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Doe Deere: Daring to Dream in Color

Recently, Stephanie Janetos of sat down with Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime makeup for an exclusive interview. Deere explained that her artistic flare was evident as a child. She was always experimenting with colorful art supplies and was inspiring her childhood friends when they played dress-up. She knew from the beginning that she wanted to go into the fashion and beauty industry.

Doe Deere, whose real name is Xenia Vorotova, is a Russian-American who believes that people can still find success in America. While as a teenager, she learned how to sew and started to make some of her own clothes. Her friends liked her unique style and began asking her to make things for them. When she was in her early 20’s, Deere started an eBay store to showcase and sell some of her fashion creations and accessories. Since lime green was one of her favorite colors, she made up a nonsensical rhyme scheme that she liked: Lime Crime. The name was fun and SEO-friendly; thus, the Lime Crime website was born.

In 2006, Deere began experimenting with theatrical makeup. Since she was modeling her clothes on the Lime Crime website, she wanted flashy makeup that would complement her creations. Deere had fun with glitters and rhinestones. She was never truly satisfied with the color choices that were available; so she did some experimenting and created her own hues. Two years later, in 2008, Deere displayed the first of her Lime Crime makeup line on her website.

Deere and her team were amazed how the business sored in popularity and sales. Women were intrigued with the dazzling array of vibrant colors available in Lime Crime’s eye shadows, lip sticks, blush, and nail enamels. The company also developed special glitters and glosses to enhance the eye-popping beauty supplies. Deere calls her Lime Crime fans “unicorns”, because they represent unique style and free spirit, she says.

There are challenges to having a successful Internet business, confided Deere. While social media is a beneficial tool to promote business and get client feed-back, it can also be used as a venue for negative people. Deere says that it is easy to spread misinformation and false statements on the Internet about people and their businesses. Like the tabloids, artificial scandal is common place for famous people. She says that the best way to deal with Internet scandal is to just ignore it and find ways to improve the company. She feels that the success of Lime Crime and the thousands of happy customers speaks for itself.

She was very pleased to be pictured on the front of Self-Made Magazine as one the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, along with other famous business women. Doe Deere started her business with little money and a lot of creativity and inspiration. Today, Lime Crime is a multi-million dollar Internet business. The company has clients from around the world and are excited to see what new color is going to be next in the beauty line. Deere hopes to inspire other women to go for their dreams and enjoy the results.

Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship

Handy Work at an Ease

The emergence of service apps is mostly due to their multi-faceted nature. Handy, formerly known as Handybook, is a mobile and web app that offers on demand household services. These services can be in the form of plumbing, cleaning or an integration of the two. The business started in Harvard Business School (2012) and was founded by Oisin Hanrohan and Umang Dua; they created a vision of the service as the “Uber of Home Maintenance.”

Currently operating in 13 cities, Handy is scaling it’s workforce throughout the nation. Offices in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles are being developed. While approximately $1 billion dollars in bookings have occurred, following the first two years of the company’s launch, sales have increased dramatically. Exponential growth in sales (60% during the first three months of January).

Up to several thousand applicants apply annually, despite rejections rates being high. Customers are highly appeased by the extended list of applicants to choose from when they’re “scrolling” through several options.

Multiple Functions

While certain functions of Handy are intended, many latent functions take place. Freelancers, for instance, are allowed to create a flexible schedule where they can balance several hours of work and have time to complete additional activities. This convenience allows better job security, wheres ordinary handyman or plumbing jobs aren’t as consistent since the demand occurs in unpredictable patterns.

Many customers believe that ordinary freelancers can start performing work when in fact, Handy qualifies above-average professionals to work for their company. Approximately 3% of the applicants who applied for the job are qualified, while the vast majority gets screened out from not meeting eligibility requirements.Therefore, customers are guaranteed some of the best workers throughout the globe.

Walk Through Process

Handy provides its customers with a user-friendly interface that allows them to request services, provided that they will give the correct information to allow a successful visit. The process is plain and simple:

1. Access Handy (via mobile application of website).
2. Enter the zip code of the house that’s requires cleaning.
3. Identify the particular rooms (living, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) that needs to be cleaned.
4. Display a starting date (for the service to take place).

Once a price quote is generated, users have the ability to choose a payment method or make modifications to the information entered previously.


There’s many cases where handyman services weren’t provide as expected; or accidental damages have occurred. It is in the best interests of Handy to provide proficient customer care to clients when these problems occur. They investigate these situations and as a response, provide a money-back guarantee for poor quality services; or cover replacement costs for damaged materials. The replacements requires a small, 20% cut from the original profit.

Susan McGalla the Successful and Admirable Businesswoman

Susan McGalla according to prnewswire was born and raised in East Liverpool Ohio with her two brothers. Her father was a football coach in East Liverpool and raised Susan and her brothers here. Susan is now married to a wealth manager named Steven McGalla. Susan is an executive consultant and American businesswoman. She is most known for being the former president of American Eagle Outfitters. Susan’s career began in 1986 at the Joseph Horne Company. During her career from 1986 until 1994 with this company she worked in many different manager and marketing positions.

American Eagle and Beyond
In 1994 she joined American Eagle and began her career with the company. She started as the divisional merchandise buyer for their women’s clothing line. She was promoted through many different managerial positions before becoming the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company. During her time as the President and CMO, Susan McGalla  oversaw the creation and implementation of the 77kids and Aerie brands. Susan retained this position until she moved on in her career in January of 2009. It was then that she took a role as a private consultant for financial and retail investment industries. She was assigned to the Board of Directors for HFF Inc in the fall of 2009. In January of 2011 she became the Chief Executive Office of Wet Seal but parted ways with the company in July of the next year. After this, she founded P3 Executive Consulting. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I Am Not a Male or Female, I Am a Person
Growing up in a male dominant household helped Susan to become tough and to set her sights higher than she could dream. This train of thought and her devotion to success has been the drive pushing her throughout her career. She has fought hard with devotion and passion to become the successful business and career woman that she is today. Never in her career did she ever try to play the “woman card” or insinuate that she deserved anything for just being a woman. In all actuality her viewpoints could not be further from that. She has been the speaker on many occasions and has always expressed her viewpoint the same way. We are all people and we must all work equally as hard to succeed in whatever business or industry that we pursue a career in. This is a very admirable viewpoint from a very admirable woman in today’s business world.

A Look into the NBA’s Journey to its Present Glory

When asked about basketball, the first thing that crosses most people’s minds is the NBA – National Basketball Association. NBA is the leading men’s professional basketball league in the US. It is renowned across the globe and represents the world’s most prosperous and most popular basketball players of all time.

Here is a peek into the world of National Basketball Association.

NBA – Historical background

NBA was founded in 1946, initially as Basketball Association of America (BAA). The primary goal of BAA was to bring the top teams in North America together with the aim of raising the sport’s popularity.

The first game in the history of BAA was played on November 1, 1946, contenders being The Toronto Huskies hosting the New York Knickerbockers.

The year 1949 saw BAA merging with the National Basketball League to adopt the present name – National Basket Ball Association.

NBA Merger with ABA

While NBA continued to grow with the addition of more teams and escalating its popularity with dominant players, it came to face stiff competition with the establishment of the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 1967.

To counter ABA’s threat, the NBA expanded quickly with a focus to securing more cites and the finest players. This saw it grow from nine teams to 18 teams between 1966 and 1974. The NBA and ABA would merge in 1976, to complete the completion between them.

NBA Today

Today, after a series of transformations, the NBA has 30 teams under its belt – 29 teams from the US and 1 Canadian team.

The teams are grouped into two conferences- Western Conference and Eastern Conference. Each conference is further divided into three divisions.

The league’s regular Season starts in the first week of November with rigorous training camps, after which a series of exhibition games are played. Then the regular season kicks off.

When talking of NBA’s success journey, the contribution of some prominent stakeholders such as Bruce Levenson cannot be ignored.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, a renowned American business person, and philanthropist, is best known on in the basketball circles for his ownership of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Phillips Arena. He recently expressed interests to sell his shares.

Other than basketball, Levenson has several other business interests. These include the United Communications Group (UGT), which he co-founded in 1973, and TechTarget, an IT media company in which he is a founding board member.

His philanthropy causes include the contributions towards the Hoops Dreams Foundation, Community Foundation of Washington, D.C and the US Holocaust Museum. Levenson funds the Holocaust Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program.


The NBA has worked hard through the years to become the leading Basketball League in history. From its establishment in 1946, through the merger with ABA, until its global appeal today, the NBA has endured an arduous journey to arrive at its present glory. This article serves to highlight the main historical events that have helped shape the modern NBA.