible to be an active business person and still have a flair for the outlandish. Deere has made a success of her company by utilizing things that the normal makeup artist wouldn’t think about. She was selling glittery shadows and lipsticks to people long before they became a hit on the market. Some could even say she was a pioneer in the movement. Though her line does seem to appear to the younger crowd, she prides herself on being young at heart too. You never know what color you will find her hair. Some days it is a bright blue, while others days it can be pink or yellowish. It just depends on how the mood strikes her and how she wants to dress that specific day.

Lime Crime has been around for quite some time now. It’s not Revlon or MAC, but it appeals to a whole group of people who don’t want the mundane color palette that everyone seems to be wearing. Sure, the smoky eye is all the rage is right now, but that doesn’t mean it works well for every women. Deere prefers something that makes a statement long before she opens her mouth.

Yeonmi Park Defies Naysayers With Truth About Evils in North Korea

When she tells her story on Youtube, Yeonmi Park must explain the harsh realities of the oppressive North Korean government, because of naysayers who naively point out that if things were as bad in North Korea as she says they are, then everyone would find a way to escape. She educates her listeners on the absolute knowledge control and mind control with which that evil state oppresses their populace. She explains that she never thought of “freedom”, because she had never heard of the concept, much less the word. And that everyone still living under the atrocities of North Korea is in the same state of absolute ignorance, enforced by the state. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is the book she published to raise awareness of the plight of the North Korean people. In the book she explains that the happiest concept she ever knew, until escaping to the West, was having enough food. She and her family often went hungry, so having enough food was the highest hope any of them could imagine. The story starts out with the details of how Yeonmi Park escaped North Korea with her mother at the end of March, 2007. They were forced to cross the Yalu River, frozen with ice, in the middle of a dark freezing cold winter night, to evade the guards who would have shot them on sight. When they arrived in China, they were unsure where to turn. Yeonmi was 13 years old. Thus began years of both she and her mother being trafficked as sex and domestic slaves in China. They eventually escaped by crossing China and then the Gobi desert to Mongolia. Finally, after monumental struggles they reached South Korea. At one point, her father escaped North Korea, but soon died of cancer, untreated. Read more of her story here. The vile North Korean government reported on NY Times has come out loudly against Yeonmi, claiming her stories are all lies. Her reply is simple and honest: “I know the truth of North Korea… The oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.”