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Humanitarian, Technologist, and Investor- Jason Hope

Jason Hope is not only a technologist, but he is also a futurist with vast experience in the technology industry. Jason Hope has a passion for technology and as a futurist, he makes predictions in the technology sector. Mr. Jason has a firm belief that the power of the Internet of Things will have a great positive impact in changing the world of technology. Those investors who wish to gain on technology in the future will largely benefit from Hope’s advice on the use of technology. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope grew up in Arizona and after his High school graduation, he joined Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. His quest for education did not end after he received the finance degree instead Hope went ahead to earn his MBA from the ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Jason is also an investor and a philanthropist. He has founded a grant program which he established to help the young students as well as young investors who he trusts have great minds but do not have enough capital to start. Through the program, Jason Hope picks the most interesting ideas and he supports them to realize their goals and dreams.

During an interview, Jason was asked how he begins his day and he said after doing some physical exercise he takes a heavy breakfast before checking his emails and messages. Jason Hope brings ideas to life by keeping things basic and over complicating issues is not part of his life as he believes that it is a waste of time and encourages failure. For all his ideas, Jason says that he loves to look at them with a long-term vision. According to Mr. Jason , he trusts that he has a bigger mandate of assisting the community by putting it in a better position as his resources allow him to do so. His passion is to see the Arizona community prospering. Together with other like-minded organization, Jason has been fulfilling his desire to help the society. In the world of technology, Jason has purposed to target the research and development sectors. He has helped in developing a variety of items among them desktops software, mobile apps, gaming software, as well as devices. To the young generation Jason Hopes says that they should look at a greater picture, and to the entrepreneurs, they should consider dealing with one project at a time.

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