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Whitney Wolfe Standing Tall And Tough Against The Lawsuit By Match Group

Whitney Wolfe has played a significant role in revolutionizing the dating world by introducing the newest social dating network on the planet named Bumble. Even though Bumble by Whitney Wolfe is a relatively new dating platform, it has got immense popularity in the last few years.

Having started in 2014, Bumble has already amassed over 30 million members, and its member base continues to increase at a rapid pace. In a relatively short span, Bumble has managed to become one of the top 5 dating apps in use today. Forbes has estimated the net worth of Bumble to be around one billion, which is expected to increase in the time to come.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, who has also been a co-founder of the top dating app named Tinder, which is presently owned by the dating giant Match Group. In a recent development, Match Group has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble, which Bumble refuses utterly. As per the developments in the past few months, Match Group tried to acquire Bumble, but when the negotiations of acquisitions failed, the lawsuit came as a repulsive rebuttal that seemed to have not gone down well with Whitney Wolfe and her team. Recently, Bumble published a full-page ad in the newspaper, where she mentioned that neither she nor Bumble is going to be bogged down by the threats of Match Group. Whitney Wolfe also mentioned in her open letter to Match Group that Bumble would never be sold to Match Group, and thus any plan of acquisition by Match Group can now be confirmed as permanently squashed.

Whitney Wolfe has previously had a fall out with the co-founders of Tinder, which is why she left the company to start her entrepreneurial journey. Whitney Wolfe is an enterprising woman and has helped make Bumble a new and unique social dating network that is appreciated for its bold characteristics across the globe. The presence of Bumble is expected to grow in the years to come as Whitney Wolfe, and the team plans to launch it in many other nations in the time to come. Recently, Whitney Wolfe also introduced two new features in Bumble, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF is a platform inside Bumble where people can look for friends and in Bumble Bizz, members can expand their professional network by interacting with other professionals from the same field. However, the fundamental principle of only women making the first move remains constant across all platforms in Bumble.

José Auriemo Neto Is An Experienced And Reliable Real Estate Professional

Do you need real estate investing help in Brazil? José Auriemo Neto is one of the leading real estate professionals in Brazil. He has been working in this industry for many years and is highly knowledgeable. Many real estate investors turn to him for advice on how to take their business to the next level.José Auriemo Neto has a great reputation in the Brazilian real estate community and is the right professional to advise and guide you on your way to real estate success.Getting into the real estate investing business or buying property for resale requires great expertise.

It is advisable to consult a knowledgeable and reliable real estate professional or firm before venturing into the field.José Auriemo Neto can help you in making informed decisions and taking appropriate steps to reduce costs, manage risk and improve operational efficiencies.When getting started in the real estate investment field, it’s important to get the required training and education. It is advisable to gave a good understanding of the process, the common mistakes that newbies often make, and how to avoid those missteps.

With a good coach or mentor by your side, you can taking the right steps toward your goal and realize your full potential.José Auriemo Neto has the excellent resources to help you get started and achieve success. When you contact José Auriemo Neto he will review your situation and have a discussion with you. He will point out what you can do to build a successful real estate investing business.As an experienced professional, José Auriemo Neto can help you set a clear goal or timeline for attaining your goal. You need a plan that outlines how you plan to reach your goal.

Desiree Perez- A Woman Changing the Music Industry

Powerful positions in the music industry have been dominated by men for years. This trend however is beginning to take a huge turn. Recently Billboard made notice of this shift with their 2017 Women in Music list. The list, released in November, highlights some of the biggest negotiators, dealmakers and influencers in the business. More than one hundred women serving in a variety of positions made the list. One of the powerful women is Roc Nation’s COO- Desiree Perez.

Jay-Z’s right hand women for nearly two decades, Desiree Perez is responsible for huge events in recent music history. Most recently Perez helped Roc-Nation to secure a $100 million dollar investment from Sprint. The deal allowed Jay-Z to go platinum with his latest album 4:44, securing more than a million downloads before the album was even released. Perez work with Jay-Z also includes many hours working with his music streaming service TIDAL. One of the world’s top streaming options, TIDAL has been able acquire exclusive music thanks to Perez’s work. These release include music from Prince, Beyonce and Kanye West, and

Desiree Perez’s work goes beyond collaborating with Jay-Z. Perez has earned a reputation as a fierce negotiator. She is responsible for assembling Beyonce’s worldwide Formation stadium tour. The tour is one of the most successful in music history. Perez also helped singer Rihanna to negotiate a massive sponsorship with Samsung that earned her more than twenty-five million dollars. Most recently Perez honored Roc Nation’s ten year anniversary by securing a deal with Live Nation. An equity partner in Roc Nation, Live Nation agreed to a long-term touring deal that will bring in more than $200 million dollars, and what Desiree Perez knows.

As Roc Nation continues to grow and reach new heights, it is almost certain that Desiree Perez will be a central member of their leadership. She continues to work with a group called ‘Hovas Circle of Influence.’ This group comprised of Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown is a major force behind the success of Roc Nation. With Desiree Perez leading the way, the future looks even brighter for this company, and read full article.

Duda Melzer Digital Company

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of managing a company. Many business owners struggle to develop a cohesive digital strategy for their business. Duda Melzer is one of the most prominent leaders in the digital marketing industry. He has years of experience working in the field. As the CEO of RBS Group, he has years of experience helping people with digital marketing strategies.

Duda Melzer Founder has a solid education. Not only does he have a college degree in the field, but he also graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA. During his time at Harvard, he was able to network with some of the most successful people in the marketing industry.

Early Career for Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer worked hard when he was young to get into college. Many people in Brazil never have the opportunity to attend college. He wanted to work in marketing, but he was not sure how he would accomplish his goals. Check out Odiario to see more.

He advanced rapidly through several companies while working in the marketing industry. When he was offered the position at RBS Group, he quickly accepted it. Duda Melzer started to learn about various digital marketing techniques to take his career to a new level. He recognized that digital marketing was the future of the advertising industry. You can visit their website

Duda Melzer also has experience operating websites. He firmly believes that every business should have a viable website for customers to utilize. Duda Melzer has various plans for the future of RBS Group. He wants to improve his company and the experience of customers.

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Sprinklers, Strobes and Stokes: Barbara, CEO

Barbara Stokes, a mother of three and the CEO of Green Structure Homes, wastes no time. This is evident by, among other aspects of her life, her educational history. A class of 2001 graduate of Mercer University, her studies included the following subjects: biomedical engineering, physics, manufacturing, management, technical communication, structures and properties of materials, and thermodynamics. All of these areas of expertise would later prove vital to her intense career roles. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

As Chief Executive Officer of GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes recognizes her role as a central part of a mission. The care of recovery of those who have experienced a natural disaster is paramount to her daily work and volunteer activities. She’s keenly aware of the impact of the devastation on all levels – emotional, industrial, financial and national. Along with her team, which spans six states, she delivers much needed relief to those who have recently been displaced by hurricanes and tornadoes. As a member of The Cullman Industrial Complex, they are able to swift and accurately construct environmentally friendly and spacious modular homes. These safe, durable modular homes are then delivered directly to a proper location for the citizens and their families experiencing such catastrophe.

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To lose everything you once owned and then not have a regular, consistent place to call home – an address, a bathroom, a bed…is just much too much to handle all at once. Barbara and her team act as a stop gate to trauma for so many time and time again. Green Structure Homes Delivered was recently awarded $28.5 million for their cause and is seeking an additional eight employees to assist in the mission. About ten years ago, the Company received less than half of that and was able to launch out with employment for hundreds of local resident job seekers in and near Huntsville, Alabama, the site of their headquarters. It appears to be a great place to work whether there in Alabama or in one of the other five states, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia where relief is also provided.

Recently, as well, her team developed a fire safety system that surpasses any others usually found in a residential dwelling. With the use of state of the art technology and materials, each Green Structure Homes Delivered modular house comes equipped with this fully automated, fire suppression system. This proprietary technology employs smoke and harmful gas detection, strobe warning lights for the hearing impaired and sprinklers. Now, that’s added security! In addition, Barbara Stokes’ prowess in thoughtfulness guides her to make use of the steel locally manufactured in Birmingham and Decatur. Her performance in and outside of work solidifies her value and appreciation as expressed by many fellow members of her community through the years. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

A close up with Sheldon Lavin.

When one mentions the meat processing industry, one name that stands out as one of the most active persons in the sector is Sheldon Lavin; Sheldon joined the meat processing industry almost 45 years ago and has since created himself a household name.

Sheldon Lavin attained a degree in accounting, and this skill has contributed to who he has become, OSI group formerly known as Otto and Sons Company was owned by Mr. Otto and his son, the company received a business deal but were unable to fund it. They employed Sheldon Lavin to be financial advisor and help them in other financial issues concerning the company.

Sheldon’s work and skills won him favor from Mr. Otto, and he was offered an opportunity to become a business partner. But dismissed this position but after a few years he gained more interest in the company, and in 1975 after Mr. Otto’s retirement he joined his son and received shares in the company.

Mr. Sheldon serves as the president and CEO of OSI group, under his leadership the company has appeared on the global map, the company supplies meat products all over the world and has over 50 processing firms. The company also operates in almost ten countries subsequently providing employment.

The company has also received several awards, in 2016, the business won a Global Visionary award, they have also received environmental and sustainability awards. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership skills are exceptional, and he hopes that future entrepreneurs commit themselves to achieve success in their businesses.

An up-close with Sheldon Lavin discloses his journey in the financial industry as well as the meat processing industry.

His education directed his career path, and as a financial consultant he always desired to work in his own company, he has since achieved his dream and also advanced by being a business partner at OSI group.

Under his leadership OSI group has achieved greatness, his plan for the company was to make it a world-class food processing business. The company mainly focuses on protein-based products but also produces backed products, vegetables as well as sauces.

One of the things that have made OSI group stand out is putting their employees first and upholding quality products.

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Equities First Holdings: Providing Financial Solutions and Possibilities

Now based in the one of the largest financial hubs of the world, Equities First Holdings located in London, United Kingdom is a respected name in the world of global money lending. First established in 2002, Equities First Holdings has grown internationally, a portion of their success owing to the fact that they offer loans both in large and small increments. Not only do they cater to financial institutions, but they also issue their stock-based loans to individuals allowing them to diversify their offerings. Equities First Holdings offers a far more flexible lending model than others in their field. The process instituted by Equity First Holdings in distributing low interest loans and successful investments is quickly leading to them becoming one of the most respected lending institutions globally.

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Jose Auriemo Neto and his Road to Buisiness Leadership

Brazilian business in real estate Jose Aurimeo Neto became the head of the company JSHF in 2003 when he was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer. He first joined the family business in 1993, founding its services department. He also established the parking lot management of another company called Parkbem in 1997. Those were some of the first significant projects that Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto has led.

The JSHF was established back in 1972. The corporation operates in the industry of real estate. It develops properties ranging from commercial to residential. The corporation has worked on large projects such as shopping centers, hotels, and other projects n gastronomy and the hospitality sectors. JSHF is currently based in Miami, Florida. One of the latest projects in real estate development was in the commercial field. The corporation was working on a large hotel in the heart of Miami. The projects as completed in the Summer of 2017.

Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto was working under the leadership of his father when he first stepped into the family business. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto was training and learning about the business, and he often came up with useful ideas.

Above all, Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto describes himself as a visionary. He believes that that is one of the most important traits a person in his line of work could have. The vision that took his career further was a luxury residential area near of highway in Sao Pulo, Brazil. Off to the side of the major road was a vast land that could house a large residential area. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto envisioned a couple of residential blocks of apartments, a large park with a playground, as well as their personal shopping tower.

Later on, Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto brought up his idea in front of his father who was skeptical ut allowed Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto to show him the place. His father later said that Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto had spoken with such passion an conviction that he could not pass it up. The project was a success and earned him the promotion to CEO.

A Biography of Stock Market Expert Paul Mamphilly

Paul Mamphilly is a great American investor and a talented manager. He was born in India but emigrated to the United States when he was in his teens. He attended Fordham University in New York City where he received his MBA in 1996. Paul has worked with numerous holdings in his career, and his extensive and successful career has been recognized all over the States. His track record in both the public and the private sector has been outstanding. He has appeared on several television stations as a stock market expert including CNBC, Fox Business News, Hedge Fund Insurance and also the Bloomberg Television. As an investor, he has invested in various companies including Netflix, Sarepta Therapeutics among others.

Paul is the founder of Profits Unlimited Newsletter. It is one of the most popular investment newsletters in the American marketing. Paul uses the Profits Unlimited Newsletter to reach and advise his numerous clients in stock marketing. The newsletter currently has more than 90000 subscribers. As a former Wall Street Insider Manager, Paul uses his skills and rich experience in the stock market to guide his clients and give them a clear overview of the dynamic stock market. Paul Mamphilly is also a very active social media user. He is familiar with all social media platforms. However, his Facebook page is one of the most dominant social media with the highest following. He uses Facebook by writing posts and also videos to advice millions of his followers on the stock market all over the world. Paul commands a massive following on the site.

The veteran entrepreneur has worked with some companies in his career. He currently manages Extreme Fortune and True Momentum trading services. He writes business columns for the Winning Investor Daily. He has work experience with the Speculators Research Company as the editor. Mamphilly also worked with Kinetics Assets Management as the managing director and also as the portfolio manager. He also worked with the banking system including the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Swizz Bank. Paul also worked with the Hedge Fund as a consultant and a Financial Advisory Editor. It is while working here that he cultivated immense trust and following from thousands of clients before retiring at a prime age of 42.

Mamphilly has won many awards in his career. The most prominent award won by Paul is the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Competition Award for his outstanding entrepreneurship skills. He is also a belief in bitcoin, and he holds to the notion that bitcoin is real. However, Paul cautions that as much as bitcoin is real, it is currently unstable and making money out of it can be a huddle. This is because bitcoin prices are not very reliable in their stability. His facebook page

Investment guru Paul Mampilly not impressed by Apple

Popular American investor Paul Mampilly has predicted the price fall for Apple stock. Paul Mampilly refers to Apple as a business which the good years are before it. People who are looking for investment opportunities in Apple should be aware that the company is no longer the one they knew from a few years back. Things have changed for the company, and it is no longer doing well. Since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, Apple has done very little to awe the market with great innovations like it used to do. Today it is facing competition from companies like Amazon and Google which are doing everything possible to top the electronics business in the United States and the world at large. Apple is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world currently, but it has a lackluster performance lately which have made it lag behind other companies in the industry.

Apple was known for producing innovative products like the iPod, iPhone and the iPad in the last decade. Ever since Steve Jobs died, there has been no changes in the company. Only the products that he had introduced in the market are still being sold. The company has never released a new product for the last seven years since the death.The lack of innovation is likely to start affecting the company’s products. There is no way people will stick with the same products for a very long time. It will get to a point where it will be almost impossible for the company to beat other giants such as Google and Amazon which are at the top of business bringing innovations into the market regularly. According to Paul Mampilly, the lack of business for Apple will result in poor performance of the company’s stocks. According to Paul Mampilly, 2018 is the year when the decline of the company will begin despite some billionaires like Warren Buffet investing $20 billion into the company.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a stock investor in the United States who has knowledge about the stock business than many investors out here. He has been a hedge fund manager in the Wall Street and has won the award for the best trader in the world in 2009 called Templeton Foundation award.Paul Mampilly knowledge about stock markets is quite impressive, he has worked with the best financial institutions in the world and made profits with them. Right now he is a private investor who owns two trading platforms.